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In July 2013, a Chinese woman miraculously survived a car crash in which her head smashed through the windscreen and became wedged in the hole. Kang and his family were traveling down a city road in southern China’s Guanxi province when a pensioner coming from the opposite direction fell asleep at the wheel of his silver Daewoo.
The pensioner’s car veered into the lane in which Kang and his family were driving on, and hit a tree front-end on.
It then span 180 degrees through the air and the rear of his small hatchback went flying into the air and hit their windshield.
The force caused the woman, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt at the time, to fly forward forcing her head to go through the windscreen. When fire crews arrived on the scene, they first had to remove the car’s unconscious driver from the car before they could begin freeing the woman by enlarging the hole in the windshield.

Bloodied and dazed, the woman was stretchered away by waiting paramedics and taken to a nearby hospital. And in what can only be called a miracle, both the woman and her male companion were said to have made a full recovery in hospital. This entry was posted in Accident, car, miracle, Uncategorized and tagged accident, china, miracle, windshield. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Bestselling authors Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger turn their attention to amazing cats that have gone one step beyond and have brought actual miracles to their owner's lives. Or imagine being right in the middle of a suicide bombing with friends and family dead and dying and you have somehow escaped.

Whether saving an ailing diabetic from slipping into a coma, protecting a small child from a dangerous rattlesnake, or traveling more than 600 hundred miles to be reunited with their family, these mysterious and comforting creatures prove themselves to be nothing short of miraculous.
Everyone's worst nightmare is brought alive when a lone survivor of a plane crash explains how he escaped the flames and horror of a crash in the wilderness.
Tsunami survivors tell of their horrifying ordeals in Asia and victims of natural disasters detail their moments of despair before being saved. Trapped in Iraq and taken as a captive, a journalist tells of how she was saved from beheading.

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miracles true stories of survival penguin

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