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Snow days have rearranged schedules and made it so that your kids have 4 Christmas parties on the same morning. Before you pull out of the driveway, you grab yesterday’s mail out of the mailbox and throw it on the passenger seat.
And so, since your dad is already at home babysitting, you call and ask him if you can take an extra hour to go to Costco. Because in your garage you have a collection of used toys that some of your friends have given you, that you are going to give to your kids for Christmas. You have been telling your  7-year-old, who has been begging for weeks to go see Frozen, that we will wait and rent it when it comes out. And while they are changes that need to happen, figuring out how to make them happen is going to take some serious work. My husband started a job a few weeks ago that would at least give us some money to get through the winter.

And then there was a poo geyser in our basement, and we learned that our septic system had failed.
In order to make one of the necessary and big changes, we really need to get either a laptop or an Ipad. We’ve been limping along in the clothing department, surviving on hand-me-downs from friends and relatives for the younger kids.
But I don’t have many friends or relatives with boys who are a year or two older than Number 3.
One pair of sweatpants that my mom got him that are way too big, so he rolls the waistband over twice.
The kids have already been told that Santa is cutting way back on toy production this year. The fact that Santa’s septic system has failed is now going to force him to cut back even farther.

Yesterday as I was getting into the car to go pick up Number 6 from school, the mailman pulled up to the driveway. I used to babysit most weekends for this family who lived about a half mile away from me when I was in high school.
How when he was faced with a difficult situation, tough times, no money, whatever, that he always had faith, and that he always said the same thing.
Since there are four corners, this will increase each round by four sc sts (one at each corner). In fact, my parents still don’t, so I always thought the fact that they had a dishwasher was so awesome.

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