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Monitor Staff Reports GUN BARREL CITY–Jeremiyah “JJ” Mathis, a senior at Mabank High School and his passenger survived hitting a tree and landing in a ditch on Harbor Point Road, after his car crossed standing water and lost contact with the pavement. EUSTACE–Eustace High School senior Brittney Neitzel Williams has been recognized with an Award of Excellence by the newly created National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists.
Brittney is enrolled in two dual-credit courses, a scientific research class, pre-calculus, a fourth year in Spanish and plays clarinet with the band. In connection with the recognition she was invited last March to attend the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders at Harvard University in Boston this past summer. The three-day event included a robotics demonstration, which gave a glimpse into the future.

Scott McKee delivered the last box of evidence over to experts this week to determine if 56-year-old Randall Wayne Mays is competent to be executed by lethal injection.
Those selected had to have demonstrated an aptitude and interest in science and technology, high academic performance and have leadership potential.
It also included inspirational speeches from Bell Laboratory Executive Cherry Murray, who related some of the many obstacles she had to overcome in order to follow her dream of becoming a scientist; and Neil Gershenfeld, the director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon is really a photo of Aldrin, taken by Armstrong from the moon’s surface, Brittney explained. However, the highlight of the weekend was when engineer and former NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the stage.

Aldrin said he also took the first selfie in space, July 20, 1969 of his footprint on the moon. One of the things they did after making sure the organization and Congress was legitimate was to hold a spaghetti dinner benefit, which resulted in about half the funding.

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monitor performance newly created video ad

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