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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore, 40, was convicted of murder following the death of Abraham Shakespeare, 47, who won millions on the state's lottery in 2006. No home behind bars: Dorice 'Dee Dee' Moore was convicted last December of killing lottery-winner Abraham Shakespeare. Luck, then tragedy: Mr Shakespeare collected his massive lottery check with his family by his side in 2006. Stephen Martin, the lawyer representing Shakespeare's sons, told The Ledger that they expect to sell the home and will attempt to collect on the mortgages.
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At my previous job they won 1 million and had to share it between 35 people so they each got around 28,000 here is where it get fishy alot of managers, supervisor and workers that never pitched in got some of the shares.
What you comprehended was the father leaving the next day, which I believe is not what that comment is directed at. Worked with a guy who's friend won $10million from Super7 and he got was a interest free loan to buy a house.
I don't know anyone personally, but I've always suspected that my uncle won and never told anyone, the rich bastard.
My co worker and I run a monthly office pool that everyone can sign up for, our GM wouldn't let us do it unless everyone signed a form each month when they sign up. One of the managers at work 2 years ago called a meeting to tell us one of the other employees won a million over the weekend and wouldn't be back.
One of my dad's co-workers just won a few hundred thousand, and my aunts neighbor won several million. I heard that something like 90% of lotto winners (even the big winners) end up right where they started again financially or even worse off.
I cant blame them though, I can tell myself that i'd invest it right away and live on the interest but I highly doubt if someone handed me a cheque tomorrow for a couple mill that I could hold myself back from making some pretty large and pretty stupid purchases.
He was a re-fuller at the Airport, it wasn't like that job was going to be taking him places.
I feel retarded saying that now, because I've always said that if I won the lottery the first thing I'd do is go back to school, but it would just be to learn, not to start another career. He was already 50 and mortgage free when he won, so he just took an early retirement and lives a simple life. It doesn't matter if it's $1mill or 10mill, if you have no control, you will eventually have nothing.
After soaking him for a bunch of money, Abraham Shakespeare's new girlfriend killed him to get the rest, then buried his body in her real boyfriend's backyard and covered him with concrete.
My gf's cousin won a millioin dollar 6000 sq ft house off one of the hospital charities in town.
There were a few who had at least tried various businesses (which had crashed) but at least they tried.

Speaking of stupid lottery purchases, what about that guy in the US who won a Lambo or Ferrari and crashed it hours after?
Give millions to someone who's been working 20 years of their life, and understands the value of a dollar, and they'll likely do ok for themselves.
As has been mentioned, the key to doing something productive with your money is having the financial discipline before your windfall.
There is one pic from christmas and the entire living room is covered in presents about an average depth of 2.5 feet.
I know of a winner (Can't remembe which side of Prince George, N or S) on a reserve who won and pissed it all away. 60% of NBA players and 80% of NFL players enter bankruptcy within 5 years of exiting their respective leagues.
I remember her telling me a story about receiving a $22 Timex watch on her 16th birthday from them. Moore hired a man with a backhoe to dig a hole for the 42-year-old Lakeland man's body, Gee said. On Tuesday, Moore was charged as an accessory after the fact to the former day laborer's slaying and was taken to a Hillsborough County jail. Earlier in the week, she talked with Bay News 9 and other news media outside the Lakeland gated community where she lived in what had been Shakespeare's $1.1 million home. But, according an arrest report, she did a host of other things that drew the suspicion of the Polk County Sheriff's Office and made her a person of interest.
Hillsborough detectives say Shakespeare died April 6 or April 7 in the single-story ranch home at 5732 State Road 60 E in Plant City. Moore hired a man with a backhoe to dig a hole outside the neighboring law firm offices at 5802 State Road 60 E and told him it was for construction debris. In December, she wrote Shakespeare's mother, Elizabeth Walker, a letter posing as the victim and said he was fine. And she approached a man and asked if he knew anyone awaiting sentencing who would take $50,000 in exchange for admitting to the murder. She pointed out the 30-foot by 30-foot concrete slab that covered Shakespeare's corpse and used a metal bar to mark the exact spot where he was hidden. In 2006, Shakespeare won a $31 million jackpot, opted for a lump sum payout of $16.9 million and took home $11 million after taxes. She told authorities she bought his Lakeland home, set up Abraham Shakespeare LLC to take over his financial affairs, and later divorced her husband of 17 years. His mansion ended up being sold to her medical staffing company, American Medical Professionals, for a little over half of its $1.1 million price. Moore ended up owning all of Shakespeare's various real estate holdings and other assets, including more than $600,000 in debts owed to him. Gee said the murder investigation will continue and would not comment on whether more arrests were forthcoming.
Moore told Bay News 9 that she has been in contact with Shakespeare's family and hoped to attend his funeral.
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The latter were given $1.1 million each by the lottery corporation and the rest was sent for arbitration in the courts. I`d invest it with a very reputable investment adviser, and live off the interest as much as I could.
Bought an amazing house, nice boat, RV, nice cars, etc, found cocaine, lost it all, ended up broke, divorced, etc.
I just assumed that if you're a fuel jockey in the first place then higher education isn't your thing. Crazy nice house fully furnished with a pool in the basement, a cigar room and all bedrooms upstairs has their own bathroom.
I'm assuming the city based "house lotteries" with shitloads of prizes but cost 100$ a ticket right? Just having a bunch of money doesn't erase your lack of knowledge or all of a sudden make you become fiscally responsible. Back in the mid-90s a group of native construction workers in Smithers won $15 million and most (if not all) of them ended up broke after a couple years.
Before the win, he was semi-retired anyways, and had just bought a big motorhome and everything to do some touring.
They bought out their partners, bought 3 more gas station throughout Alberta and invested in real estate throughout Canada and the U.S.
This is a car forums archive, to participate in daily discussions on cars, visit our forums website and register today! Moore supplied a Ford F-150 pick-up truck with a trailer for the grisly job, along with a galvanized metal trough, bleach, gloves and plastic sheeting.
The felon and former Lake Wales day laborer handed out high-dollar loans and extravagant gifts to friends, family members and even people he barely knew.
She has been living in a gated Polk County community with a fence and a surveillance system that was once Shakespeare's. She killed him first.'Shakespeare's body was discovered under a concrete slab behind a home detectives say was owned by Moore's ex-boyfriend in Hillsborough County. He doesn't talk about money, but the lottery win seemed to be the tipping point from "semi-retired" to "gone RV'ing". There are a lot of them who have the sob story, get the nice fancy house, leverage it to the nuts and end up broker than before. They're more likely to blow it off on two Ferraris, and other stupid shit without thinking of the longterm (insurance, lol). Money was the root of evil you brought to Abraham." Moore, who broke down in tears several times during the trial, did not take the stand and the defence did not call a single witness.

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