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Ecorys has a wealth of Macroeconomics and Public Finance Management (MPFM) expertise in countries across the world. Ecorys has a strong track record in fields such as budget formulation and MTEFs, budget execution, performance budgeting, strengthening municipal financial management and macroeconomic studies and evaluations. Ecorys also has substantial expertise in project and programme management including successful management of large-scale framework contracts, long-term technical assistance projects and so on.
We have in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of macro-fiscal and PFM systems and can offer solutions to specific problems. We have provided a wide range of training and capacity building programmes across a diverse range of technical areas.

Our client base includes both international organisations such as the World Bank, European Commission, etc. The core skills that we have learnt from delivering these have enabled us to develop a cohesive management approach to training, from the design and development through to delivery and management.

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municipal finance management skills training programme

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