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If using a Mac, and it's not already set, change the drop-down on the upper-right corner of the page to say Mac OS X. Running the mbl_windows_setup.exe file will open the Get Started screen of the My Book Live.
After that, the software will scan the network for compatible devices, in this case for a My Book Live. Upload Content: This section will provide information on how to load content to the network drive. For assistance setting up a backup using WD SmartWare please see reponse n° 5542 : Comment creer une sauvegarde en utilisant WD SmartWare. Access Using Mobile Apps: This section informs users of ways to access the data in their network drive from mobile devices of different kinds. My Book Live Online Learning Center: Provides access to the online site for the Online Learning Center where additional information can be found on the different functionalities of the My Book Live. My Book Live Dashboard: Grants access to the Dashboard, the web interface of a My Book Live. My Book Live Public Share: This will give free access to the Public Share of the My Book Live, where data can be stored freely, as well as be accessed. Merci de nous indiquer comment nous pouvons ameliorer cette reponse pour la rendre plus utile.
Life's Little Instruction Book, Volume III: A Few More Suggestions, Observations, and Reminders on How to Live a Happy and Rewarding Life by H. Facebook has introduced this fun feature called Facebook Live and it’s a GREAT tool for bloggers and other business owners but it can be a bit daunting at first.
I’ve been playing around with FB live on my page (raegunwear) as well as a few pages I contribute to We Heart Books and The Daily Seam. I’m going to focus on the HOW as opposed to the WHY but here are my top reasons why you should think about adding FB live to your social media plans. If you’re not somewhere very quiet consider using a mic even just the iphone earbuds that have the built in mic can make a huge difference. Most of us have not seen any benefit from doing a pre-live announcement but some like to do it.
Share the post to any relevant groups that you have permission to share starting with the largest. As you see people come in (there’s a running number of viewers) ask them to introduce themselves and ask them a question (ex. Tell people if they missed the beginning or can’t stay until the end they can save this by “sharing this post to their timelines” and liking your page. When you’re finishing up remind people to subscribe since we know the button shows up when you sign off.
When you are done (either the 90 minutes is close or you’re done with what you want to do) say good bye ask if there are any more questions and wait because there is a delay. Be honest that you are nervous or it’s your first time or you’re not sure how it will turn out. Don’t focus on trolls if you get any them and hopefully your audience will help get rid of them.
If your comments aren’t refreshing try scrolling up and down or try to look at them on a second device.
If you get kicked off or you time out just start another feed right away and add the permalink into the description and comments of the first one.

If you want more than 90 minutes pick a spot to finish so you don’t get abruptly kicked off, warn your audience and encourage them to go to your page for part 2. Wandering around a cool location your town might be boring but it’s fun to peer into other people’s lives! Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. It will provide the units' Serial Numbers as well as the IP Address they have been assigned. Information provided here will vary depending on the Systeme d'exploitation (OS) being used. The Dashboard is where the network drive can be configured in many different ways, such as creating new shares, new users, and updating the device's firmware. People love to see behind the scenes and when they connect with you in this way it makes them interact with your page differently. I am not the best at FB Live but I’ve done a handful now and that has taught me a lot. I have some blogger friends I notify when I’m going live and I text my sister and she helps me to do a couple shares too. Make sure that your do not disturb settings prevent everyone from getting calls through and that it’s set for always not just for when the phone is locked. YOU ARE NOT BORING and if you are people can click away, if they are watching you are doing fine.
It will give you the option at the bottom and then you will be asked for a URL and a description. To get to the permalink click on the timestamp of your video if that just gives you a black pop up page click on the timestamp again. Refresh the page on the second device often to make sure you can see the comments but keep in mind there is a delay. I have been shocked at how willing people are to jump to another video when this happens (I had a friend restart at least 4 times and people kept jumping back on). Here are just a few that I’ve witness: Kid refusing to nap, Router dying, blog being down (okay I do recommend if you want clicks to the site to make sure it’s up BUT I kept prepping like I was going to go live and it did get up in time). Even 10 minute sewing projects or recipes take a long time to explain and repeat and show people the steps. In most cases this will be a phone or tablet with the Facebook Pages app (if you’re going live to a page) and a strong internet signal. Jackson Brown, Jr., jotted down some words of counsel distilled from his own life experience to serve as useful advice for his college-bound son. They are no long visiting the Rae Gun page they are visiting Marissa’s page who they hung out with and chatted with the other day. Even if you told 100 people who are waiting by their phones and computers it takes time to load the page and get on. If you are doing something crafty or creative feel free to share into my Craft and DIY group! I also try to throw links in share groups that have FB live threads or ask friends to do that. Say good bye pause look at the camera push the button unless you’re maxing it out ;) Before you actually sign off remind people to subscribe. Give the person that is listening to you in the background time to click out of another tab and look to see what you’re talking about about.

This is my favorite phone tripod adapter because it fits my huge iphone 6plus and can be turned depending on orientation.
I’ve been super nervous about trying FB live, but I feel like I am WAY more prepared to give it a try after reading all of this!
The 511 maxims he compiled were eventually published as Life’s Little Instruction Book, a volume that proved irresistible to millions of readers around the world. I hated the game of it but I feel like we’ve been giving an opportunity with FB LIVE and like all things it will go away but for those of us who can hop on it we can really benefit.
If YOU have experience with FB Live and have suggestions to add I would love you to put them in the comments.
Who knows but they do and you know what I love chatting and getting to know my audience more so it’s a win win. Chit chat about your day or the project it doesn’t have to be related to the project and during this time share your post. Sometimes I’ll thank them for tuning in or if they asked a question a future viewer asked I might answer it again as a comment. For an overhead view I made a table top tripod from PVC pipe the link to the tutorial is here.
These are just the things I’ve picked up through trial and error myself and from watching friends do live too! Feel free to tell them you’re going to share this so that other people can join and know you’re live. I will update this post as I learn new things so feel free to pin it for a handy reference!
On one of my first videos I bought the wrong pieces for a how to video people still loved watching and it was fun and good practice. The hardcover and paperback editions were both in the number-one spot on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time. It has been published in twenty-nine countries and been on bestseller lists in England, Israel, Japan, Brazil, and elsewhere.In the last few years, thousands of readers have shared with H. If you dive on in people will think they missed too much when they realize you are live or just be totally confused. You can be doing a craft but mention that you’re in the middle of potty training and ask for any tips.) Just something to get people talking.
It will give you a red warning in the upper left hand corner and at some point start a countdown and flash. This little plaid book, which has been embraced the world over, has sold more than nine million copies, spent more than two years atop the New York Times bestseller list, and has been translated into 33 languages. Though originally written as a gift from a father to a son, its simple message has been enjoyed by men and women of all ages around the world.
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