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SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalitat und Leistungsfahigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen. Most of you are unaware of the fact that the Japanese automakers and industrialists studied the works of Henry Ford to help turn Japan into a industrial powerhouse. Includes the full text of one of the most influential books ever written on industryProvides a philosophical blueprint that the American auto industry could use todayFeatures an introduction by James J. Henry Ford is the man who doubled wages, cut the price of a car in half, and produced over 2 million units a year. It’s always seemed to me that if human beings were naturally more inclined to buy into a blood based nationalism than some kind of universalistic ideology than this would be strong evidence that racial loyalty had a genetic basis. Both Koreas teach that the peninsula was taken over by the Japanese in 1905 and stayed under the imperialist power’s thumb until the end of World War II. For our purposes anyway, what’s important is that the Japanese saw the Koreans as racially similar to them and thus worthy of respect. The author pieced together his picture of North Korean ideology from domestic art and propaganda accessible at the Unification Ministry’s North Korea Resource Center in Seoul. The Koreans seem to have kicked the Japanese out of their race and held on to their view of themselves as a unique people.
The first leader of the country is said to have invented the ideology of juche, which means something like self-reliance.
Women coming back from China are given forced abortions and the state encourages large families in order to eventually be able to match the population of the ROK. Before reading Race I had high hopes that the racism of the Koreans had a more scientific basis.
The popular 1951 anti-American novella Jackals describes the revolting physical features of Caucasians.
The survivability of the DPRK seems to stem from the genuine popularity that the regime enjoys. In the end, the author is a typical member of the globalist elite: horrified that a non-Jewish state could be based on blood or a romantic nationalism that connects the people to the land. April 9, 2016 By Lacy For the first time, someone besides me has named one of my products. March 31, 2016 By Lacy I thought I'd like to have a place to share my bible journaling pages with you, so I'll post them here (at the top) whenever I have a new one. Links to my commonly used supplies: You can also see my generally recommended art supplies here. March 29, 2016 By Lacy Bible Journaling has been rising in popularity, and for any of you who follow me on Instagram, you know I've been bitten by the Bible Journaling bug! March 14, 2016 By Lacy It's no secret that we love tea parties, and will throw one for nearly any occasion, so it's no shocker that we like to have them for St.
I love tea parties because they can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and you can do them with a very small group- even just your own kids.
March 3, 2016 By Lacy I made a printable book that tells the story of Holy Week for children. March 1, 2016 By Lacy I made some great progress with 40 bags in 40 days here over the last few weeks! February 21, 2016 By Lacy For those of you who have seen my symbolic passion story lunch, this is going to look very familiar. Wenn Sie diese Webseite weiter besuchen, erklaren Sie sich mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf dieser Seite einverstanden.
Time has not diminished the progressiveness of his business philosophy, or his profound influence on worldwide industry.

While most historians take the view that the colonized were heavily oppressed, Myers disagrees at least as far as the elites are concerned.
Myers claims that the DPRK tries to hide the racialist aspects of what they believe and that Marxism is a facade. They don’t necessarily see themselves as more intelligent or athletic than anybody else, but beings of superior virtue, too innocent to survive in this world without a strong leader.
While the father was said to be an expert in all things, the son is presented as a military commander forced to focus all his energy on foreign relations.
Since the DPRK is no longer a Marxist-Leninist state there isn’t much pressure to increase the living standard of the population.
But look under the silk encasing, and you see the body of what has degenerated to a foul whore of America.
Maybe locked away and only for domestic reading there are translated works of Rushton and Lynn that North Korean leaders study. For more bible journaling inspiration, be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my bible journaling Pinterest board.
I consider this tea party kind of a counterpart to our traditional Lenten tea that we like to have. The story is adapted from the book of Matthew, and the story is illustrated by your child and his or her handprints. Even the youngest of children can participate in a handprint craft, and the craft also becomes a keepsake to be treasured.
Decluttering feels so good and I can't believe what an impact this project has had on our home- check it out! After the Empire of Japan surrendered, North Korea became occupied by the Soviets and South Korea by the US. Kim Il Sung, a man who according to one diplomat appeared to have never read a serious book, was appointed leader of the country.
He found that the English language Korean Central News Agency tended to talk about peace, imperialism, and couch its reports in the terms of universal human rights. There is a genre of fiction made up of tales of the Kims that are understood not to be based on real events but reflect the spirit of the men. Here and there covered in bruises from where it has been kicked black and blue by the American soldiers’ boots, or decaying from where sewage has seeped in.
This racialist state has survived while the dictatorships based on communism all collapsed. If that’s the plan then there is no way that there will ever be peace between the US and the DPRK. Myers in The Cleanest Race the secret to the behavior and survival of the North Korean regime can be found in its ideology, one which not only ignores Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy but directly contradicts it.
The Japanese come across as relatively benign in this book, encouraging the use of the Korean language and even regional peculiarities.
In the communist area those that had supported the Japanese were forgiven and became part of the new elite. But the more one gets into what’s meant for domestic consumption the more racialist the material becomes. He is always portrayed as caring and showing good cheer, never imparting wisdom, as being too erudite it seen as anti-Korean. All references to communism were taken out of the country’s constitution in 2009 and a military-first policy was enshrined.
A general from the North replied “Our nation has always considered its pure lineage to be of great importance.

The 2000 short story Snowstorm in Pyongyang tells of captured soldiers begging the North Koreans to let them engage in sodomy. Kim needs a threat to justify his rule and putting the military above all, and the US has a pathological need to bring political correctness to the entire globe. It also includes an enhanced selection of photos illustrating the processes and facilities Ford covers in the text. To Japanese researcher Yuko Mastumura, on the other hand, the occupation was a classic case of cultural genocide.
The Korean war began when the North invaded the South in 1950 and ended with a stalemate in 1953.
The author studied North Korean film, news releases, novels, short stories, poetry, newspapers, etc and refers to it all collectively as the Text. Race includes paintings of children gathering around this jolly fat man, holding on to his leg or playing with his shoes. As a matter of fact, the nation is far from self-reliant, living off of imports and foreign aid. While in the 70s and 80s the regime could lie and say that the South lived in abject poverty the facade became impossible to maintain in the 90s when North Koreans near the border started watching Republic of Korea television and DVDs were smuggled in from outside the country. A free and racially pure united Korea will have to wait until the American empire collapses. The arts have never attempted to hide the belly of either Kim and even occasionally show one of them smoking a cigarette. The story now fed to the population is that the ROK may be wealthy on the outside but is really crippled by shame on the inside.
Interestingly there has never been a magnum opus or central text of the philosophy that one can go to to to find what it’s about. Some leftists in the capitalist nation even agree with this and see the Spartan existence of their poorer brethren as admirable.
Nothing North Koreans believe comes close to matching the absurdity of Christianity, Marxism, Freudism, Diversityism, feminism or racial egalitarianism.
While the DPRK may be an evil regime what they do is none of the business of the United States. There is some tension between portraying Sung as a masterful tactician who single-handedly repelled the Japanese and a jolly mother that loves her children. Since there are two Koreas, the less wealthy one with a smaller population needs a justification for its existence, which it finds in deriding the ROK as a Yankee colony.
How much of the starvation in the DPRK can be blamed on that country’s government and how much on ours? The latter is always emphasized and reinforced while the former image is simply processed at a cerebral level. Other Western scholars have taken what the North Koreans have said about themselves at face value. As even the author acknowledges, the DPRK has never proposed invading an inch of territory outside the peninsula.
And if when they are united they choose to reject all aspects of multiculturalism I will be the first ones to cheer them on.

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