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Iconic actress Sophia Loren tells the story of her childhood, her long career, and her experience with famous costars like Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, and Marlon Brando in her first memoir, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life. If you feel my words are acceptable and can touch your heart or make you laugh, please feel free to leave a comment. If you want to download and print my cleaning schedule go here.  I made sure to save it in a way that you can change anything on there and personalize it the way you want!
Come back tomorrow for more on my planner – and I’ll share about how to have the easiest meal planning system EVER!

When i was a kid, my mum taught me Taoism but she allowed me to study bible in a nearby church.
I had been to the Chinese and Indian Temples, Mosques and many Churches of many denominations.This friend wanted to know how i prayed. I strongly believe, when there are so many people who are positively thinking for me, i would gain the hidden force and energy to make my life a happier and healthier one.
Most people my age would have retired, whereas i am still enjoying my career and life to the utmost.

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my life today 2 book mart

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