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My Secret Bidet from Telebrands is an attachment to your toilet that they promise will wash you clean without any toilet paper or wipes. A bidet (pronounced bih day) is an invention credited to the French, although the first known mention is from Italy in 1710. In the 1980s, the electric bidet was invented in Japan, which could be attached to a conventional toilet, making it less expensive than putting in a separate appliance.
My Secret Bidet is a plastic attachment to your toilet bowl that they promise installs in just minutes. You may be a little startled the first time you use it, but they add you can adjust My Secret Bidet’s water pressure to the perfect comfort level.
Then, when you are finished, they claim you can turn the knob so that the nozzle tucks up into the rim of the toilet bowl so no one but you will know it’s there. My Secret Bidet comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is minus any of the fees and what it costs you to ship it back to them. Fancier electric bidet devices have multiple nozzles, heated seats, a remote control, warm water, and even heaters to dry everything. We do like the idea of a bidet and the fact that it can help reduce the amount of trees cut down for toilet paper; Americans use an average of 50 lbs. Those that do use bidets swear by them, many saying they’ll never go back to the old ways again. By marking this checkbox, I agree to the Review Guidelines, I confirm that I'm a real customer who used this product or service expressing my real experience and not an employee of this company.
The Rainbow Mist Sprinkler is an attachment to your garden hose they say replaces other sprinklers which they claim can be too powerful or wasteful. PusH2O is an attachment to your yard faucets that they say not only gives you an additional spigot, but both these nozzles click off and on with a white button. Xtra Socket is a plug adaptor they say gives you a third socket as well as protecting your computer and other sensitive devices from dangerous power surges.

SKIL Ratch-N-Lock claims to be a one-handed, self-adjusting combination ratchet, pliers, and clamp.
Our Undersink Bidet Mixing Valve Kit mounts a Thermostatic  Bidet Mixer Valve out of sight under your sink basin, and attaches it to the hot and cold water supply valves.
The Under-Sink Thermostatic Valve Kit represents a significant investment for any bathroom, but it is so pleasurable and convenient to have warm soothing water on demand, set at exactly the temperature you love, that we guarantee you will thank yourself for installing it every time you use the HydraWand!
Mark which valve inlet is Hot before mounting the valve, so it’s easier to identify which hose goes where, after the valve is mounted under the sink.
Locate a spot next to your toilet, on the side or top of your vanity cabinet, to mount the HW Wall Mount Shutoff valve. Turn on the sink HOT water faucet until hot, and then adjust the temperature of the mixing valve to your preferred temperature. Enter number of feet desired into the Add to Cart box by clicking the + or – sign next to the box.
NOTE:Our Hydrawand Bidet has its hose adapter built into the handle, so if you intend to use this hose to replace a standard handheld shower hose, you must order ONE  Hose Adapter for EACH end. The 2015 Hydrawand Toilet T-Valve Model comes with a 2-piece Tee and Valve that connects between your existing supply hose and Toilet Tank.
The Tee and Valve both have swivel nuts, to make connecting the Valve to the toilet tank and positioning the valve and bidet hose in the most convenient direction, as easy as possible.
It doesn’t matter what size or type of water supply valve you have for your toilet, since the T connects between the toilet tank and the supply hose, the T-Valve fits all toilets. NOTE:   The Hydrawand Trigger valve is designed to work at the standard building code pressure of 45 PSI.
In recent years, the bidet seems to be catching on especially with older adults who may have mobility issues.
They instruct you to attach it under your toilet seat and then connect to the water line and they promise you are ready to go.

They promise My Secret Bidet will get you cleaner than toilet paper or wipes, leaving you fresh and shower-clean.
This is because while the nozzle may recede, the controller knob will clearly be visible to anyone who comes in to use the bathroom.
Also, since the controller knob is essentially behind you, it may be uncomfortable to adjust while seated.
A stainless steel hose is then run inside your vanity cabinet to our attractive Wall Mount shut-off valve, which is mounted close to the toilet on the side or top of your vanity. The Thermostatic valve eliminates any danger of scalding if the cold water supply is suddenly interrupted. Loosely connect the two supply hoses, hold the bracket against the wall, and mark the drill holes for mounting the bracket. Be sure you can route the 30 inch stainless hose from the Mixing valve to the Shut-off Valve without interfering with any drawers or shelves.
If your sink is far from your heater, you may have to turn the sink HOT water for 10-20 seconds to clear the cold water out of the line before using the bidet.
Also, because you use little to no toilet paper, some tout the bidet as more economical and environmentally friendly.
It’s also easier for people with irritated bowls or mobility issues to clean themselves with dignity. While they are a company selling a variety of bidets at all different price levels, they claim it is their mission to educate the world about the wonders of the bidet and also donate some of their proceeds to charity.
This T set up also offers the highest flow, so the refill time on your toilet after flush will be identical.

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