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With this spellbinding electronic diary, a girl can now discover both sides of her secret heart s desires! This pretty pink fairy and butterfly diary is ready to be filled with the secret thoughts of a creative child.

This pocket-sized diary features a voice activated locking system that will only respond to your voice.
This themed Password Journal features exclusive Monster High sounds, can only be opened when the password is heard. The game was popular during slumber parties and sleepovers, which usually encouraged girls to phone their crushes and say silly things to the boys. Anything written in the diary with the invisible ink pen is only visible when viewed with the ultra-violet torch.

Using a voice activated locking system, you can create a secret diary without the worry of prying eyes. A Top-rated vendor may have a new or used copy of VTech Secret Diary or a girls' secret diary that your daughter can use to jot her thoughts down.

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my secret diary icloud

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