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However the ASA said the wording the ad, together with with EasyJet in orange text, which was similar to the EasyJet logo would lead consumers to think it was associated with the airline. Similarly, Take That defended its websites and argued that they were not 'copycat' sites, and instead provided news, information and results about various lotteries, and were funded by affiliate marketing.
Despite this the ASA said that consumers would not be aware of the difference and told Take That to ensure it did not imply its links directed consumers to the official EuroMillions site if that was not the case, and not to state or imply that its site was the official UK National Lottery site.
Last July five people were arrested after more than 5,700 people complained to the ASA and Citizens Advice about copycat government websites which scammed consumers into paying higher fees for documents such as passports and driving licences.
National Lottery Operator Gidani spokesperson Thembi Tulwana said the PowerBall draws Read more.

The first UK draw of the current National Lottery took place on Saturday 19th November 1994. For the second prize, you need to match exactly 5 out of the 6 winning numbers, plus the bonus number. The couple picked out all six winning numbers when entering and paying for the lottery on December 23, but when they called in to claim their jackpot prize, the Lotto operator Camelot told them that they had no record of the transaction. The victor of tonight's Lotto jackpot could win a late Christmas present with a share of ?46.5 million - the biggest ever jackpot.
Kelly was presented the 2015 Rimington Trophy, given by the Rimington Trophy Committee to the nation's most outstanding center.

He is the second Alabama player to take home the award, joining Barrett Jones (2012) as the school's lone recipients.

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national lottery free apps

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