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The UK store clerk who attempted to defraud an elderly British couple, telling them their million pound lottery ticket was worthless, and then attempting to cash it himself (see previous InfoPowa reports), will have 30 months to repent at leisure.
That’s how long he is going to spend in jail after sentencing this week by a Manchester magistrate.
National lottery operator Camelot became suspicious when Nizzar was unable to correctly answer a series of security questions when he tried to claim the prize, and the police were called in after an investigation that involved checking CCTV footage. The accused bowed his head and made no reaction as he was jailed for 30 months at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, the London Evening Standard reports.
Passing sentence, Recorder Philip Cattan told the defendant: “This goes to the heart of public confidence in the National Lottery. The winning numbers for Wednesday’s National Lottery UK draw were: 1 4 5 7 18 47 and the bonus ball was 6. The draw offered a massive jackpot of ?2.1 million which will have been won by any player that matched all six of the regular numbers. Keeping up with the latest trends in entertainment, Matt Holden brings celeb news to the front page of OCA.

Play UK Lottery is one of the dominating online lottery directory, free around the world including in South Africa. But despite the glitch, a Camelot said a record number of 70 million tickets were bought with A?60million given to charity.
Lotto's website seemed to slow on Saturday afternoon as thousands of desperate buyers flocked to buy their tickets onlinePeople were instead urged to buy tickets at the 37,000 retail outlets stocking them.Today Camelot apologised for the inconvenience. Changes made to the Lotto in October made it much more difficult to win the jackpot.The number of balls rose from 49 to 59 and the odds against matching six of them rose from one in 14million to one in 45million. A The jackpot was initially advertised as A?58million, which was the most one single person could win even though there was more money in the prize pot.Camelot confirmed tonight that one of last night's winners had come forward and the earliest the ticket could be validated was Monday.
The bonus ball only comes into play if a player matches five regular numbers and the bonus ball. There were another 17 players that matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win ?15,345 each. Their user friendly site will lead you plain ways to get lottery raffles tickets and lottery results.

Sent other half out in rain to buy expensive rubbish or life-changing ticket: phew #hopeitsme'. The changes also cut the chance of winning a cash prize from picking three, four or five numbers. This was off-set by the introduction of a 'Millionaire Raffle' giving a prize of A?1million, plus 20 guaranteed prizes of A?20,000.Camelot set a prize cap of A?50million for the Lotto jackpot. If no one gets the six numbers tomorrow, the jackpot is moved to those matching five numbers plus the bonus ball.

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national lottery online winners

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