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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I have scanned a lottery ticket to text and I am trying to pull out the lottery numbers from the returned text. Can anyone suggest how to strip out the results so I get "A18223747480310","B11152643440506","C08232728290209","D06092126290105","E06072122450405" please? Even if this is an interesting use case (at least from the upvotes you got), you should try and provide us what you've tried. Since the results have leading 0 (for example, 08 for 8), the easy way would be split every 2-digit.

But I doubt that using regex is the best solution in case when you are using OCR technique to get text from picture. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged c# regex visual-studio or ask your own question.
Ovo je prica o zivotu i vladavini jednog od najvecih turskih, ali i svjetskih osvajaca u povijesti.
There would have to be more interpretation than that because the lottery ticket shows the numbers in a mono-spaced font, the resulting text representation can sometimes put in extra spaces next to thin characters that aren't there. So far I have spent all yesterday and awake all night last night trying to work out a strategy.

Please create an example that is possible to reproduce so your question can be actually answered. A strategy is highly dependent on the subject which you so far only describe by words, however it's much more precise in code. Point in case is that there is variance with every OCR'ing done, so building a regex supporting an isolated case is - hmm - limited?

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national lottery raffle numbers saturday

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