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Betting on the lottery is becoming more and more popular as punters look to give themselves better odds than being offered by the game and one such Boylesports customer was celebrating after four numbers landed him €24,000 from a €1.50 Euro Lotto bet. Friday's Christmas Euromillions draw created at least 25 new millionaires thanks to an estimated jackpot of nearly €50 million.
There will be 25 new millionaires created in Friday's Christmas Euromillions draw - as well as an estimated jackpot of nearly €50 million.
Full EuroMillions results for Tuesday December 20 including jackpot details and millionaire raffle.
Fast cars, beautiful diamonds and living a super wealthy lifestyle, just some of the things we dream of if we were to become a millionaire.
Full EuroMillions results for Tuesday November 15 including jackpot details and millionaire raffle.

Full EuroMillions results for Friday November 18 including jackpot details and millionaire raffle. I just watched the UK National Lottery’s new storytelling-styled ad aimed at selling more lottery tickets. For every ?1 that the public spends on Lottery tickets 28 pence goes to the Lottery good causes.
Inspired by the story of 800 metres runner Jenny Meadows’ mother, our newest TV advert looks at how National Lottery funding helps British athletes achieve their dreams.
Thanks to TNL players we’re helping over 1,200 British athletes fulfil their dreams at London 2012 and beyond. With or without an investment in such contrived ads, the national lottery will keep on selling tickets.  Ads such as these are a wast of money.

Tags:GBP, Jenny Meadows, London, metres runner, National lottery, pence, storytelling, The National, the Olympics, What do you think? These are the arts, charities,  voluntary groups and social enterprises, heritage, health, education, the environment and sports. Lottery funders are the organisations that distribute the good causes money to local communities and national projects.

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national lottery results for euromillions

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