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New Show - Win Your Wish List Shane Richie hosts this game show in which two contestants pick a selection of dream prizes to make up their personal wish lists, all of which have a connection to their shared history together.
To serve nationsa€™ dreams with integrity, and diversify, with a flourishing UK National Lottery at its heart.
Camelot has built its reputation and developed its expertise over the past 20 years through putting players first.
Camelota€™s marketing and partnering skills are matched by its expertise in project management and technological knowhow.
One of the worlda€™s most successful lottery operators, Camelot is an international leader in the field of responsible play.
Our dedicated corporate responsibility website hosts our most up-to-date Corporate Responsibility Report as well as latest news and current case studies.

Read about major winners on National Lottery games, details of unclaimed prizes, our games and brands, plus much, much, more.
This summary page highlights the latest news regarding the Camelot Group of companies, our games and employees. Camelota€™s strategy is to offer players an enhanced and regularly-refreshed range of games.
Camelota€™s strategy is to offer players an enhanced and regularly-refreshed range of games, focusing on innovation so they can play anytime, anywhere. It provides lottery players with a portfolio of draw-based games, Scratchcards and online Instant Win Games to play and a whole range of prizes to win. Lotto a€“ Play for millions every Wednesday and Saturday in the nation's favourite lottery game.

National Lottery Scratchcards a€“ Offering great odds, fantastic prizes and an incredible range of games. Including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, with Gaby Roslin.Lighting Designer Gurdip Mahal and Lighting Director Martyn Rourke. The biggest jackpots every Tuesday and Friday, plus a guaranteed A?1 million prize for a UK player every draw with the UK Millionaire Maker.Thunderball a€“ Your best chance to win A?500,000 on a A?1 game. Play every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.Lotto HotPicks a€“ You could win bigger prizes by picking and matching fewer Lotto numbers.

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national lottery win rules

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