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It is known that Patrick spent many years of his life searching for the Treasure (something of which he is later regretful).
Years later, in 2004, Ben goes to Patrick when on the run from the FBI after Ben and Riley Poole steal the Declaration of Independence. Patrick is later held hostage in New York City by Ian Howe in order to make Ben cooperate on the Treasure. A few years later, Ben sends a picture of a centuries-old plank of wood with indecipherable hieroglyphics to Patrick, Patrick is coerced by Ben to take the picture to arrange a meeting with Dr. When Ben and his team find the secret entrance into Mount Rushmore, Patrick and Emily are separated from the group. Cibola's discovery is announced sometime later with Ben, his team, and Mitch given being given the credit for the discovery. Changes in css, for better content reading, new thumbnail generation to avoid browser incompatibility issues. By joining to our mailling list you will recieve our top wallpapers right into your mailbox! At some point in his life, he met Emily Appleton Gates, whom he married and with whom he later had a child.

Patrick attempts to dissuade his son from continuing the search for the Treasure, but Ben is unmoved. After Ben and Abigail Chase discover the Ottendorf cipher on the back of the Declaration, Ben asks Patrick for the Silence Dogood letters, written by Benjamin Franklin.
President's birthday celebration at Mount Vernon, where Ben kidnaps the President to learn more about the Book of Secrets. Eventually, all of them survive several traps before arriving at the underground site of Cibola, the City of Gold. While happily working together, Patrick and Emily eagerly work together on the task of analyzing Cibola once it is drained of the water. Later on, Patrick became more distance from his father John Adams Gates, in hopes that he could clear the Gates name and keep his son from the knowledge of the Templar Treasure.
Patrick is later tasked with taking a photograph of the other half of the plank to Emily to translate; however, she is forced to lie to him due to threats from Mitch Wilkinson.
When the FBI question Patrick of Ben and his accomplices whereabouts, he claims he does not know, showing that in spite of his disapproval, he still cares for his son. When they reach the bottom of the shaft, the group finds a room bare of anything but one mere lantern. Ben, Patrick, Abigail, and Riley then travel to Mount Rushmore, where they are forced to help Mitch, who has Emily hostage.

The only means of escape is through a drainage door that must be held pen on one side to allow the rest to escape and closed afterwards, trapping the one controlling the door. Using the concept of that lantern, Patrick, with Ben's aid, misdirects Ian with a false clue as to the location of the Treasure to be in Boston. Though Mitch initially forces Ben to control the door, it ends up being Mitch who holds the door open in order for the Gates', Riley, and Abigail to escape. Ian and the remainder of his men leave Ben, Abigail, Patrick, and Riley trapped in the room.
Ben later meets with FBI Agent Peter Sadusky and Ben is able to clear both his and Thomas Gates' names. Ben and Patrick finally reconcile when they believe the Treasure has previously been moved.
As they search for another way out, the group stumbles upon a vast chamber containing the Treasure.

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national treasure book of secrets nowvideo

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