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The Honors Studies program at NCTC is distinguished by smaller class sizes, personalized attention, priority advising and registration, leadership and service opportunities, intensive transfer assistance, and special lectures, workshops, and events.
Dallas Baptist University is a private school with strengths in Biblical Studies, Business, and Music. Other area schools that attract NCTC transfer students include Colin College, Remington College, The University of North Texas Denton (UNT), The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), University of Phoenix, Dallas Campus (UPD), Texas Christian University (TCU), Texas Wesleyan University, Texas A&M University in Commerce, Austin College, and Navarro College. In keeping with their mission to provide higher education to any adult who wishes to pursue it, NCTC has open admissions.
International students must submit test scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with their application. In addition to the usual range of financial aid options open to college and university students in Texas, NCTC administrates a few of its own scholarships. The Mary Josephine Cox Scholarship This scholarship is award based on need, ability, and demonstrated scholarship.
The NCTC Foundation Scholarships These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students in each department. Friends of Agriculture Full-time students majoring in Agriculture, Equine, or Horticulture are eligible for these targeted scholarships. Hays Hall contains eight apartments with two double-occupancy bedrooms for a total of four students per apartment.
Students living in either Bonner Hall or Hays Hall have access to the common facilities in Bonner Hall. The athletics department at NCTC is known as the Lions (women’s teams are often referred to as the Lady Lions). Some of the largest employers in the Gaineville area include the WinStar Casino just over the state border in Thackerville, Oklahoma, North Texas Medical Center, and an outlet mall, The Gainesville Factory Shops. Many students travel to Dallas for recreation or to participate in academic or cultural events.
The NCTC softball team was headed back from a scrimmage in Bethany, Oklahoma when an 18-wheeler struck their bus.
On the campus of North Central Texas College in Gainesville, four softballs can be seen at the school's front entrance.
Having been in business since 1924, it is the oldest continuously operating community college in the state.

Because of this proximity and strong economic relationships across the border, Oklahoma residents are charged in-state tuition. Popular degrees include Certified Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, and Radiology Technician. The campus is next door to The City of Graham Library, a state of the art facility that works in close partnership with the college to meet student research and study needs.
Admissions requirements for the Honors Studies program include a minimum high school GPA of 3.3, three instructor recommendations, and a personal interview.
The campus adjacent to Parkland Hospital specializes in nursing, while the campus adjacent to Presbyterian Hospital focuses on physical and occupational therapies.
It is also known for excellence in speech and hearing specialties, engineering, computer science, management, and pre-law. Students in the nursing program must pass a criminal background check, a child abuse check, and a drug screen. NCTC requires a minimum score of 525 on the paper test, 197 on the computerized test, or 91 on the internet version. Applicant must be under 21 years of age, have at least a GPA, and have graduated from a Cooke County High School. Rooms are all double occupancy, although single occupancy is allowed when the residence hall is not at capacity at an additional fee.
Each apartment contains living furnished living rooms, furnished bedrooms, and a bathroom with a full tub. These include study rooms, kitchens, laundry facilities, lounges, television areas, computer terminals with internet access, and a games area.
NCTC competes on the intervarsity level in softball, baseball, women’s tennis, and volleyball. It is known largely for an episode known as the Great Hanging during the Civil War, in which Union loyalists were strung up for their political views. Rock concerts, sporting events, bars, clubs, and outdoor recreation are available in nearly limitless supply.
NCTC also holds classes at Little Elm High School, Northwest High School, and Graham Education and Workforce Center.
Other fully staffed programs at Corinth include the Associate of Arts in Teaching, Business Management, Computer Information Systems and Technology, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Office Systems Technology, Surgical Technology and Vocational Nursing.

Contemporary technology is the focus of classwork on this campus, and the sciences are very strong thanks to a new laboratory facility built in 2009. They must also include complete transcripts with English evaluations from World Evaluation Service (WES) or International Academic Credential Evaluators, Inc.
About 84% of the student population is European American, 6% is Latino American, 5% is African American, 2% is Asian American, and 1% is Native American.
Each room contains bunk beds, desks, chairs, dressers, closets, HVAC units, a sink, and a medicine cabinet.
Outdoor facilities include a sand volleyball court, basketball area, picnic tables, grill, and games lawn. There are also a large number of intramural and recreational activities for the general student body. For several decades the economy of Gainesville was based on cattle driving supplies, especially barbed wire.
The Arts District downtown is home to the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, Nasher Sculpture Center, Winspear Opera House, City Performance Hall, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.
The school holds an annual Weld-Off, which might be the only official academic weld-off in the United States. Corinth is also home to Saturday College, a program designed for adults who work full-time during the week.
Other requirements for international students include proof of financial support in the form of an official affidavit and an appropriate student visa. Gainesville boasts a historic train station, a miniature steam engine passenger train, a zoo, and a 45 acre soccer complex. The accident between the softball team's bus and an 18-wheeler Friday night on I-35 near Davis, Oklahoma, left a dozen other people on the softball team bus hurt. The players were returning from a scrimmage against Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma.  Investigators want to determine why the tractor-trailer rig went through a median without any signs of braking or trying to avoid the collision.

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