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The bulk of your book seems to be strangers passing in front of your lens, many of whom don’t appear to realize you are taking their photo. In celebration of his new album VIBES, Theophilus London has teamed up with Stussy to launch a collaborative capsule collection. New York-based artist Daniel Arsham opened his latest exhibit this past weekend at Miami’s Locust Project. Mob Mentality offers a first glance at its upcoming pre-fall collection with a new lookbook shot in San Francisco. Drawing from ancient Jewish wisdom and a modern understanding of consciousness, Rav Pinson explores the possibility of surviving death, the near-death experience and a glimpse into what awaits us after this life. About IyyunIYYUN creates opportunities for people of all backgrounds to deeply examine and understand the intellectual, emotional and physical within themselves, in the light of Jewish spiritual teachings and the wisdom of the Torah. His latest photo book, ?Wayward Cog?nitions, is a collection of riveting images taken during his travels abroad and stateside.
The bulk of your book seems to be strangers passing in front of your lens, many of whom don't appear to realize you are taking their photo. My in-laws know I write about naughty topics, but we don't ever discuss that side of my work. I believe you to be one of the best, if not the best, talent scouts in skateboarding's history. Most of my books are very specific, to the point where the title of the book pretty much explains the subject matter. Also, I have developed a few techniques that make my shooting fluid and essentially unnoticed for the most part. Since then, he has been a regular tour de force in both the skateboard industry and the art world. Shot mostly using a Leica M6 with a 50mm lens on film, printed in his home darkroom, and then scanned and laid out by the artist, this book is 100% Templeton's brainchild.
I'm not only thinking about the person I'm shooting but about the people possibly seeing me shoot them, including their partners.

I don't hang out in the streets with the guys and I'm not a hands-on team manager, so I need a rider who doesn't need to be babysat, who is out there doing shit on his own. So there's a strong case for the Welcome to Hell era, but to tell the truth right now is the best team I've ever had. Long before getting on Girl, Alex went on a Toy Machine tour and was in the running to make the team.
All the photos that I shoot that are not shot for any reason or theme—which is most of them—are just stray dogs with no place to go.
Or even if you did see me, you would have some doubt over whether I was shooting you or something else. While almost everyone who rides a skateboard considers themselves an "artist," very few have been able to make a successful leap into the fine art world. Known as the Eternal Voyeur, it's not uncommon to find Ed lurking around his local suburban sprawl, Huntington Beach Pier, or the backstreets of some European town, snapping away whatever passes before his lens. All the photos that I shoot that are not shot for any reason or theme—which is most of them—are just stray dogs with no place to go. You put images of your lovely wife, Deanna, in various states of undress and even occasionally in the throes of a sexual act. They would have really enjoyed seeing me published and have some degree of success at what I'm doing, but the nudity in there would be beyond their comprehension. I'm sorta scared to try anything that will put big stress on it because there are two plates in there and 21 screws, and they take away the natural flexibility of bones, which makes it more likely that the leg will break again right above the plates.
Templeton sat down with VICE for a special interview on the eve of the release of his latest book – Wayward Cognitions – which also coincides with his official retirement from professional skateboarding. I just walk around shooting people, and most of it does not fall into the category of something that I will use for a future project. That homeless guy passed out might have some buddies across the street watching him, or that girl doing cartwheels in a bikini might have a meathead boyfriend waiting to stomp some ass, so you have to be aware of the whole scene you are a part of.
There's some acting involved sometimes, other times Deanna [Templeton's wife] helps me by throwing a screen, or talking to me really loudly so we look like we couldn't possibly have been shooting someone else.

I can't picture my grandfather being OK with photos of my naked wife with my penis in her hand no matter what the explanation. As the debate on Capitol Hill rages over President Obamaa€™s nuclear deal with Iran, a new book, a€?Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War,a€? presents the searing reality.
So that was the spawn of the title, Wayward Cognitions, which is a more poetic way of saying stray thoughts. I would rather have the second best guy who's fun to be in a van with, and then use his own personality to promote him. I like to coax out the character of each rider and not have them be faceless rippers who nobody really cares about. The times where I have just said screw it and went in shooting regardless of my surroundings have mostly turned out OK though.
I think kicking Muska off was a tough one, and I like Alex, so it would have been cool to have him on. One time she was going to do a report about me for school, but then suddenly she said she couldn't, and that's when I think they Googled me. Even more powerful than the bomb that blasted Hiroshima three days before, a€?Fat Mana€? had an enriched plutonium core ringed by 64 explosives. We are not the big bucks type of company, so if you are riding for us it's because you want to.
The survivors became known as the hibakusha, meaning anyone affected by the atomic bomb, even if they were in utero at the time. But the author, Susan Southard, found there was a vocal minority finally willing to speak as it gets older. It was excruciating to relive the memories, but each felt it was vital that people know exactly how nuclear war destroys lives.

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