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Tata Building India School Essay Competition is a Tata group initiative that started off in 2006 with the sole belief that igniting young minds positively would lead to a Happy India.
Beginning in 2006 with 1 lakh students from 240 English medium schools in 6 cities, the Tata Building India School Essay Competition is now into its 6th edition which is set to reach out to 2 million students from 5000 schools in 150 cities and 8 languages, thus making it the largest school essay competition in India.
On December 2010, the essay competition was also launched on Facebook, with the idea being to reach out to the youth.
Presently, the page has a base of more than 82k fans with the most popular age group being in the 13-17 years (insights provided by Facebook). It is interesting to see the various types of content being posted but somehow it all boils down to increasing fan growth rather than talk about the idea behind the essay competition i.e. Also, the thought of keeping the readers in mind and why they should be a part of your community, is missing here.
I am not against building a community as it provides a good scope for engagement but giving away such a good incentive for something not based on skill but your social circle might not be a good idea after all. The initiative uses the Tata Companies Twitter account, but the strategy is on the similar lines of Facebook – organizing contests or posting content. It is also surprising that despite the page being about a School Essay Competition, nothing is being talked about it. Additionally, a mix of content is also required keeping the objective in mind, otherwise it becomes monotonous as mentioned before. Do you think that Tata Building India should engage only on the basis of contests or they should rethink their social media strategy?
ESMPT - Courses*The Book of Acts: An Introduction to Missions uses the book of Acts as a guide, leading students to deeper level of understanding of Christ's Great Commission.
I argue that the relationship between life expectancy and schooling crucially depends on which measure of life expectancy one uses.
ReferencesAcemoglu D, Johnson S (2006) Disease and development: the effect of life expectancy on economic growth.
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As the competition is open to students from Std VI to Std XII, I think it is a good decision to engage on Facebook as it is the most popular social network among this age group. The cover photo is cheerful, appealing and totally connects to the Building India for a Happy India concept.
Not only should it be aligned with the objective but also throw in challenges to the young fans within the scope of the objective.
According to Facebook guidelines, all promotions like contests should be run on a separate tab or app on Facebook, and not on the wall.
Most of the content has scanned pictures and questions around general knowledge and ‘did you know’ facts. Fans have to invite their friends and family to the page and for those who manage to get maximum number of ‘likes’ for the page will get a chance to visit the Tata Nano factory at Sanand (Gujrat) with one parent. Nothing wrong in organizing contests but with contests, you can get numbers but not a community that can sustain for long-term.
The responsibility of every believer for missions, church-planting and evangelism is emphasized. In particular, I show that while the change in life expectancy at birth between 1960 and 1990 is positively correlated with percentage change in schooling, the change in life expectancy at age 5 is, at best, uncorrelated with percentage change in schooling. Then look no further than the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme. We go the extra mile to make you feel part of a special group right up to and beyond certification.Useful Online Facilities like our Forum and state-of-the-art Journalling Platform both of which serve to broaden, deepen and enhance your experience, understanding and capability. We're very proud to carry the accreditation of the CDP Standards Office, an international body that accredits high quality training programmes.We are also a registered Coach Training Provider with COMENSA, the Coaches and Mentors Association of SA. It gives real meaning to our mission to bring Freedom Confidence and Growth to the world!We've trained many hundreds of people and are fortunate to have A LOT of testimonials, far too may to list but we have put a few up on this website.
And with Facebook’s latest change to its minimum permissible age to join the network being brought down from 18 to 13, this also helps the initiative. However, the contest winners are being notified on a ‘contest winners’ tab, which is rightly abiding by the guidelines. Although, it might come across as interesting at first, it starts getting monotonous very soon. It would have been great if the community was built with the objective of exchanging conversations for building a better network. Wouldn’t it be great if the page talks about the different kinds of issues taken up in this essays. Jesus is studied and established as the perfect example of a great missionary and visionary.
This evidence suggests that increasing life horizon beyond the early crucial childhood years for formal acquisition of human capital is not as quantitatively important as previously thought. 12269Angeles L (2010) Demographic transitions: analyzing the effects of mortality on fertility. The big advantage is that you will receive all of the course material upfront and in physical format. We cater for both 'hares' and 'tortoises'!As a guide, we recommend that you allow 9 to 15 months to complete certification if you can allocate roughly 3-5 hours of your time each week. We encourage our Trainees and Coaches to register with COMENSA, although it is not mandatory.We have New Insights certified life coaches operating very successfully all over the world. Chalking out a focus strategy like this would help the initiative otherwise it would pretty much turn into a community of likes with no meaningful dialogue.
The how's and why's of church-planting and missionary must's are taught.A Angelology equips students with the important knowledge of good angels - their purposes, ministries, limitations, and classifications.
The characteristics, duties, and objectives of demons are discussed in light of their defeat at the cross. This is a comprehensive training programme designed to build your self awareness, knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to the point where you are completely ready to coach professionally and make a success of it.In our experience, it is well worth investing the time to do exactly that. The parts of Scripture which reveal Satan's fall is examined and relevant questions are addressed.A Apologetics examines the biblical foundation for defending the Christian faith. The Christian world view is discussed vis-a-vis New Age beliefs and contemporary value systems in order to unveil the truth. Atheism, cults, and agnosticism are probed along with common questions asked by skeptics, e.g. Students discuss God's divine disposition and develop a holistic view of God.A Bibliology looks at the origins of the Bible and the canon of Scripture - Which books made it into the Bible?

Princeton University Press, PrincetonGalor O, Weil DN (2000) Population, technology, and growth: from Malthusian stagnation to the demographic transition and beyond. It involves a systematic study of the way of life set forth by Jesus Christ applied to the daily demands and decisions of human existence.A Christ and Culture focuses mainly on addressing the question "How is Christ integrated into popular culture, throughout the ages and today?" Art, music, the mass media, and literature containing references to Christ are studied against the context and political landscape of different periods.
This insightful study reveals how God never changes, but how man's perception of Him does through time.A Christology is concerned with the nature of Jesus the Christ, particularly with how the divine and human are related in His person. The study encompasses His pre-existence, earthly ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and present-day activities. Through studying the word of God, students gain an understanding of God's guiding principles for the church as a community. God's plan for the church is looked at and the function, role, purpose, and responsibility of the church and its members are discussed. The promise, pattern, and prophecy of the church are examined to provide students with the essential knowledge of what the church is, is not, and is to be.A Eschatology examines the biblical teaching pertaining to the eventual outcome of the present order - the ultimate destiny of humanity.
Students are taught biblical terminology, the prophetic underscoring, and the essential nature and practical value in the study of eschatology.A Evangelism highlights God's heart for the lost and focuses on motivating students towards a greater desire to see souls won over for the Lord.
Evangelism and mercy ministry are examined.A God's Prophetic Word examines the importance of being able to recognise the voice of God and understand the significance of prophecies in our daily lives.
Students investigate the accuracy of prophetic words and acquire confidence and passion for the prophetic ministry.A Hermeneutics focuses on the interpretation of the Bible. Students are taught effective tools for interpreting the Bible and the application of related principles to sermon preparation. The influence of Bible interpretation on Christian doctrine is examined.A Homiletics equips students with the art and science of delivering the Gospel to Christians and non-Christians. Students examine the inner-workings of delivering a powerful message and analyze the contents of sermons.A Introduction to Islam compares and contrasts the main teachings of Islam and those of Christianity. Students learn to interact with Muslims sensitively and knowledgeably and the best ways to relate the Gospel to a Muslim.A Israel and the Church examines God's covenant with Israel and how history has shaped the views of the world and the church towards Israel. From this, the most theological of the four gospels, students will examine the correlation between Jesus's miracles and discourses, most found only in this gospel, and the Christian walk that confronts them today.A Ministry to the Poor emphasizes God's heart for the poor. Students examine the effects of wealth, causes of poverty and Jesus' ministry for the poor. Issues and challenges pertaining to mercy and dealing with the poor are discussed.A The Old and New Testaments help students to understand the history of Christianity and see the New Testament in context. The New Testament gives students a clear picture of God's movement and dealing with His people after Christ was revealed.
Heresies are discussed to gain insights into why and how people stray from God.A Pneumatology examines the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Holy Trinity and the meaning and purpose of His ministry. Students learn about the different gifts of the Holy Spirit, communing with Him, His various names and the roles He plays.A Principles of Prayer examines the dynamics of personal and corporate prayers.
Students analyse the way Jesus prayed with His disciples and gain understanding of the correlation between praying and other aspects of the Christian walk.A Romans analyses the nature and purpose of the book of Romans, written by the Apostle Paul. Unraveling Revival introduces students to the theology, practical relevance, and desired results of revival.
Students are challenged as they experience a greater burden of revival and strive to experience personal revivals.A Worshipping God focuses on the importance of true worship.
Students discuss God's divine disposition and develop a holistic view of God.A Bibliology looks at the origins of the Bible and the canon of Scripture - Which books made it into the Bible? Through studying the word of God, students gain an understanding of God's guiding principles for the church as a community.
God's plan for the church is looked at and the function, role, purpose, and responsibility of the church and its members are discussed. Students examine the effects of wealth, causes of poverty and Jesus' ministry for the poor. The New Testament gives students a clear picture of God's movement and dealing with His people after Christ was revealed.

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