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Asking the right questions of our internal and external clients is a key to effective communication.
Jeff claims, "We have to immediately establish our role as the seeker of information and the buyer as a giver, in this new environment of relationship selling." Research shows that most of us often think ahead of the client to figure out what we will say next, rather than thinking along with them. LISTENING BETWEEN THE LINES will give attendees nine techniques for more effective listening and communicating.
Jeff Tobe, co-author of the book THE COMMUNICATION COACH, suggests that just asking questions is not enough.

We have never had formal 'listening training' in our school systems and rarely in our work environments. What this means is that, with practice, participants gain that 'competitive edge' that will set them apart from everyone else. Yet, we know the value of effective and responsive listening when it comes to sales, customer service, conflict resolution and management. Effective listening is one of the most powerful communication techniques and yet, it's probably the best kept secret of top professionals in the country.

Effective listeners are able to concentrate and find the most vital information in whatever they hear.

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new manager training programs 2014

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