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Though the scilons might attempt to say that doing the Basic Study Manual course could be "secular", the clue here is that Piano Foster completed it at Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, not an Applied Scholastics location or training center. Like many modern celebrity power couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are not satisfied with just being actors.
Will and Jada SHOULD be satisified with "just being actors" because THAT is the ONLY thing which made them their fortune and what they are. When Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith opened their privately-funded school in Calabasas California back in 2008, it received quite a bit of media attention. Amazingly, the next chapter in the school’s troubled history managed to stay relatively below the radar of the press. No official reason has been given for the school’s closure (of which both the Smith children attended) and the famous Hollywood couple hasn’t spoken a word about it to this day.
In 2009, the Smiths fired the woman they hired to run the school, Jacqueline Olivier, allegedly because she voiced objections to the use of Hubbard’s teaching methods. Replacing Olivier was Piano Foster, a woman who by her own account had “worked for the past 20 years at various public and charter schools.” But raising a few eyebrows were some other notable aspects of her resume. Speaking to the watchdog site The Underground Bunker, an anonymous source who used to teach at the school claimed that not only were the students subjected to Scientology’s “Study Technology,” but the church’s concepts of “ethics” were also being implemented.
Ultimately, the exposed connections to Scientology caused parents to turn away from the academy. After the revelations began to emerge, posts on the school’s Facebook wall were less than enthusiastic. Scrolling up the news feed shows a slow devolution from an academic theme to an online auction, hawking celebrity memorabilia — mostly belonging to Will and Jada. We need more people thinking logically and being far more skeptical rather than being gullible by having faith, thereby resulting in people’s beliefs of outlandish claims despite the absence of any reliable evidence whatsoever. But, they are a religion and people can believe whatever they wish: be it Xenu and the Supervolcanoes, the Jewish zombie-carpenter, the arab trader who seems to kill a lot of people, the bronze age tribal leader with bad direction or the indian apathy-prince. What differentiates scientology from the rest is the litigious nature of the religion, the aversion to any sort of criticism, and the very engaged online involvements of their adherents. There’s really no excuse in this day and age to believe ANY religious magical baloney.

Scientology is for well worded morons that are always trying to defend the undefinable… like you! While I understand peoples’ apprehensions with regards LRonHubbard and Scientology, wigging out over Study Tech is just people tripping out over things they know nothing about.
Ricardo, Scientology’s abuses are well known, and this is why Scientology is failing.
One thing that L Ron Hubbard got right was the notion that learning disabilities are a way of labeling and therefor, not having to deal with children who have not been able to learn in a setting that ignores whatever repertoire of knowledge (or lack of knowledge) and definitions they have acquired.
I am not speaking as a scientologist, but as an educational psychologist (who would be scorned by scientologists), who has read Dianectics, and who used to be friends with scientologists but never converted because I was rational enough to see through bullshit.
If only methods like this one were employed in public schools, funded by the states, instead of private schools funding scientology. Schoolman you’re a psychologist yet you made such a jumbled post full of contradictory ideas?
Enter your email address to subscribe to Dead State and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jacqueline Olivier - the woman the famous husband and wife enlisted to set up their Calabasas campus - was axed from her $200,000 a year position via a telephone call from the Matrix actress. Celebs know better than those qualified educators who think study tech is rubbish, apparently. On June 28 of 2013, New Village Leadership Academy was quietly shut down, apparently closing its doors for good. But sources say that the school began to run into funding problems after parents got wind of its Scientology groundwork, leaving Will and Jada to pump in $2 million a year of their own money just to keep the facilities afloat.
Foster had completed a Scientology Basic Study Manual course in 2005 and her name appears on an official Scientology “service completions” list. Reports say that the Smiths financed the school’s first three years of operation hoping that it would become self-sufficient.
But an eerie testament to the desperate final months of the NVLA is its Facebook page which still remains. They only focus on the few random people who have committed crimes and happen to have taken Scientology courses or belonged to a Scientology organization.

Can we say that everything in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions is bad because of people who cannot interpret and apply the teachings and precepts their prophets intended correctly?
Garcia, I followed my Bible correctly and killed my wife on our wedding night because I found out she was not a virgin.
I am not saying that ADHD and other disabilities are not real, but most of the diagnoses are wrongly done so. Touretsky of Carnegie Mellon University, said, "Children are inculcated with Scientology jargon and are led to regard L.R. But even after numerous fundraisers in the final months of its existence, the NVLA was unable to raise enough money to keep going.
I have had a very positive experience applying concepts I’ve learned from Scientology and working with Scientologists on a humanitarian mission to Haiti right after the devastating earthquake.
That applies to Scientology more than most since at least most religions are upfront about their dogma. I mean Will and Jada, who have nothing to do with scientology or any scientologists, said so. What they need to do is to go to work and entertain their paying fans and STFU about perverting the course of education. All of the benefits of this cult can be easily and cheaply acquired by investing time into well thought out education on learning, schooling, ADHD, ect…. Otherwise, at the very least, they should educate themelves instead of listening to fellow actors and school dropouts like Tom Cruise for their guidance. But by the 19th century, that excuse is no longer viable (so there’s no excuse for Mormons either) By the 20th century, only a moron would fall for this Ron Hubbard bet.

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