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The New York Film Academy is a renowned school and is said to be one of the best choices for a student who wants to pursue a career in film. While other schools are focused on educating their students with the philosophies of theater arts, the New York Film Academy seems to think otherwise and instead puts emphasis on “learning by doing.” This basically means that the curriculum of the school highlights the importance of application, instead of merely focusing on studying theories.
The school claims that students will be able to work with eight films under the undergraduate studies. There are literally thousands of actors in Hollywood trying to “make it.” According to union statistics, approximately 80% of all actors in SAG-AFTRA are out of work at any given time. You also need to keep developing skills that make you more castable: dancing, singing, martial arts, playing a musical instrument or a sport. You can’t be ready to work if you are unhealthy- that goes for emotional as well as physical health. I graduated from the one year acting program on October 20, and I have to say the time spent in school this year was one of the best I’ve ever had. You also get to learn and work exactly like you would on a professional set; so you get a good taste of what awaits you out there.
The acting for Film Class with Bruce Ducat was also fantastic because we learned a lot of tips and tricks that really came in handy when it came time to getting in front of the camera. I had the best three years of my life. I got to experience Film and acting on a basis I could not even dream about.
They will push you harder than you thought you could be, and make you feel comfortable at the same time. NYFA is not only about teaching the industry of Hollywood – they care about you as an individual as well.
Anybody who is interested in studying here, and are willing to work hard, should not think twice about joining. Oddly enough, after researching all the best film and acting schools world-wide, what closed the deal for me was a very beautiful musical student film I’d fallen in love with on the New York Film Academy website. About ten years ago I arrived in New York City as a twenty to year old boy from Vienna, Austria, and entered the classroom of the 4 week intensive acting workshop at the New York Film Academy. Over the course of the last 2 years, I have been a student of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. At New York Film Academy, we also get the amazing opportunities to listen to guest speakers. I spent two years at this school and received my Associates Degree, and I loved every day of it. New York Film Academy is an excellent academy that promotes professional and personal growth of the student. The New York Film Academy is a premier film school and acting school with international locations. This arrangement has allowed its students to accomplish more compared to other acting schools. You must be able to buy food, pay for rent, car and gas expenses, and have the “business of life” taken care of in order to have the freedom to pursue a creative career. Sometimes a manager can get you initial casting interviews, but it is best to have an agent. I always feel it is better to sign with an agent and try them out for 4-6 months, and if you feel they are not helping your career move forward, then try somebody else. The headshot gives a casting director their first impression of you- the look, the way you do your hair, even the quality of the photo you have chosen to represent you.
Just like athletes who need to train and keep in shape for competition, actors need to workout and keep their acting muscles in shape. Many unpaid jobs are rewarded with future jobs and relationships that help you get future work.
I moved to LA basically to attend the New York Film Academy Universal Studios Acting program, because of the professionalism they offer and the decision of being an actor. If you study hard, audition, work hard, with a bit of luck you can make your dreams come true. I’d have to say the one thing that really sets NYFA apart from other schools I’ve been to etc, is the trips to the backlot.
They keep students interested in what they’re doing and offer a number of challenges that end up pushing us to the limit to ultimately become our best. They take their time to get you where you need to be. Their words inspire you to work harder, and give you joy in a business that can and sometimes will rip you apart. In the first session, without even having been introduced to my peers, I was asked to pick a song, and perform it in conjunction with a repetitive physical action in front of the entire class. Throughout my time here I have had the opportunity to learn about acting in the most unique and intriguing ways possible.
These speakers are the top tier of success stories in this industry and it is an amazing opportunity to hear them speak about their lives, experiences, and the ways that they have attacked their careers with nothing but honesty and advice to help us out in our future successes as well. Of course there is in class work, but you learn and hone your skills by physically getting up and doing what we came here to do.

The skills that I obtained from my lessons are what helped me to become the working actor that I am today.
Their expertly constructed lessons, guidance of our professional development, and caring and considerate participation of Administration of the Academy made my learning experience unforgettable. But on set, the moment you are off book, it really comes together and the stress goes away. We offer a hands-on, intensive education in the arts for individuals of all ages and experiences. If you want to pursue your studies in the United States, you can either go to New York, Florida or California. Students are able to learn more from classroom instructions, workshops and if possible, through applied experience.
One director I know said he likes actors with a lot of skills, so that he knows what he can have them do in a scene: play drums, basketball, twirl baton, do impressions, do handstands, etc. It is usually easier to get the second agent, since somebody has already taken a chance on you. In my opinion, if you are going to spend money on your career, spend it on a great headshot. Acting takes physical and mental tolls on you and you need to have stamina for the long haul, mentally and physically. I saw many opportunities in school and in LA; and I am looking forward to a second year in acting to receive my AFA degree. All my life I had been doing some form of acting but considering where I grew up, there were no proper film opportunities so I wanted to go to NYFA for a shorter course to ensure that it was the path I wanted to take in life before dedicating everything I had to it. You get to film on REAL sets with real camera crews that are also a part of various programs at NYFA. Valorie Hubbard was our Scene Study teacher and she is one of the most knowledgeable people I have personally met on the subject. I’ll never forget the first day on the Universal Studios backlot with a screen-test, headshots and then an Improv class. The school is very intensive, and packs about 2 years worth of knowledge into 1 year and that’s what I love. From course curriculum to the projects we do outside of class, I have had numerous chances to practice my craft as well as find ways to succeed as a human being.
Without a doubt, the teachers are what made my experience here a beneficial one. Not only does this school have a staff that is more than capable of teaching the classes, they are also working in the business themselves. With many different types of teachers, (some working with Shakespeare, others working with commercials, and sitcoms.) you learn all aspects of the business.
I stress this because international students, cut off from home and family, in a foreign country where they speak a different language, have a very hard life! Choose from a wide variety of MFA, MA, BFA, AFA degrees, 1 & 2 year conservatory programs and short-term workshops in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Photography, Producing, Musical Theatre, Screenwriting, Cinematography, 3D Animation, Game Design, Broadcast Journalism, Documentary Filmmaking and Digital Editing. Students of the New York Film Academy claim that every penny is worth the education that they receive from this prestigous school.
In fact, it was New York State Film Academy who first made it available for their students to use RED high-definition video camera. If you come into your audition with the hope that this job will pay for your overdue rent so you won’t get evicted- well, they will see that fear and desperation, and you are not somebody they want to hire. Not that you don’t also have to act, but this opens up the potential for casting you in a role–especially for commercials. Needless to say, it did the job and I ended up coming to an 8 week screenwriting class before heading back here for the year long program. The school also offers a vast range of different courses that contribute to an all around acting experience. She really challenged us and taught us how to get in character and gave us different tips and tricks to get into those difficult ones that occasionally test us to the limit. This experience set the tone for the twelve months to come, and it is what makes the New York Film Academy’s approach to learning the craft so different from other teaching philosophies.
The instructors are always able to answer any question you ask, and they actually care whether you improve. The administration has always been helpful with my requests and needs, and the teachers are some of the most respected and successful people in the business today. Assistance has always been provided with finances and student aid, along with assistance from instructors outside of the normal class hours. I don’t think that there was a better way to learn than to be working beside those teachers that were working themselves. Valerie Hubbard taught me the craft of the art as well as the business side of how to pursue acting. They replied that they never met such a high level of interaction between staff and students. Students are immersed in their craft from day one, learning from award-winning faculty and using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The other important tool- your demo reel should be up to date, and have your best work in the first 30 seconds. Not because of Talent or Looks, but because the other two give up.” This is very true, but multiply that by thousands. In all of the school’s courses and workshops I had done previous to coming back for the year long program, I had never taken a meisner class. The teachers have become like parents to me, and they have made my experience here the best that it could possibly be. This school gives us a chance to showcase our talent and progress by giving us live performances and film screenings to the general public. I’m from Canada and I thought it was going to be hard to meet people and make friends, but when you are all brought together for the love of the same craft, getting to know people is pretty easy. Whether it be a seminar from a celebrity guest to show a screening of one of their films, or one of the staff members (like Chris Devane) who are just so passionate about what they do and want to pass on all of their knowledge onto their students.
Maria Gobetti taught me Meisner and really helped me get to the core emotions needed for this art. Administration at New York Film Academy helped and supported me greatly in my difficult life situations, which I did not even count on.
This is designed to make students gain experience before they decide to enter the film industry.
Being an international school you make a lot of new friends from all over the world and learn a lot from their cultures. I have to say that Anne Moore who was my meisner teacher is one of my favourite acting teachers to date. For me NYFA was an overhaul of workshops and acting classes I had accumulated over the years. Now cross the bridge from the zoo out into the African Savannah, the open battleground where it is up to your skills whether you make it or not.
From technique classes to business classes, this university has given me all of the necessary tools to polish my craft and apply the skills learned to the regular world of entertainment and film. Each individual staff member of this school brings a unique approach to the industry and encourages all of the students to find their own paths. Suzanne Kent helped me gain improv skills and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.
She spends equal amounts of time with each student and goes out of her way to make sure that we really understand.
We started with the basics, learning all the diverging methods, from Shakespeare to Stanislavski to Meisner. The school has given so much to its students, and I think that it will only come as no surprise to see myself and other students pay that forward through the success we share in our careers ahead of us.
New York Film Academy saved me many times, and if it were not for the administration of the Academy, I do not even know how I would have gotten out of difficult life situations. If you do not have prior extensive knowledge in your craft, then this is the school for you because their curriculum is more meticulous. She was also always available at a moments notice to do a one on one session if we needed more help. And we were on our feet, with Improv, Speech, Movement, and production workshops, trying out all the techniques.
This is exactly what happens when you first step on set of your feature film directorial debut; you are used to the cage but suddenly it is not there anymore and you have to face the lion with determination, bravery, wit and a solid dose of self-belief and confidence. NYFA has always been there to ensure my education is the best that it could be and provide me with opportunities that go beyond what is necessary to be successful.
I would be lost without the teachers at New York Film Academy that really try to help you grow as an actor and actually get work in Los Angeles.
Students also claim that they enjoy the fact that they have access to equipment, facilities and the faculty.
If you don’t bring these along, you’ll be eaten alive.  Self-confidence comes from uniting your talents with experience. However, New York Film Academy is not regionally accredited, which could spell trouble if your employers would refuse to recognize your degree. You also may also not be able to transfer your classes to another school if you had a change of heart. Well, then you have to do your best to replicate the real world scenarios in a protected environment, where mistakes are allowed and encouraged.

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