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At Synergia our team of coaching experts specialise in addressing the people problems which face all kinds of organisations. Synergia Ethos – Established in 2008 our mission has been to awaken, unlock and achieve individual’s, teams’ and organisations’ ultimate potential.
As one of the country’s leading Leadership and Management coaches SCL make a difference to the way in which our clients nationwide build their winning teams.
Each year the Girls’ School Association run an induction programme for new Heads, providing peer support for first-time Heads in that academic year.
Having recently introduced an approach for development focused on individual, team and organisational development, rather than an annual performance oriented process, Staffordshire Police asked Synergia Coaching to conduct a strategic review into continuing professional development. We then shared the results and elicited further feedback and ideas for progressing CPD through facilitating a number of focus group meetings and 1-2-1’s with senior managers. In March 2012, Synergia conducted a contrastive analysis with the same group of volunteers to determine the positive changes in personal and professional activity that have occurred over the 9-month period. Whilst personal and professional development continues to be important, what is most encouraging is managers’ skill in creating an environment where good performance is praised and recognised; and where individuals are given the opportunity to discuss professional development in a way that helps them to be open and honest. Our review has established that a great deal of positive activity relating to CPD is happening within Staffordshire Police with some thought-provoking debate on the part that CPD plays in organisational and individual development.  The image that emerges gives confidence that CPD is moving in a reassuringly forward direction and will gain momentum as it becomes more embedded in organisational and cultural development. As an organisation with a traditional hierarchical structure and with a large number of disparate teams within it, NHS Coventry required a helping hand in not only creating a more harmonious working environment, but in ensuring effective management and improved morale.  This has become particularly critical during a time of unsettling change and uncertainty within the NHS as a whole. NHS Coventry initially employed over 2,000 members of staff, and as a team was responsible for commissioning primary, community and secondary healthcare for over 300,000 residents as well as providing community and mental health services. This situation was impacted further in 2005 by the Government’s announcement that the number of PCTS across the UK would be reduced by a massive 50%, resulting in only 152 Trusts being in operation in 2006 from an original 303. In April 2011, NHS Coventry merged with NHS Warwickshire to form The Arden Cluster, responsible for the commissioning of health services across the two areas, following the overall responsibility for commissioning start to move towards clinicians and away from the PCT. Following a further announcement that the disbanding of PCTs as a whole was scheduled for 2013, and with growing uncertainty about its future, NHS Coventry identified a vital need to support staff through these tough times, help them deal with the changes, and prevent issues caused through low morale.
Synergia Coaching began working with NHS Coventry in 2005, when the first of many dedicated coaching programmes delivered across a number of Trusts within the West Midlands commenced.  One of the core factors in determining the success of a PCT has historically been the quality of leadership, and so these programmes aimed to identify the key areas of the organisation affected by the impending changes, the best means of addressing these changes in order to avoid further conflict, and the development of self awareness amongst managers to ultimately enable them to work more effectively and efficiently.
Following the success of the initial programme, the Synergia Coaching team then delivered a series of programmes across an additional nine West Midlands Trusts, all of which again mirrored the culture embedded in many such organisations across the country.  The programmes delivered by the coaching team were both organic and holistic, and most importantly, had long term sustainability – ensuring that going forwards as organisations, staff felt part of a culture based on success, with every individual sharing its values, objectives and aspirations. With the subsequent amalgamation of Coventry PCT with Warwickshire to form the Arden Cluster in 2011, and the announcement of the planned dissolution of PCTs, there was increased unsettlement amongst management teams, as individuals were finding themselves having to both apply for new positions in what was now a new organisation, as well as consider their long term futures.

Clare Barnett explained: “During times of change, people require greater support than ever before and, as key influencers within the organisation, line managers play a significant part in this, which is why management teams were our core focus when designing and implementing these programmes. Jan Spalding Head of Organisational Development at NHS Coventry and NHS Warwickshire Arden Cluster, said: “The team at Synergia is fantastic and really understands how the organisation works and what we want to achieve, particularly an organisation such as the NHS which has a very unique and incomparable culture. GSA Membership Director Jane Carroll says: “Synergia Coaching’s contributions to GSA training events are always very positively received and make a real difference to the individuals in attendance. Synergia Coaching Ltd is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), promoting best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe.
The following is a list of some of the clients we've had the pleasure of partnering with and those whose trust we've gained. The sixth and last of our Coaching & Mentoring webinars, delivered in conjunction with HFMA, will be held at 2pm on Thursday 25 February. Our philosophy is simple – great leadership development improves leadership behaviours and skills.
Our mission To develop outstanding leadership in health, in order to improve people’s health and their experiences of the NHS. Why does leadership in the NHS need to change?Quite simply, because there’s so much evidence connecting better leadership to better patient care. And there is far too much evidence linking failure in leadership to failures in patient care too. Recent research from the internationally respected Development Dimensions International (DDI) on global leadership showed a real problem with the perceived quality of leaders globally – it said there was no evidence that the high quality leaders we need in the NHS can be recruited from elsewhere. The fact is, we are much more likely to be successful by deploying tactics to ensure we ‘grow our own’ more effectively and that the routine development of talented individuals, linked to career progression, becomes a core part of our business. To secure confidence they need competence, skills, expertise, experience and support.  This comes from expert development and training as well as on the job learning. Leaders need to have a breadth of behaviours to draw on to exercise their role in a multi-agency, complex system such as health care.  Lack of development tends to result in leaders having a very narrow range of styles to draw on. Leaders need the right behaviours to build alliances with a wide range of professionals and across organisational boundaries to serve the needs of diverse communities with enduringly complex needs.  The success of the NHS over the next decade or so will rely heavily on the behaviours adopted by healthcare leaders at all levels being able to work with leaders in other parts of the public and private system. Leaders need to be able to engage and empower those working with them, and rely less on old style command and control approaches that inhibit innovation, discretionary effort and a more caring and considerate climate to work that generate both employee engagement and compassion in care.
More from our managing director, Karen Lynas, on the global search for talent and creating a talent pool for the NHS.

How are we getting there?Designed around a new model for leadership in healthcare, our ‘professionalisation’ of leadership agenda seeks to recognise the importance of leaders at every level in the NHS. We want leaders to be appropriately qualified, prepared for and able to do the jobs for which they are applying. Our programmes are already equipping leaders with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours they need to be successful.  Over time we hope that these qualifications become the benchmark for readiness for a more senior position. More from our head of professional development, Chris Lake, on why investing now is crucial for the NHS’ future. As an Organisational Development Company we work across Education, Public and Private sectors on a 1-2-1, team and organisational basis.
Our expert team offers ILM accredited coaching and mentoring qualifications, individual and team based Coaching Programmes, Management Development Solutions, Performance Management Solutions, Career Management Programmes and Psychometric-led assessment.
As part of this program each new Head is offered a mentor and, for the first time in 2014, Synergia provided Mentor Training for New Heads. The subject this time around will be Supporting Coaching and Mentoring in Healthcare Finance Teams.
They all make the link between good leadership and making a positive difference to patient care, care outcomes and the experience of care. We were at hand to provide training for the mentors themselves using the core skills of questioning, listening and feedback which would, in the long term, enable them to understand the distinctions between coaching, counselling and mentoring.
Our purpose is to work with our partners to deliver excellent leadership across the NHS to have a direct impact on patient care. Synergia’s expert training was so successful that Clare Barnett will be delivering the programme once more at the 2015 event. We offer a range of tools, models, programmes and expertise to support individuals, organisations and local academies to develop leaders, celebrating and sharing where outstanding leadership makes a real difference.

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