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It’s that time of the year again, where our National All-Net and National All-Star tournaments are hitting the courts in March! Every year, NJB creates tournament programs, and we have advertising space available for you! Latest News2016-17 Calendar PublishedNJB Headquarters has announced and published the 2016-17 Calendar of Events. Spring Advanced Training (April)!NJB is offering advanced skills training for intermediate to advanced players for the month of April! Youth Spring League-Whittier Adult CenterUpcoming February Tournament Deadlines!!!Tournament season is in the air! Last year's gift-giving started with "The Face of Brea Photo Contest" celebrating Brea's 98th birthday. We held the “The Face of Brea” contest at Edwards Brea Theater West 10 in February 2015 for two weeks. Many people enjoyed “Charlie the Clock” cutout as a fun symbol and learning tool representing Brea’s rich history. Background: Last year, 'Charlie the Clock' caricature dazzled the crowds at the 28th annual Brea Summerfest, the 36th Brea Country Fair, and for a time was on exhibit at the Brea Museum, where he was taken out to visit events at our elementary schools fall 2015. This year, we took a tour around beautiful Brea, from west to east, north and south, so that 16 people would have the opportunity to win gift cards to popular local eateries and businesses.
The gift giving continues with our annual BBON Brea SummerFest giveaway to be held on Monday June 30 - Wednesday, Jun 1. Not long ago, Chandra Char, Unit Director of the Brea Boys & Girls Club, made a plea to the Kiwanis Club during her Breakfast Meeting presentation October 11, 2012. After Chandra's presentation Alan Nakamura, Brea Kiwanis Club President, assured her plea would not go unanswered. Chandra Char, Unit Director, of the Brea Boys & Girls Club receives recognition from Brea Kiwanis President Alan Nakamura at the Kiwanis breakfast meeting presentation. At the Kiwanis Club meeting on October 11th I spoke about a family of foster children in need at the Boys & Girls Club of Brea. I would like to thank the citizens of Brea for again expressing their confidence in me by allowing me another term on the Brea City Council.  I would further like to thank all of the candidates involved in this election for not employing what is called a “hit campaign” on other candidates which only serves to dirty the election process. I am hopeful that this council will address these and other issues in a manner that allows for Brea to remain a premiere community, but an efficiently run community that can continue to give back to its citizens. Left to right: Darnisha Meyers, John Isitt, Kimo Rafael and Chase.Did you know that you could take your dog to dine at Brea Bruxie? Maybe will see them tomorrow as Bruxie is having a grand celebration in honor of their 1st birthday in Brea.  And to pay tribute to this milestone, Bruxie will host a “Birthday Fundraiser” benefiting the Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire and the Wounded Warrior Project. City of Brea - construction map week of October 29, 2012City of Brea ongoing construction projects involving Capital Improvement, Caltrans and Private development.
Farrell’s to raise $10,000 or more for the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy East Coast devastation.
The fundraiser will be held at all their Southern California Locations on Thursday, November 1, from opening until closing times. Purchase a Presidential Sundae for $6.99, The Obama or Romney Sundae, and 100% collected will be donated to the American Red Cross.
New Jersey Baseball Magazine - Circulated to Baseball Fans Everywhere in the Garden State of New Jersey!

In this era of 8-figure compensation packages, performance enhancing substances, and glory seeking headlines, the occasional show of personal integrity represents a refreshing change of pace. Less heralded but no less laudable include the efforts of countless coaches, team managers, and league administrators across the national baseball landscape who volunteer their time on behalf of young players of all ages. One such local hero of youth baseball is Rich Mason, Head Coach of the West Jersey Sliders of the Phillipsburg area in New Jersey. In 2005 the Phillipsburg Area Baseball Committee formed a travel team to compete in official Little League play.
Owner of Apache Trucking, a business he started twelve years ago, Rich “got the taste for playing” baseball in recreational, American Legion ball and later while in the Army. For instance, in accepting that they “can’t win every time they take the field,” they nonetheless will build confidence by always playing well, by getting along with each other, and exhibiting good behavior.” With a team “emphasis on defense, where the pitcher always backs up 3rd while the catcher always backs up 1st, and everyone has an assignment” they will also learn the value of competing fairly and hard. NJB Magazine salutes Rich Mason, his coaches, and the countless other adults who give of themselves to help our youth appreciate the richness there is to gain from playing the greatest game on earth. New Jersey Baseball & New Jersey Baseball Online are your original source for stories about the human interest side of baseball. 2005 U12 Travel Team in NJB All-Net Tourney in Anaheim California: Kyle Peterson, Taylor McClafferty, Brett Christman, Alvin Kwok, Chase Tamashiro, Sean Dobovan, Jordan Oshiro, Daley King. Gifts of Aloha for Mainland Opponents: Sharks prepare to give gifts to the opponents (Shell Lei's) after beating them on the Court. 2005 Sharks U11 Team takes Palama Settlement Tournament Championship: Steven Lakalaka, Lonn Iwishita, Jeff Yamashiro, Alex Lam, Nick Velasquez, Taylor McClafferty, Mason Moy, Michael Moy, Reece Foy, Coaches Darren Matsuda, Ross McClafferty. 2007 U17 Sharks ELITE (Combined with Hoops Paiana): Marcus Holyfield (MPI), Devon Takenaka (MPI), Kenny Ellis (Kailua), Samson Won (MPI), Kaiwi Crabb (Punahou), Matt Feldman (Punahou), Pablo Warner (Iolani), Kevin Mukai (Punahou), Sean McFadden (Punahou). Also, 'Charlie the Clock' was invited back to Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 the week of November 16, and sister theater Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 extended Charlie's visit through the week of Thanksgiving! Brea's 99th 3-day birthday giveaway started on February 23, the city's birthday.There were 940 entries and many happy winners!
Her plea was in reference to the recently completed ' Back to School Shopping Spree' on September 22. So local spelling bee bugs, please help out and call Henry as soon as possible at the Kiwanis Club of Brea at 1-714-986-9899. Kimo Rafael took his pal Chase, a blue nose year old pitbull, and his friends Darnisha Meyers and John Isitt to Bruxie’s for lunch. He kept busy by serving on the  Parks and Recreation Commission for 10 years and participated at the senior center.  Family was very important.
Hold off until tomorrow – November 1 - to support the Brea Olinda Choir Booster Club Fundraiser. The project team is anticipating that work across Lambert Road will be completed by the end of the week. Recent statements made by Ryan Howard and Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, in the wake of their healthy contract renewals, come immediately to mind.
They are the ones who organize the leagues and the teams that give thousands of youth in Every Town, USA the chance to compete in the best game on earth. All you need to know about Rich appears in a letter written by one of his nine year-old players nominating him for Youth Coach of the Year. That taste of organized play has given rise to the West Jersey Sliders Baseball Club, a youth independent travel team comprised of some of the best young players from the Phillipsburg area.

Reboli, Eric Drzewicki, Billy Beyer, Nick Tauriello, Chris FiglerThird Row: Head Coach Rich Mason, Ass’t. Word of expansion and tryouts for next year has spread widely through word-of-mouth.” A fund raiser dance held at the Alpha Fire House on Saturday, March 2007, drew in excess of sixty supporters, including New Jersey Baseball Magazine (NJB).
He once had a two-day tryout with the semipro Allentown Ambassadors, but found the competition against “lots of younger players” for a roster spot to be beyond his skill level.
Those of us who have had the good fortune to play baseball and to learn the values it teaches are indeed richer for the experience. Over $5500 was raised from donations from Kiwanis, La Floresta, Penney's and the Merrill Lynch Management Group for the event. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and this gesture made a lasting impression on these three kids. The war memorial is dedicated to those Brea citizens who were killed in action in past and present wars. Chase was a happy camper eating doggie treats while Kimo and his friends indulged in Bruxie’s delicious food!  What Chase doesn’t know won’t hurt, right? Neighbor and good friend Darlene Riley said, “You could always count on Bob.” He made a difference. For safety reasons, the contractor will not start any potholing or excavations until after Halloween.
When interviewed, both players spoke more of comradeship and team loyalty than anything else, and that makes front page news anywhere in sports these days. The Sliders’ goal, according to Coach Mason, is to compete with the best teams that will take part in Cooperstown Dream Week in 2008. NJB informed Coach Rich that night that it will contribute $100 to the cause of West Jersey Sliders Baseball. In addition to learning to hit “with the proper technique,” Sliders’ players learn values that translate as well in the game of life as in the game of baseball. NJB is also your first and best source for baseball rules and interpretations through its unique Ask The Ump feature. They both loved music and enjoyed all the jazz sessions in the Brea Downtown.  Bob played the drums in high school. The sentiments of one young player for the inspiration and guidance that a beloved coach provides says it all. Well that started Bob on weeks of searching the internet for the US Postal Service link that displayed his name.
Finally Bob figured out his cousin told him and they always had a good laugh when they saw each other when the subject came up. It was such a heartwarming experience and something that I will remember for years to come.

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