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We think that we offer the most up-to-date set of materials for anyone seeking to coach, to lead or simply to improve their personal lives. The school is led by Robbie Steinhouse, author of Think like an Entrepreneur, Brilliant Decision Making and How to Coach with NLP. Our courses range from a one-day ‘taster’ session to Generative Coaching, a four-module course for highly experienced coaches given by leading NLP theorists Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan. NLP, or neuro linguistic programming, is an extremely gentle yet powerful technique that can bring profound improvement to both your professional and personal life. Professionally, I would like in the future to set up a mediation and negotiation office as an alternative to arbitration or court settlement.
It will help me to move forward, understand myself more, and has given me techniques for a more positive, confident lifestyle.
The training has shed light on, and enabled me to reassess habits and patterns of behaviour.
The training gave me great tools, models and processes to enhance my skill-set in a professional environment. I learnt a lot about how best to communicate with others – but also how to communicate with myself, too, in terms recognising my limiting beliefs and the language I use when thinking about my future.
We offer a wide range of events and courses to help you get to grips with NLP and coaching.
With our Advanced Coaching course coming up on 18 to 20 Nov, this week’s blog is about coaching and happiness.
Highly successful people come across as ‘cool’ and happy – which makes them more believable and pleasant to be around. At the same time, it’s worth remembering that one can often meet people who seem to outwardly ‘have everything’ yet are still miserable.
Being able to address this type of conflict by determining which value is more important (and then acting accordingly) can help enormously.
More complex are limiting beliefs – ideas that we hold so deeply we don’t even know we hold them, but which create inner pain. This belief, usually created in childhood, drives people to work relentlessly: useful at the start of working life, but ultimately unsustainable and damaging. The highest of Dilts’ levels is that of Vision, having a sense of life purpose beyond personal ambition. Getting clients to think at this level can be remarkably powerful and inspire them to change not just themselves but the systems within which they operate.
All the six logical levels play a part in the complex business of human happiness, and the coach can help out at all of them.
I will cover all this material in much greater detail on the course – I hope to see you there. I listened to their presentations on their business plans first.  These were big on vision but many lacked any clear steps as to how to actually make it happen. Yet their own past experience tells them that if something has created chaos in their lives, it has not been some huge threat they have been worrying about for ages, but something unexpected.
This point is taken up by Nassim Taleb, advisor to David Cameron and author of The Black Swan. In this book, Taleb argues that significant ‘game-changing’ events often appear to come from nowhere, so we can’t plan specifically for them. However, we can still protect ourselves against worst-case scenarios, even if we don’t really understand, from where we are now, how they might come about.

The book’s title comes from the fact that Europeans assumed all swans were white, and actually used the belief as an example of a truism.
Then explorers arrived in Australia to find black ones. Be careful about what we think we ‘know’. The book, and its claim that high-impact events come from (apparently) nowhere was extraordinarily prescient: it was published in 2007, a year before the global financial system went into meltdown – an event predicted by hardly any economists or financial ‘experts’. One of the most important roles of a coach is to help a client properly explore what could go wrong with a course of action.
When aspects of that action created problems, I found myself blaming the coach for not properly helping me consider possible consequences of the decision he seemed so eager for me to take. Don’t freak yourself out with narratives about how things ‘will’ go badly wrong, but at the same time make sensible plans for things that could go badly wrong – then get on with life. This is good coaching, helping your client to make significant decisions ‘with their eyes open’ and to develop strategies to minimise risk. I am delighted to announce that our November 18th-20th course, Advanced Coaching with NLP, TA & Mindfulness, has been awarded ICF CPD accreditation.
Before we drown in acronyms… NLP and TA will be familiar to regular visitors to this blog (if this is your first visit, they are two powerful personal development tools, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis: stay with us, and you’ll learn much more about them). The ICF is the International Coaching Federation, the world’s leading accreditation body for coach training. CPD is a requirement for many professions, not just coaching: for many professional bodies, you have to do x number of hours accredited CPD a year to retain your membership. Our students learn how they can manage themselves more effectively; how they can coach others in the art of influence and communication and how to make sense of human behaviour. For everyone in this profession, ‘personal growth’ is not just a luxury, but an essential part of doing the job as well as possible, especially in an ever-changing world. Running my own business, I have always believed this, passionately, but it’s nice to have another stamp of public approval to add to my own private conviction. Global NLP Training, global leader of NLP Training and coach certification training, is launching a special project to promote social entrepreneurship among small business owners. The aim is to teach small business owners around the world how they can enhance their exposure, marketing, and good will easily through Social Entrepreneurship (helping the less fortunate or a good cause through their business.) This is a model that Nicole Schneider, the founder and owner of Global NLP Training, has followed and tested over the past years offering free training and opportunities to teachers serving the underprivileged. The video based coach training of this Social Entrepreneurship class will be offered free of charge to the general public by summer 2016. The opportunity to offer training free of charge is able to take place because the owner, consultants, and property owners are willing to reduce or waive all of their fees. It has helped in the relationship with my husband, children and other family and they have noticed a positive difference in me.
Recently, half way through a conversation which could have degenerated into an argument I actively used NLP tools to help the conversation continue in a relaxed manner while the issues were aired. From NLP taster days to exclusive talks from expert professionals, we have a wide range going on. They want to be more effective managers, to influence senior people or to delegate more effectively.
There is not a great deal a coach can do about these – but these aspects of life can be important factors in happiness.
Inability to effect change at this level need not prevent us helping clients on their ‘happiness journey’.

Good examples are relationship skills and emotional intelligence, the ability to organize ourselves and knowing how better to look after our health and manage our energy. A client recently told me, “You can’t be angry and love somebody at the same time.” I questioned this, and the client realized that this was just a belief, not a fact, and had a major, positive shift. The belief can also destroy a person’s ability to relax and unwind, replacing necessary time off with constant anxiety. Coaches will often find clients’ identities (or clients perceptions of their identities) causing difficulties when faced with change, either when facing promotion and resisting it or fearing retirement or the challenge of, say, leaving a corporate career and starting a business or a family or both. The key point to remember is that there may be one particularly neglected level, at which coaching work can be particularly effective. My model was a good fit, as it diagnosed which essential parts of the business process they lacked. I have experienced this as a recipient of coaching: on a couple of life changing decisions, I felt that my coach wanted to propel me into action.
There can be a ‘Faustian pact’ where the client doesn’t want to engage their judgement, as they confuse this with that carping, unhelpful, inner negative voice that most people have. A key role of a coach is to help a client differentiate between that inner negative voice (“You will mess it up!”) and the highly creative critical voice – critical in the best, positive sense of ‘discerning’ – which can look at potential consequences and inspire the client to put things in place that will protect them against disasters – even if they are not sure how such a disaster can come about.
You have to submit session plans, manuals, slides, marketing materials, trainer biographies and assessment methodologies – and if they don’t like what they see, you won’t get the accreditation. Some of it is technical, and relates to specific professions – lawyers need to keep up to date with the law, builders with regulations and materials (and so on). NLP Training (Master Practitioner) is offered nearly free of charge as part of a live training scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, January 2016, with an online video based version to follow by summer. Right now only friends and family of Global NLP Training are allowed to register, we will wait list others in the event that seats are still open at a later time.
Also costs for advertising is limited, and we were offered the opportunity to train in a beachfront private residence instead of our usual 4 star hotel locations in Los Angeles. Some of you will be familiar with these; for those who are not, the model was created as a way of pinpointing where client issues lay and making sure coaches intervene at the level that will be most effective. In Advanced Coaching, I use the concept of Script from Transactional Analysis to help people deal with such issues elegantly and successfully.
This means that they qualify for CPD hours for a wide range of UK professional bodies and for the HR departments of many British and international organizations. But more general people skills are needed in a huge range of jobs, and it is here where our courses can help people in their careers. Global NLP Training wants to create awareness for the Sjakitarius Foundation, school of the mentally disabled children on Bali, who needs funding for their new school, as their current building lease expires in 2017.
Becoming aware of our moment-to-moment behaviours and being able to adjust them can be hugely freeing.
Often we face pressure to override an important principle to please someone or to do what appears to be right for an organization we belong to.

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