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Integral NLP at Erickson College is based upon the perception that an underlying structural integrity and order exists at the deepest level of human experience, and that this integrity manifests in the form, the structures, the processes and the contents of our actions, relationships, abilities and effective learning.
Many people experience creativity as an elusive mysterious gift that you either have or you don’t – rather than a set of skills that can be transferred and managed systematically and explicitly. The program provides a flexible Master Practitioner approach to training based on five core component areas: values and value development, expert performance modelling, pattern elicitation strategy and strategic abundance, exploration of advanced language patterns, and advanced submodalities.
The modules focus on powerful advances in NLP, and serve a variety of coaching, therapeutic, educational, business or organizational training objectives. This course invites an overview of NLP Creativity.?? If you are an NLP practitioner, a coach, communicator, counsellor, an organizational consultant or active in business and wishing to have flexible access to the most current, advanced, and powerful NLP tools for therapy, education or business, ?this training is for you! How do you determine motivation strategies, learning strategies and decision making strategies?
Effective modeling strategies pursue a careful, multi-faceted and sophisticated approach in order to capture expertise and transfer it to others. Discovering the Best Transfer Methods of Expert Models.  This training program is brimming with practical information you can act on immediately.
This program contains a number of techniques useful for professional change-work and personal development.
Copyright 2016 © Erickson International, Erickson College, Erickson Coaching International. Gaining the knowledge of the foundations of NLP and discovering the underlying models that have given rise to this dynamic practice.
Empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you. Becoming an NLP Practitioner will give you the ability to learn many new skills that can be applied to all areas of yours and others' lives.
Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones and use your effective strategies more often. Release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt quickly, and comfortably.
Before attending the live seminar, you study from a specially produced audio-programme and carefully chosen books.
A phobia is an irrational fear, often the result of an early traumatic, highly associated experience.
Everything you need to know about becoming a NLP Master is given to you even before you attend the training. I found Toby and Kate McCartney Training Services to be inspiring, motivating and engaging!
Toby was one of the best speakers I have ever met, perfectly controlling the situation of what follows next with good timing so nobody gets bored making the subject very interesting. I feel like a changed person already and other people have already commented so I look forward to keeping you posted on my adventures and catching up again on the practice groups! Thank you ever so much for the great experience and I wish you both all the best, go on to inspire and change people’s life through your amazing rapport, you love and kindness, you business will grow even more bigger because of who you both are. Each time I attend one of your courses I feel I move forward as a human being – I have come away from this course with many many learnings. Thank you very much for giving me the honour of spending an excellent few days in your company. It was great watching you two working together in such synchronicity and spreading so much positive energy around. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience I have met so many wonderful people including you both.
You both make NLP easy to understand, your care and consideration is much appreciated and your hard work really is noticed, you should both be very proud of what you give to others . I really feel that profound changes have been made to my sense of self in the foundation courses I have attended, and I am really excited about carrying on with the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.
He said that my communication is much clearer, much crisper and that I appear more confident. Hi Toby, You may not remember me but I came to one of your NLP taster weekends a little over a month ago. Having just attending this years Presentation Skills Workshop I’d recommend that anyone who is involved in presenting, managing people or training attends. I would urge anyone to go along on the free seminar if they are even just mildly curious about NLP – it may prove be the most productive weekend they have ever had! I had a lot to thank you for even before any of this Master Practice-Jedi stuff-even happened.

I wanted to share with you that since both your course and your sessions, my light has come on over the weekend after reflecting on the course and using some strategies.
Do you remember my Sales Mastery Modelling Project and the outcome included in there – to achieve my personal annual sales target in 6 months. First of all, Well done if you are choosing Toby and Kate McCartney to take your NLP studies with.
A very warm welcome which dispelled any nerves.Clear explanations, and as a tutor I could see the sessions had been well planned and structured.
You’ve probably heard about the importance of location when it comes to buying or leasing commercial real estate. He teaches so much, and I am continuously using more, new different skills, and information from his seminars I’ve attended—even those from years ago. I realized this morning that for several weeks now, I had been allowing myself to be in the habit of snoozing every morning. For several weeks now, I’ve been hitting the snooze button, waking up, saying to myself, “Ahhhh! Although I knew I was running this voice, I hadn’t realized until this morning that I wasn’t living that aspect of my life as I choose to. So this beautiful Sunday morning, my fabulous wife woke me with a gentle kiss, and the news that breakfast was ready.
Then, I remembered something Richard (Bandler) said in a Design Human Engineering™ seminar (paraphrased): “So when you want to really… really make a difference in your experience, pay attention to the LOCATION of the internal dialogue…” I remember him saying something about the location being among the most important auditory components of experience. And now here I am, typing up this post, having eaten my warm breakfast, enjoying this gorgeous day! This invaluable program will assist you, the Coach, Counsellor, Manager, Consultant or Creator of your own Life to create changes, to influence, inspire and communicate with great effectiveness and a deep sense of integrity for the principles trained in all of Erickson College’s programs. What are the habits and strategies of excellence that you can adapt for yourself and assist your coachee to learn?
It is a nuts and bolts course that successfully combines course content with actual classroom experience. I needed to wait a while with that because the feelings I had after were so strong and overwhelming that I wasn’t sure if I could put anything in words. I appreciated the use of anecdote and humour to support the introduction of NLP and give the theory relevance within the personal and professional setting.
It was a great pleasure and experience to attend the classes, it felt like on a weekend retreat.
I’m so glad to have discovered the wonder that is NLP for so many different reasons and I am very much looking forward to the on-going journey.
I really enjoyed the training, and think that both of you are absolutely fantastic as trainers and individuals.
Many thanks for your help and your understanding – I never feel that any question I ask you will be treated as if it is silly or stupid and I feel that your company is very ethical and caring. Just though I’d drop you a quick line to tell you about something that happened today. No more working for a Corporate and having someone else decide what happens to me or what I do! The visualisation exercise (where we imagined ourselves at a specific time in the future) really resonated with me and so I started to use it immediately. My energies are at a completely different level and I have moved out that dark hole to not only find my old self but a better self.
After all, if customers don’t know where a business is or how to get to it, they are less likely to go there. I was up very late last night working on our upcoming NLP™ Practitioner Training, and immediately told myself that it was Sunday, and I deserved to sleep later. In this segment we do a comprehensive examination of the structure of motivation, the elements of effective decision making, and the core components of effective learning. People are welcome to attend this component of the Master Practitioner Program as a stand alone. We will work with clear pathway determination between Form, Process, Structure, and Context elements. An unwanted negative response to which the client is highly associated and cannot function when experiencing the phobia. If the NLP Practitioner was your Bachelor degree then the Master Practitioner would be your Masters degree.
The NLP Master Practitioner will take you from using NLP as a hobby to turning it into a set of skills that allow you to master your destiny, whether it is for your business or personal use, or both.

Our 3 month Home Learning Programme covers everything you would learn on the live training via fortnightly audio and video tutorials. We are an approved training institute with The Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP). I look forward to coming back to the practice groups and re connecting with you and the other great people that i met on the course. Absolutely fabulous Toby, thank you for new awareness and impetuous to face some significant ghosts.
On the monday (literally the day after the weekend) I applied and got an interview for my dream job. Combine that with the wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience that Michael has and the sheer joy of getting to spend 4 days with a man who is so giving with his time, his tutorage and his friendship.
It comes to me that the best way to possibly express thanks for any of this is just to be as brilliant as I can possibly be at it – whatever it is, you know what I mean! I actually used some clean language in an improvisation for a bank commercial casting this morning – to great success! So just wanted to share this with you as without your support it would not be possible, and of course I want to show off at work all my certificates and say that this is what I was spending my free time on and incorporate my project in Sales Coaching training at work. For me this was very important as I would have found it very difficult emotionally at the moment.
There was a very caring and considerate atmosphere and within two days I had a great feeling of being uplifted.
This was despite the fact that I know how much better I feel throughout the day when I awaken early, and squeeze every second, every moment from each and every day. This course is run as a residential course in Scotland where we can extend our time together and fully immerse ourselves in the learning. These materials are easy to listen to, informative and great fun, and are yours to refer to before and after the training.
We give you access to our online systems where you can listen to our audio tutorials, download our manuals and answer our fortnightly homework questionnaires.
Our programmes lead to certification as a ‘Certified NLP Master Practitioner’ through the AIP.
After the interview I was invited back the next day for a second interview and now in January I will begin work as the one of youngest (according to my new boss) reporters for the Financial Times anywhere in the world. You do not need to know anything about NLP in order to attend, all you need is the willingless to learn and an openess to do so in an environment which is safe, energised and above all fun! It would have been nice to meet your wife, but we had to concentrate so much all the time and you were talking about her a lot, that it’s almost as if we know Kate now, so thank you both very much! Expect to be working closely with other highly motivated and capable practitioners as you master these incredible skills. Sometimes the real ‘break-through’ can happen over a drink in the bar just as often as it does in the classroom!
Once you complete a module, it will be marked by your tutor and feedback will be sent to you.
The NLP gives such powerful tools and techniques itself but the most important- I am so happy that I had a chance to discover them with you.
Take learning to a new level - Spend time in a Tibetan Temple modelling a Buddhist Monk or Nun. When you have completed all of the modules and tasks, we award you with your new qualification as a NLP Master Practitioner. I just thought I’d let you know so that if you wanted to share my story with people thinking about taking your course as it could help them get a sense of the massive and immediate difference it can make. Learn from multiple NLP Master Trainers including  Toby and Kate McCartney and study 'Mindfulness' with Vin Harris , the leader and creator of 'The Mindfulness Association.. I felt the passion and sincerity beaming from you and that is what made these moments so special. The training room, their businesses, family life and forms a key role in their relationship together. Thank you for your kindness, patience, positive attitude, great sense of humour, and for a great fun!
Toby and kate have trained over 10,000 in the art and science of NLP over the last 10 or so years and speak professionally on the subject all over the world.

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