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Ready to explore, learn and share thoughts about NLP…high curiosity level…nice to read insights of others also. The introduction and emphasis on remembering to explore in the elements on defining and exploring to me is so inspiring. I appreciated the focus on curiosity and exploration, the wonder of opening to the mind as a playground of possibility; and the importance of outcomes. I really enjoyed the vastness of the question…”Where else can my mind go?” The concept of thinking of our thoughts as a playground felt very inviting to me. Interesting that a definition for NLP is given, and that is up to the student to develop one during or at the end of the course.
I am more aware of making eye contact or rather looking people in the eye now when I am having a conversation. Calibration, pacing and leading will be excellent skills in having a better understanding if I have built a therapeutic rapport with clients. Anchors are ubiquitous in our lives, and when we play with them, it become so clear as to their being all around us, a part of our everyday lives. The anchoring lesson for me was simply amazing to realize how many anchors we build into our lives without knowing it.
What’s even more fun is that this type of language is all around us, and I caught myself using the meta model to challenge my own test question answers! I love the way Mike integrates the material from the Milton and meta models in this module. Another benefit of our online NLP Practitioner Certification is that you get to work at your own speed, on your own time and with live access to a trainer that you can speak to whenever you need. Once enrolled you’ll create a user account in our online school where you get lifetime access to all of our NLP certification modules and personal development programs.
However, after enrolling, you can also start whenever you like and complete it at your own speed.
When you finish the course we’ll mail you a professional certificate accredited by the International NLP Association via US Mail, at no additional fee. Sensory Acuity: Learn the definition of sensory acuity, the classic NLP skill that you will be using to make unique observations throughout the course. Behavioral Flexibility: This module will increase your awareness and help you identify areas where you are do not have as much choice as you want. Techniques: Discover our unique learning position on NLP techniques so that you can learn them in ways that inspire you to create your own, eventually.
States of Excellence: Another classic NLP concept that drives you to maintain your own best state of mind and body for every situation. VAK Representational Systems: Learn the most influential aspects of non-verbal communication through the visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities. VAK Phrases: Discover the common words and phrases that give away which VAK modality people use. VAK in Problem Solving: Apply your VAK awareness to solve problems in the most effective way for you and help others do the same.
Preferred Rep System Exercise: In this exercise, your preferred mode of communication is revealed, along with that of others. The six elements of non-verbal communication that establish rapport, so you can build a connection quickly with most people.
How to influence with integrity and notice when you have established rapport and trust with another person. Accessing States: Learn the most effective methods for entering any psychological state at will. Anchoring: This classic NLP technique is used to strengthen and stabilize resource states and works like no other psychological intervention. The Anchor Collapse: Uses anchoring to resolve stuck states and problems by automatically applying resources to negative thoughts and emotions. New Behavior Generator: This method combines the power of visualization with the refinement of NLP to make new behaviors simple and build skills quickly.
The NLP Spelling Strategy: This classic NLP strategy is simple to learn and improves spelling quickly and dramatically for those who need it. NLP Motivation Strategies: With the same underlying NLP strategies principles, learn the four negative motivational styles and the solution to each one. The Meta Model is the tool to help yourself and others become aware of the underlying meaning of any vague communication. At the iNLP Center, we have broken the Meta Model down into small chunks that are easy to digest and fun to learn. Exploring Submodalities: Learn how VAK submodalites are the building blocks of subjective experience.
You’ll soon discover that what you are thinking and feeling is not nearly as important as how you are thinking and feeling. The Map Across: The NLP Map Across is a classic submodality invention that allows you to transform any negative state into a resourceful state by shifting the VAK submodalities. The Swish Pattern: This pattern eliminates unwanted habits and behaviors by reversing key thought patterns and simultaneously installing new inspiration into your mind.
Fast Phobia Cure: Another famous NLP technique, the Fast Phobia Cure is a specific submodality process that neutralizes most simple phobias in about 60 seconds.
The Milton Model teaches you the language of influence – how to motivate, inspire and create change just by using words in a chosen pattern. Again, we’ve taken the time to break down these linguistic concepts into easily manageable learning chunks so that the skills can be years without confusion or overwhelm. Process Instructions Exercise: This can be used to inspire automatic change without knowing the content. The As-If Frame Technique: This popular Milton Model method helps people solve problems from a future perspective. NLP Outcome Specification: This comprehensive model asks all the right questions to set anyone up for success in achieving goals or therapeutic outcomes.
A Formula for Manifesting: Whether or not you believe in new age principles, this unique process will guide you through reality-based steps that utilize Outcome Specification and VAK principles to manifest your goals.
The NLP Perceptual Positions Model: In any relationship there exist three points of view, according to classic NLP. With this model, your relationships will become more interesting and problems will seek solutions on their own. Six Step Reframing: This classic NLP intervention has been used by practitioners for decades to create choice where there once was none. Changing your TimeLine: Learn to modify your sense of the past and future in a way that serves you better and help others do the same. Using TimeLine to Change your Future: Use TimeLine to create the future that you want and release the old limitations on your future that you didn’t even know were there! If you are looking for the highest quality and most affordable, accredited NLP Practitioner Certification Online, you have come to the right place. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Participants were asked to complete a survey on how they found the training to determine whether it had helped them to improve key skills and develop new ones, so as to have a positive benefit overall for the performance, management and quality within the organisation. 1.0 IntroductionSenior staff at xxxxxx Community Health Service took part in NLP Business Practitioner Training Courses inMarch, April, May and June 2010.
2.1 Overall ResponseThe overall response from the questionnaires completed by fourteen participants was very positive.
Are serious about learning the skills that will stand you in good stead the rest of your life?
As an NLP Master Practitioner you will advance your skill set and take your knowledge to new heights.
If there was a magic pill that melted fat, built lean muscle, had a phenomenal success rate and no side effects, would you take it? If there is anything right now in your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your finances, that isn’t as successful as you yearn it to be, isn’t as financially abundant, isn’t as joyous or harmonious or as loving, then optimum performance expert “Jonathan Clark” finally shows you individually how to change every element of your experience you want to improve, and actually live the glorious life you deserve and want…often within just days, and then permanently. If you haven’t reached the height of personal fulfilment, relationship intimacy, job or business total satisfaction and financial freedom, there’s only three reasons for it ~ somehow your mind is blocking the natural flow of fulfilment, joy, and wealth that is yours for the taking.

The only thing you have to do is release this latent power – that’s what HGE finally makes realistic for the everyday man and woman. Virtually instantly put behind you crushing disappointment, failures and frustrations that made you seethe. Now, if you’re looking to do an NLP course, there’s a lot of things you’re going to have to think about when you shop around looking for the best package, because there’s a lot to consider as you look at the various deals.
Think about it – in the average day, how much time do you really spend, honestly, in a calm, relaxed, inner-focussed state?  Truthfully?
Imagine if you could free yourself from having to use techniques!  Most NLP trainings teach you the fast phobia cure, reframing, Submodalities, and so on.  But imagine if you could make problems disappear, in yourself and others, without having to use any scripts, without even saying a word!  Now that’s real change work. Think about it – with the skills you already have to build rapport, set outcomes, enjoy expanded sensory awareness and change people’s thought, emotions and habits quickly and dramatically, you may have been wondering what else there is to learn? THE TIME LINE THERAPY (R) WEEKEND – In 1985, Dr Tad James applied a therapeutic process to the concept of an internal memory storage system. If you don’t grab this 9 Audio CD Home Study Programme, you’ll never know just how easily and effortlessly you can let go of pain in your past.  You’ll also miss out on the most effective way of manifesting your goals money can buy.  This course, presented live with 2 NLP Trainers, is not available in one weekend anywhere else in the country, and costs over $2,000 in the States! When you do attend this training you’ll be able to not only help other people release their past, you’ll be able to move on to better things yourself! This is a live audio recording conducted by 2 NLP Trainers in Scotland, both trained by Tad James and both members of the Time Line Therapy Association - you hear all of the teaching classes, all of the exercises, AND all of the students’ questions and answers. Hypnosis is a convenient tool that anyone can learn to use IN 2 DAYS, and does not require a therapist, complicated rituals, a pyramid to sit under, membership fees or any other added complications. Imagine what it would be like to take any challenge that you’re facing – in business, relationships, learning, money, health – even sport – imagine what it would be like to make consistent improvements in that area – automatically! Think about it.  Do you regularly feel that you’re up against a stubborn barrier, pounding your head against a solid brick wall?  If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to swim upstream against a raging current, then this will help.
I actually went to Hawaii and was privileged to spend several months being trained in Huna by actual masters themselves – people who had the concealed spiritual, healing and magic teachings passed down from generation to generation.  On my last initiation, I was granted permission to teach these skills and now I’m using modern technology to do that.
In essence, I’m using 21st Century methods to teach ancient psychology and mysticism.  And this is just one of the powerful discoveries I made.
Workshops on Shamanism, Native American and similar kinds of teachings are more popular than ever before. Entering the Dream Time – Native American, Maori in New Zealand, and Aborigine in Australia. In twenty words or less, Huna is the original art and science of healing and spiritual development of the Hawaiian people.
How to activate and dramatically enhance your ability to visualise – Seeing is believing. Hiolani – deep meditation used to boost your ability to focus and concentrate.  Keeps your mind from wandering off what you’re supposed to be doing.  Do you know what I mean? Journey to Your Higher Council – stand before the collective Aumakua (Higher Selves) and ask for their personal guidance & wisdom.  What would you ask them? By the way, if you’re a therapist or counsellor, you can use Huna techniques to assist your clients’ change and evolution.  Wouldn’t it be useful to use energy in such a way that it enhances the other processes in the work that you’re doing with your client?  You’ll see the difference in them! There’s an absolute plethora of little-known debt-busting strategies and wealth-generation tactics, and Jonathan reveals them all in his breakthrough new programme, “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE”. Our unique learning system integrates NLP skills into your daily habits through our unique Stealth Missions and Psyche Builders. Fir some time I have considering to take an NLP class, luckily I have found the iNLP center and this online course.
I have run across NLP at various times in my life, but am now committed to explore the techniques in a concentrated way. I believe that it is important to understand techniques and be able to use them well in order to be able to build upon them. I think that since people learn in different ways, both defining and exploring is critical. I look forward to learning the material, and gaining the kind of excellence I see in folks like Steve Andreas, Steven Heller, Melissa Tiers, and others who have impressed me so much with the ease, spontinaity, and fluidity of their techniques. It makes me think that the course wants me to think…!!At first I wasn’t sure how this applied to my current circumstances or why it mattered what processing system another person thinks in aside from using the correct metaphors when telling a story or delivering a pitch, however, I have experienced just the simple practice of watching someones eyes to determine eye cues gets the attention of the person you are talking to and tells them that you are interested in what they are saying, this is a first step at building rapport. This was a very interesting chapter that I hope to gain more practice with in coming months. After listening to audio files A,B ,C and D, I can “see” how important it is to go into the field and exercise for a while before going on… This course is brought in way as if we are communicating in real. It will be interesting to observe predicate phrases to see if they are congruent with eye accessing cues. Whenever I hear a discussion of NLP and in particular generating rapport, I also hear the question regarding whether or not this is ethical. I find myself getting annoyed or bored by people who are not speaking on my same passionate wavelength about subjects that really interest me.
I often have clients tell me that my voice is very soothing and that they feel more relaxed when they are in my office.
This information is so simple and so powerful it should be available in a basic for to high school students in order to help them be better prepared to face college or the job market.
This is such an easy skill to learn, and it creates so much change, that it alone can make massive shifts in our lives.
Learning to identify them, change them, expand our options, and generate new options for ourselves and those around us, is extremely powerful and very exciting. This helps habituate the ability to counter one model with the other to help others by knowing when to be specific and when to be vague. This more than anything else has helped me to galvanize my outcomes and I’m really excited about it.
I have used this process to clarify several of my goals — and have already been successful at them! The videos really brought the lesson together, and were a model I used for the Stealth Mission. The perspective, fluidity, and structural way of viewing others and the world will change your life forever. Exploring NLP: This rare learning perspective will establish the most productive frame of mind for learning in a way that leads to continual discovery.
When you notice this deeply unconscious pattern, you’ll know more about how people think than others realize is possible. This exercise is among the most popular in our course, as it reveals the thought structure of optimism and pessimism. Using VAK skills learned in earlier modules, a new world of thought processes will unfold before you.
A new world of inner processes is explored that determines how decisions are made, specifically. Within minutes, you’ll learn how to quickly get to the heart of the matter in any interaction, including those within your own mind. Most people can answer the question, “What are you thinking?” Fewer people can answer, “How are you thinking it?” This is the difference that makes all the difference!
Not only will your rigid patterns of behavior be interrupted, you’ll also find the motivation to change them with this technique. It is patterned after the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson, MD, known as the most influential practitioner of medical hypnosis in modern history. In other words, you can guide someone choose a problem and solve it out knowing what they are working on. Guide someone into the future where they can learn how they overcame any difficulty, then bring them back to the present with new insight that leads to change. You’ll learn the common pitfalls among people who do not do well accomplishing goals and how to get the right information to begin any journal toward greater success. All you need to do is know what position you are in and then get information from the other positions.
You’ll use this method to change unwanted habits, feelings and all manner of rigid thoughts and behaviors – even physical symptoms yield to the six-step reframe. Join thousands of students from around the world who have found the iNLP Center’s NLP Practitioner Training to be the most comprehensive, yet easy to learn program around.

The questionnaire was designed by the course provider, Fiona Campbell Consultancy, and has been analysed in-house by Children’s Community Health Service part of xxxxxx. Twenty-six staff attended the two courses in total.An audit has been undertaken using a mixed methodology to understand the effects of NLP training acrossxxxxx.
Nearly two thirds, 64%, strongly agreed that the training gave them a healthier self-belief, whilst only one respondent disagreed that this was the case.There was only one respondent who strongly disagreed with one of the resilience andcomposure benefits, claiming that they had not experienced a positive impact at home as well aswork after completion of the training.
Stand above your competition, learn how to be a expert communicator, learn why people do and say the things they do and take control of your life.
Deepening your level of understanding of the nervous system will not only benefit and empower you on a personal basis but will do so for your clients too.
Right now as you’re reading this, every unlimited ability to be exactly the person you want to be, achieve exactly the achievements you’re setting your sights on, experience the most loving relationships, and manifest exactly the abundance of money that you desire and that will entirely change your life through true financial freedom, already resides at the core of your being.
The result was a collection of techniques which produces long-lasting transformation very quickly-faster than what is currently called Brief Therapy. More and more businesses are asking for coaching and the growth of coaching companies is dramatically increasing. And as your internal map of the world improves, so does reality on the outside, and you will attract more of the opportunities, people and coincidences that you want, then this might be the most important message  you’ll ever read.
The difference between the “showbiz entertainment” stage show hypnosis that you’re bound to have seen, (usually raucous, fun, shocking and done for show) and Hypnotherapy (safe, healthy, quiet, relaxed done for life enhancement). How to bring your 2 minds into harmony so you can achieve more, and faster than ever before.
Why you don’t need to relive past unpleasant experiences in order to correct the results they created and let them go once and for all.
You might have spotted that in the last 20 years more and more people have studied these traditions. Equivalent to Ki (as in Aikido), Chi (as in Tai Chi) or Shakti or Prana in the Sanskrit language. It’s not for everyone, but it is for those who want to discover who you are and the truth about the world you live in.
These techniques are so simple, I am excited to share what I have learned and to continue learning how to improve myself. I also love how you went through the self-sabotage in the video – it is so good to be aware of what can hold us back. I am excited to find that Mike’s interpretation follows a dynamic qualitative approach instead of a linear, model-centric, reductionistic philosophy. Defining is the diving board from which to spring, exploring the depth of water to which the person wishes to dive. As well as by learning the correct modality that someone processes in will help us to adjust our own pace and wording when responding earning an almost instant connection. Because I engage in a more subjective, qualitative analysis, the techniques of NLP will give my research a more rounded approach and interpretation.
I also feel intimidated and repressed by those who are speaking passionately about subjects that do not interest me.
I am wondering if this could be in part because they are following my breathing, posture and pace of my words when in session. He’s right, though a clumsy name, “Unspecified Referential Index”, that is a distinction I haven’t seen anyone else explain better than Mike does in this module. The work you guys put into making this so clear and logical has paid off, and every bit of this made great sense!
Enabling you to really dig deep and clarify what you really want and as to whether it really is important enough to work on. This allows you to analyze decisions like never before and implement solid decision making processes into your life. Once understood, you can rearrange you inner world in the same way you’d rearrange building blocks. NLP Master provides you with even more techniques to create the ultimate change, delivering you and your clients into the world of your dreams.
These powerful Time Line Therapy™ techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behaviour.
If you already know NLP you already have some of the most powerful coaching techniques available today. My name is Jonathan Clark, and you are hereby invited on a unique 2 day initiation in the master system of them all – learn the secret techniques used by all gurus and magical orders – Huna.
It’s all about making connections with sources of Mana, and there are loads of ways to do that.
I can really see how this is going to be helpful in building a therapeutic relationship with clients.
It’s a great point, because understanding rapport and using it well really is akin to learning and speaking a foreign language. I will try to notice my avoidance behaviors and replace them with rapport building communication. Someone who creates limiting generalizations about themselves, their capabilities, and potential, can stunt their own development (or that of others, if directed outwardly) without even understanding what they are doing. I made a significant change in the way I experience the future on my timeline, and I’m convinced that will make a huge difference in my work and life. Create the state of mind you want, at any time, regardless of what you happen to be thinking or feeling. You can be one of the first people to get access to this programme in this format… This isn’t just another diet book. Yet, it is within the quality of questions we ask ourselves and others that we can truly expand our horizons. I love knowing I not only can, but should, explore and modify the techniques I’m going to learn! To get that motivation resource, fill it in our body, then step into a circle of radiant light where we become pure motivation and anytime we want that feeling again, can simply step into that circle of pure motivational energy and have it available to us anytime we need it.
The Meta Model can easily help us to identify just what is missing and prompt us to fill in the blanks, making a more defensible, useful statement. The questionnaire was designed by the courseprovider, Fiona Campbell Consultancy, and has been analysed in-house by Children’s Community Health Servicepart of xxxxxx.
Now I’m the introverted scholar type – I’ve spent YEARS studying and using this stuff so you don’t have to.
As I’ve trudged through my own journey, I’ve collected a big toolbox of fast and painless ways to help people burn fat and build lean muscle, packaged into a 90 day challenge that can bring your ‘sexy’ back. Optimise the years you have left and add a few more for good measure. Think about it – which part of your body would you like to change? Is it your waistline, your bum, your muffin top, your love handles, your thighs, do you have bingo wings?
Or is it your entire body that you’re unhappy with? I know how confusing the whole weight loss field can be – that’s why I took everything I know and put it all in one place. That doesn’t work – I know that, and if you’re honest you know that too. Fast weight loss is an inside out job – calorie counting, diet plans and numbers on the scales are all outside of you. The truth is it’s what you believe and feel on the inside about food and exercise that determines how your body looks. This book gives you a simple system that you can use right now to burn the fat off, tighten up that bit there and build some lean muscle so you look great, have more energy and live longer. It’s a proven 90 day weight loss and fitness Challenge based on 22 years of combining exercise, nutrition and self-hypnosis to transform your body. I challenge Scots to lose 10 lbs of fat, or gain 10 lbs of muscle even if nothing has worked in the past. It means I can teach you how slim people think about food, what slim people do to stay slim. Thank you, Jonathan, for helping me lose weight and giving me the confidence that I stick to it.

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