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You’ve probably heard about the importance of location when it comes to buying or leasing commercial real estate.
He teaches so much, and I am continuously using more, new different skills, and information from his seminars I’ve attended—even those from years ago. I realized this morning that for several weeks now, I had been allowing myself to be in the habit of snoozing every morning. For several weeks now, I’ve been hitting the snooze button, waking up, saying to myself, “Ahhhh! Although I knew I was running this voice, I hadn’t realized until this morning that I wasn’t living that aspect of my life as I choose to.
So this beautiful Sunday morning, my fabulous wife woke me with a gentle kiss, and the news that breakfast was ready.
Then, I remembered something Richard (Bandler) said in a Design Human Engineering™ seminar (paraphrased): “So when you want to really… really make a difference in your experience, pay attention to the LOCATION of the internal dialogue…” I remember him saying something about the location being among the most important auditory components of experience. And now here I am, typing up this post, having eaten my warm breakfast, enjoying this gorgeous day! When you understand the core skills of NLP you will then begin to appreciate how the mind functions.
In today’s competitive environment, companies of all sizes need to be forward thinking about their future survival and success. Using organisational goals, we will go through a process of aligning the individual’ potential in order to maximise the learning experiences for all involved. Values motivate you to act, perform and behave in a certain way and are important to the way you live and work.
Values will also help you develop leaders, apply your core values to marketing and sales, creating speeches and presentations that seduce the audience and anchor positive feelings.
Elicit and install hidden embedded messages (this persuasive technique is so powerful that we will also cover the ethics of using this tool appropriately). At the moment this training is only available as an in-house training, contact us about the best training for you. If you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. Integral NLP at Erickson College is based upon the perception that an underlying structural integrity and order exists at the deepest level of human experience, and that this integrity manifests in the form, the structures, the processes and the contents of our actions, relationships, abilities and effective learning. Many people experience creativity as an elusive mysterious gift that you either have or you don’t – rather than a set of skills that can be transferred and managed systematically and explicitly. The program provides a flexible Master Practitioner approach to training based on five core component areas: values and value development, expert performance modelling, pattern elicitation strategy and strategic abundance, exploration of advanced language patterns, and advanced submodalities.
The modules focus on powerful advances in NLP, and serve a variety of coaching, therapeutic, educational, business or organizational training objectives.
This course invites an overview of NLP Creativity.?? If you are an NLP practitioner, a coach, communicator, counsellor, an organizational consultant or active in business and wishing to have flexible access to the most current, advanced, and powerful NLP tools for therapy, education or business, ?this training is for you! How do you determine motivation strategies, learning strategies and decision making strategies? Effective modeling strategies pursue a careful, multi-faceted and sophisticated approach in order to capture expertise and transfer it to others. Discovering the Best Transfer Methods of Expert Models.  This training program is brimming with practical information you can act on immediately.

This program contains a number of techniques useful for professional change-work and personal development. Copyright 2016 © Erickson International, Erickson College, Erickson Coaching International. A Licensed Practitioner of NLP is someone who has achieved the ability to utilise the attitude, methodology and applications of NLP.
On completion of this course your will have a good understanding of the foundation and key skills, concepts and methodology of NLP. This is my flagship NLP training, with over a decades experience I have run over 50 NLP Practitioner trainings. The NLP Practitioner training is the first step on your journey into NLP, it will be taught the core methodology of NLP and given plenty of time to practice and develop your skills. ONLY ?1499 including VAT, certification fee, extra special bonuses and all course fees (?1249.17 excl VAT). My flagship NLP Practitioner training now runs over  7 days split into two  modules to gain the balance between totally emersing you in the skills and behaviours of NLP and allowing you to easily fit it around your life.
Additional learning materials; NLP Exercise eManual, Advanced Language Pattern Flashcards and the LIttle eBook of NLP Techniques. On successful completion of the course you will be award certification as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP and 3 months professional membership with the ANLP. You can book online via credit card utilising PayPal, or, if you would prefer to pay via BACS, company invoice or any alternative method, please click here to download a pdf booking form to complete, along with details of payment.
If you have any questions at all, or want to discuss this training in more detail, please click here to contact me for more information, or call 0845 3 626277.
Now whatever word or feelings pops into my conscious mind from my unconscious, I roll with it. Use your own words, but also step into the map of the audience and the person you are writing the speech for. How Do You Turn from a Negative Thinker Into A Positive Thinker With Neuro-Linguistic Programming? After all, if customers don’t know where a business is or how to get to it, they are less likely to go there. I was up very late last night working on our upcoming NLP™ Practitioner Training, and immediately told myself that it was Sunday, and I deserved to sleep later. Your bespoke training is designed around your organisation or business using cutting edge psychological techniques. This will then provide you with a greater awareness of the behaviour of your staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers. People are therefore the greatest asset and it wise to invest in them to ensure that they perform at their very best. Using a combination of experiential and a pragmatic approach to learning will provide delegates with a balance of presentation, demonstration and opportunity to practice putting into action.
Only once a company clearly understands what drives the business will, owners, managers and employees be motivated to facilitate achievement and fulfillment in the lives of those connected with that business.
This invaluable program will assist you, the Coach, Counsellor, Manager, Consultant or Creator of your own Life to create changes, to influence, inspire and communicate with great effectiveness and a deep sense of integrity for the principles trained in all of Erickson College’s programs. What are the habits and strategies of excellence that you can adapt for yourself and assist your coachee to learn?

It is a nuts and bolts course that successfully combines course content with actual classroom experience. Certification is not awarded for attendance only and delegates must demonstrate a suitable level of skill and competence. With over a decade of experience of NLP training, I have a track record of delivering high quality courses. Unlike many NLP training companies we are certified to train NLP by Dr Richard Bandler one of the co-creators of NLP and the leading innovator in the field. No other NLP training course currently offers the additional bonuses and added value that I do, including additional learning materials and follow up coaching and support. We write metaphors as part of NLP training all the time, and the best ones are the ones that aren’t written to impress.
In NLP Practitioner training you learned several ways to do this, even fixing a phobia for public speaking! Or if it is for a funeral, step into a spot of giving the other person meaning, or of offering compassion for the family. This was despite the fact that I know how much better I feel throughout the day when I awaken early, and squeeze every second, every moment from each and every day. You can also choose to include nationally recognised qualifications for your staff from the Institute of Leadership and Management. Consequently, you will then be well equipped to change those habits or behaviours that are holding your team back and having a detrimental effect on your business. So you can understand the dire consequences if they are not aligned – ignore this at your peril. In this segment we do a comprehensive examination of the structure of motivation, the elements of effective decision making, and the core components of effective learning.
People are welcome to attend this component of the Master Practitioner Program as a stand alone. We will work with clear pathway determination between Form, Process, Structure, and Context elements. You will learn NLP the way it is meant to be taught, with plenty of examples, stories and practical exercises to embed your new skills, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You will be awarded with certification from the SNLP and gain professional membership of the ANLP. In some cases additional training or experience may be requested before the qualification is awarded. With small groups and personal attention, you will have the time and support to get the most out of this NLP course. The point is to keep people alert enough, so be sure to add in some meta model type specifics. Business leverage.Achieving greater success by leveraging the performance of your people in a wide range of services, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Manufacturing. But where I would say I learned the most, is from my NLP training students who give a speech at the end of class or write metaphors for other students.

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