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TASK ONE REPORTWRITTEN BY GILLIAN BAILEYCommunication is the basis of all human interaction. When speaking to another person, or addressing large crowds, the words you choose are not the only important factors. You must be careful with your non-verbal communication choices because they can either reinforce your verbal communication, or completely contradict what you are saying. Our Speech Pathologist, Dietitian and Skincare Nurse offer 15min free health screening consults. Master your non-verbal communication skills because recognizing them can make or break your ability to advance in your career. Though the study of human behavior is a challenging area to be precise in, what we can conclude is the importance of identifying and understanding the types of non-verbal communication in the workplace. Knowing how individuals on your team express non-verbal cues of comprehension or agitation will help you overcome barriers.
It is clear that within the chain outlined above, there are many chances to misinterpret or completely miss a “non-verbal signal”. In MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab, Sandy Pentland, PhD determined the value of face-to-face conversation.
He recognizes that valuable sources of connections and new information is available online but sharing unofficial knowledge (such as employees explaining how they really feel about a problem) often means speaking directly to one another.
Understanding the unique and varying ways people communicate non-verbally will increase your ability to recognize issues before they are vocally expressed.
Knowing the non-verbal cues that indicate trust can help you be more successful in establishing good relations with customers and fellow employees. Having the technology in place that allows you to stay connected to your team and customers both over the phone and through videoconferencing will help you be more innovative and productive.
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It is our pleasure to bring you the finest communications solutions custom-built for the needs and requirements of your organization to help you collaborate better with your clients and within internal teams. During this task the year eleven drama class developed communication skills and we learnt to apply them in dramatic performance.
This is the actual spoken words that you use either when speaking to someone directly, or when speaking through a medium such as the telephone.

This communication involves your body language, gestures, facial expressions, and even the tone of voice that you use.
For example, if you are fidgeting and not making eye contact while you are speaking, the speaking may not find you confident in the point that you are making. The body language and tone of voice that you use can mean the difference between having no body believe your words, or becoming a hugely motivational speaker. Therefore knowing the defining elements of non-verbal communication should be cornerstone to those in an organization that face customers. Implementing higher person-to-person interaction between employees in a German Bank, MIT labs, and an IT consulting firm lead to higher productivity. Communication has allowed us the means to share knowledge, spread ideas and record thousands of years of history. Verbal communication should have qualities such as, audibility, clarity, fluency, flexibility and control, appropriate to a certain character. The best way to be sure you are representing your thoughts and feelings accurately are to understand the ways in which non-verbal communication can affect your verbal communication.
This can be either a one-on-one conversation with someone, a speech in front of a crowd, or a presentation that you are giving at work or school.
These actions show the listeners the emotions, thoughts, and confidence that you have behind the words. If you wink while you are speaking, your listener might think that your words have a completely different meaning.
For example, if you are planning on giving a rousing public address to the people of Sydney, you better have the right confidence and emotions in your voice and body language to inspire the crowd or your words will fall on deaf ears. Passionate about health and wellbeing, we write about issues relevant to our clinical practice. Furthermore, face-to-face verbal communication is inherently important to any type of organization.
This is an easy communication solution that most organizations can implement; it is proven to have a positive effect on productivity and can affect the sense of community people have at work.
Non –Verbal communication involves a controlled use of space and physical discipline, relevant to the character which should help to convey an appropriate mood and atmosphere. Albert Mehrabian’s “Silent Messages”, several studies confirm that only 7% of messages are conveyed through words, 55% through non-verbal elements, and 38% from certain vocal elements.

Interaction with people has an important role in the transmission of information that makes individuals productive. Together, improvements on these two areas alone can lead to numerous gains for the organization as a whole. As communication is such a crucial aspect of living, the community needs to have a complete sense of both verbal and non-verbal communication to encode and decode messages. Understanding how people express various forms of non-verbal communication will help you overcome challenges in the workplace and recognize growth opportunities. If you have a large office or are on the go, technology should be in place that enables you to move from a phone conversation to a video call, seamlessly. Making sure your office has the infrastructure in place that enables collaboration and open communication is essential.
In particular, drama students should have a complete understanding and knowledge of communication in order to develop a characters' usage of these qualities. Pentland’s studies extend to cell phone usage patterns for entire cities; he concludes that communities with frequent phone calls (from inside and outside the area) had a higher per-capita gross domestic product and Gini coefficients.
Those who communicate well, not only get the job done, but they are more innovative and connected to the overall problem at hand.
This creates sub-text, which ultimately constructs a motive or message one would wish to obtain from that sentence.
These include, physical barriers, misinterpretation of the message and lack of interest in the content of message.Our task was to improvise a scene in a character we had been given the day before.
Jody, the character I was given was a teenager having experienced emotional turbulance after a family breakdown. She had developed a bizarre habit of singing to herself and had moved schools because of this. To create this character, I used both Stanislavski and Laban's theories, as well as other excersises.

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