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The Certificate in Nonprofit Management at the University of Tampa is a graduate-level educational opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skills of current and emerging nonprofit executives. Certificate candidates will be immersed in a life-changing experience with other organizational leaders and future leaders.
Applications for the Class of 2017 (beginning in May of 2016) must be submitted by March 1, 2016. Tuition for the Nonprofit Management Certificate program is $558 per credit hour, and 12 credit hours are required for completion. Scholarships are available; the process is competitive and scholarships are not guaranteed. Alumni gatherings after you complete your certification will expand your professional network and your ability to call on experts across Tampa Bay for advice, collaborations, and more! With more than 140 degrees to choose from, UALR offers its students the opportunity to learn from top-ranked faculty and provides invaluable internship opportunities in several in-demand career fields.
Before you start in the spring semester, come to Trojan orientation on Thursday, January 7.
UALR Trojans compete in 14 varsity sports as a full-time member of the Sun Belt Conference and an affiliate member of the Missouri Valley Conference. The Community Connection Center represents a vital part of UALR's mission - building high-impact programs and partnerships that inspire students to become active citizens, change agents and leaders in our community. The Emerging Analytics Center propels economic development with data solutions and visualizations. UALR is a metropolitan research university that provides accessibility to a quality education through flexible learning and unparalleled opportunities. The nonprofit management graduate certificate is a 18-hour graduate level certificate program designed specifically to improve the management skills of persons working in all sizes and areas of nonprofit organizations. Other electives may be added with prior approval from the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management Coordinator.
Graduate certificates, which generally require around one-half as many hours as a master’s degree, are one of the fastest growing components of graduate education.

Learn to Influence, Manage and Lead More Effectively With a Certificate From Notre Dame – 100% Online! Contrary to popular belief, charitable and not-for-profit agencies can compete for the best of the best in the employee pool.
Six principles that tap into human nature can be the foundation to obtain the desired results in any negotiation. Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, empathy and the ability to be inspirational and persuasive. Finding your competitive advantage involves knowing your company, customers and competition to pinpoint what sets you apart. In today's global workforce it is imperative for management to have the skills to build effective teams in diverse business settings.
A lack of cultural awareness and knowledge will limit a company's ability to develop its global business. Ever-shrinking funding sources and heightened competition have made proficiency in fundraising a top priority. Having a leader who can assess and manage a constantly changing environment, as well as mobilize and direct resources effectively is a game changer for nonprofit organizations. Three eight-week courses provide valuable insight and instruction from some of today’s most successful nonprofit leaders. This program is ideal for emerging and established nonprofit professionals who want to build and hone their nonprofit leadership and management capabilities, make more informed business decisions and overcome the challenges that confront today’s nonprofit leaders.
As a student in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance certificate program, you'll have the opportunity to receive real-world training in an in-depth internship, gain experience in program planning and fundraising through the campus AH organization, and take courses designed to prepare you for work in the nonprofit sector. Seminars are generally held in May and August of the first calendar year and January and May of the second; candidates should be able to spend two weeks in a calendar year away from their offices for the seminars. The program presents the basic components of nonprofit management, the history of the field, human resources, financial management, fundraising, communications and public relations, and program planning and evaluation. There are two required courses and four elective courses that may be selected from a group of classes.

They provide the opportunity to specialize in a particular subject area through a shorter, more focused program of study. That’s because when confident, business-savvy leadership is paired with altruistic goals, the nonprofit narrative evolves, donor relationships are solidified, and social entrepreneurship thrives. You’ll learn the fundamentals of nonprofit leadership and management, including leadership styles, nonprofit marketing, program evaluation, nonprofit law and more. It is also beneficial for individuals looking to transition to and within the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a national alliance of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations that educates, prepares, and certifies the next generation of nonprofit leaders. In a few cases, some of the certificate hours can be applied to a further master’s degree.
As one example, the transition from a tobacco-based economy to a “pharmaceutical crescent” will demand a workforce with different training, she said.Wells Fargo donated $100,000 for Parke and two other nonprofit leaders in the 29-county eastern region to attend the Executive Certificate program, held Oct.
Develop this level of excellence in nonprofit leadership by completing Notre Dame’s 100% online Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management program.
You’ll examine nonprofit governance and board management, including key legal, accounting, communication and fundraising components.
National nonprofit partner represent an excellent job market for people who wish to work in the social sector.
Other nonprofit leaders in the region will have the same opportunity next year.Parke says the insights she gained, especially about social enterprises, will help her encourage more collaboration between nonprofits and area colleges.

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nonprofit leadership certificate programs texas

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