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Patricia Campbell of Coleman claimed a $1 million prize in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game $1,000,000 Instant Cashout. A scratch-off top prize win has given a College Station resident 2.5 million reasons to celebrate. Alma CC JV, Robert Kyle Wilson, Manager, of Ennis, claimed a $500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast scratch-off second tier prize winning ticket worth $1 million. Dallas resident Christopher Goskie claimed a $2.6 million top prize after winning the Texas Lottery scratch-off game, Bonus Weekly Grand.
Kenneth Earl Pittman of San Antonio claimed a Super Weekly Grand top prize worth $5,000 per week for 20 years, a total of $5.2 million.
Liliana Garcia of Pasadena claimed a $200,000,000 Cash Blowout top prize winning ticket worth $1,000,000.

Richard J McQuone of Hickory Creek purchased a 20X Ca$h ticket and scratched his way to a $1 million prize. Mesquite resident Shilithia Roberson is a fan of Texas Lottery scratch-offs and plays them regularly. The lucky holder of last night’s jackpot-winning ticket chose the cash value option and has 180 days to claim the prize.
Frausto of Amarillo claimed a top prize worth $1 million in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game Money Money Millioniare. Crittenden of Springtown claimed a second-tier Powerball prize worth $1 million for the drawing held Jan. Kempel of San Antonio claimed a top prize worth $7.5 million in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game Diamond Dollars.

Brackett of Fort Worth has claimed a second-tier Mega Millions prize worth $1 million for the drawing held on May 12, 2015.
Rohrbach Jr, Trustee, of Houston claimed the $33 million annuitized jackpot for the June 27 Mega Millions drawing.

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north carolina state lottery pick 3

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