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Two fantastic tales of friendship from Marissa Moss’s bestselling Amelia series are paired together in this bind-up.
Two popular titles from Marissa Moss’s bestselling Amelia series join together in one fantastic bind-up. Amelia’s Cross-My-Heart, Hope-to-Die Guide to the Real, True You!A Note from the Author - Amelia!
Amelia’s Middle School Survival GuideNow you can get two books in one -- that's double the fun! Amelia’s Must-Keep Resolutions for the Best Year Ever!"I really want to celebrate the New Year, so here's a whole notebook full of New Year ideas.
PLUS: Share the good fortune with your friends -- just tear out the fortune-tellers included inside!
The All-New AmeliaThe new girl, Charisse, seems so perfect that Amelia wants to be just like her. Amelia’s 5th-Grade NotebookJoin Amelia on a year full of fifth-grade adventures, from stealing the show in the Thanksgiving play, to unravelling a Valentine's mystery, to being a junior bridesmaid! When Amelia and her big sister, Cleo, are stuck together in the backseat of a car for a family road trip, there are fights, plenty of sights, and Amelia's best friend, Nadia, at the end of the road! School can be hazardous to your health, but not when you have Amelia's tips for surviving homework, teachers,and even cafeteria food!
Amelia’s Boredom Survival Guide: First Aid for Rainy Days, Boring Errands, Waiting Rooms, Whatever!
While waiting for her sister's medical appointment, a bored Amelia creates a handwritten book of fifty suggestions for passing the time. The hand-lettered contents of a nine-year-old girl's notebook, in which she records her thoughts and feelings about moving, starting school, and dealing with her older sister, as well as keeping her old best friend and making a new one. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
If you’ve never had any place to put all those things, most likely you will put it in your brain.
It’s a waste of time and energy to keep thinking about something that you make no progress on. Journaling To Done, or I call it JTD, is a system that I implement to work effectively as a software developer. For JTD, I will suggest to use a note-book with separate left column (see the image besides). The left column is needed for you to draw symbols that you will recognize with a glance looking back at your journal.

As you start writing, you might remember things that are not supposed to get your attention. As you see, all of them are distractions, things that can steal us from our focus and productivity. If you think that putting bookmarks is troublesome and untidy, an alternative is creating table of contents with the post-it notes. Write the reference in a post-it note, so that you can always organize that reference later, paste it on different part of the note-book. You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
I do something like this just in my daily work notes, but I use letters for various meanings in my margins.
In her graduation yearbook, drawings and "photos" nostalgically recap her earlier years and notebooks as Amelia figures out how to face the changes ahead.
In "Amelia’s BFF", Amelia is excited for Nadia, her BFF from back in California, to meet Carly, her BFF in Oregon. It is also my tips on personal excellence, a contribution to Luciano’s Personal Excellence Project. You can create your own symbols and add more of them as you start writing and find the need.
And you might find a need to refer back to this page to know what symbols you have created. Flow with your thought, write down all the considerations you have, and you will see how things not as complex as you think it is.
If you have written something important in your journal, you may want to refer back to it again some other day.
Even if you don’t put page number on your journal, you can always refer the notes with the date you wrote them.
It can be on the first page, together with the legends, front or back cover of the note-book, or anywhere else within or outside the book where you can find them easily. It may have to work together with other of your GTD system, such as calendar or to-do list program.
It helps you make a complicated decision in your mind into clear options for easier decision making.
Enjoy the process, be experimental and do share with us if you find some tweaking to improve the process. And in Amelia’s Guide to Babysitting, Amelia and Carly decide to start a babysitting service, and when they meet their first charges, they realize they are in for quite an adventure!

Amelia’s itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito plus Amelia’s Longest Bigest, Most-Fights-Ever, Family Reunon in one book! To answer these questions and more, gaze into Amelia's notebook to discover what the future may hold for you. With a reliable system, we can let go our mind to focus only on one thing at a time, which is the next action of what we can do now. It’s a tool for me to record the assumptions, the thinking process, the decisions, things I have to do, and things I learned all in one journal.
Journaling is for your own consumption, so don’t get caught up too much by grammar or sentence structure. When it’s something you need to remember or refer back, you can always use highlighter to help you identify them.
With the assumptions you make, the idea you have, the consideration on all the options, they should lead you to the next action you can do. If you have written lots of pages within the day, put the page number starting from the journal you have on that day.
Consider how it can help you to make decision, identify next actions or tasks to complete, write down info you need to refer back, or learn from your mistakes and not to repeat it again. Express your emotion, fear, hatred, or whatever it is while you’re writing, seek deeper motive, and love yourself back again. Alternatively, if it’s something important, you can always gather it back and paste it somewhere else. For example, page number 1127-05 means that the info can be found in fifth page of 27th November journal. This will make some grounds for your decision and actions that you can explain to your boss, your team, your friend, or even yourself.
Journal with a purpose and enjoy the process, don’t let JTD burden you with another task you have to do. After you identify them, you need to drop your pen, leave JTD, and start doing what you need to do, now! You can always end with a motivational message for yourself, quoting a verse from bible or that wise and encouraging quote you remember.

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