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The Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute consists of a 5-day residential, inter-professional leadership Institute with a structured virtual follow up that spans several months.
The Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute brings together health care leaders from across Canada at the Bank of Montreal’s Institute for Learning for a concentrated program of study of leadership principles, models, behaviours, skills, and tools.
The Dorothy Wylie Health Leadership Institute (DWHLI) is introducing a new and significant partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). The institute is a unique Canadian leadership program that brings together health-care leaders from all disciplines across the country for a concentrated study of leadership principles, models, skills and tools.

DWHLI has chosen to work with CNA, the national professional association of registered nurses, because its program will be an excellent companion to CNA’s existing suite of professional development offerings, including continuing competencies, advanced practice support and specialty certification.
Work is already underway to deliver the 2016 program jointly, with the first offering in October (details to follow).
Established more than 15 years ago, the program offers a refined, highly-specialized and interactive leadership learning experience. In its 111-year history, CNA has demonstrated a sincere commitment to health-care leadership, and now it will connect more professionals from across Canada to the institute’s innovative work.

Both organizations look forward to this dynamic collaboration for the advancement of health leadership. By working together, the two organizations will extend the reach of the institute’s program, explore new blended learning approaches and integrate advanced technology to enhance participation.

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nursing leadership development goals list

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