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Since its inception in 1995, CBS Security & Remote Monitoring Limited [CBS] has become a respected provider of Security Services to a wide range of corporate Clients, building an unparalleled reputation for delivering a range of services to the highest professional standards.
The operations of CBS are centred on the fields of electro-technical and physical security systems installations together with the provision of security personnel for concierge, manned guarding and related activities.
Implicit within our operations is the inter-relationship between the manned guarding sector and the operation and use of increasingly sophisticated forms of electronic security. CBS is also accredited by the SSAIB in respect of their activities in the sectors covering Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control together with Static Guarding and Mobile Patrols. CBS Remote Monitoring holds approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding and key holding services.
Construction sites, Demolition sites, Industrial sites, Warehouses, residential complexes, Installations ,offices and buildings which are vulnerable to break-ins or trespass are some of the clients we provide a static guard. All our personnel receive ongoing training to fully comply with SIA requirements and recognised industry standards, such as BSIA, NVQ’s for Security Industry Authority (SIA). Our Store detectives can deal with all aspects of retail security, whether shoplifting, internal pilferage or staff security . Mcpear Security will tailor an appropriate Loss Prevention and Control Programme that widens the traditional scope of retail security to encompass risk importation and associated asset misappropriations.
We have every confidence in our Door Supervisors to perform their duties to the highest level when working for you. All McPear dogs receive regular training and continuous ongoing assessment with their handlers.

We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week key holding service to both commercial and residential properties, we are on duty 24 hours a day to deal with any emergency that requires access to your property. During lock up our officers patrol your premises to ensure everything is intact including locking all the windows and ensuring fire exits are all secure.
James Davis Regional Facilities ManagerI'm really impressed with the teams prompt efficient responses to all requests, professionalism in dealing with the smallest or largest of tasks and the excellent, completion of those tasks.Mr. Anchor Security Services Ltd holds the SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding, CCTV Public Space Surveillance and key holding services.
By providing quality systems, at the right value-engineered level, we have succeeded in establishing an ever expanding Client base. This comes from our operatives having strong verbal communication in English, knowing that customer service is paramount and continually remaining professional whilst being vigilant to potentially dangerous situations at all times whilst on duty. We work closely with you to establish what your requirements are, as this is unique from venue to venue.
Our Officers can blend seamlessly with your staff or stand out, be it for reassurance or as a deterrent. Our security dogs and handlers develop close working relationships from guarding, training and living together. We provide lock up services when the last person leaves your premises and also open your premises for business early in the morning. We are well experienced in all areas including, road closures, valet parking and car park marshalling.

Whatever the point of entry, our officers are trained to search people, their bags, their rucksacks and hatchbacks. This results in a formidable team, with our dog handlers specifically selected for their communication and people skills. Assigned to your premises and their surroundings, rotas will keep regular checks on even the most remote corners where trouble can lurk.
Traffic management is undertaken by car park marshals that will utilise the space provided and ensure the smooth arrival of any event that require this service.
Our specially selected staff are approachable and will treat your guests with the highest level of respect at all times.
McPear can provide welcoming and attentive services, for hotel and residential situations, at times to suit you. Car park marshalls will also answer any queries that guests may have on arrival, such as entrance points, duration of stay and relevant event information. McPear Security will install electronic cloaking devices on your premises gives our clients peace of mind knowing the patrol team will log in for every visit made on site.

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nvq security management courses

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