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If you can't find what you're looking for, use the search above and we'll point you in the right direction! Whether you’re taking acting classes, screenwriting, filmmaking, diving in as an intern for the UGP Film Festival Project, or participating in a Youth Improv series, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your semester with NYS3. Often students are too busy preparing for the next moment to listen actively to their fellow students in scene, or to the teacher’s instructions.
About NYS3NYS3 is a New York-style conservatory whose mission is to provide professional, affordable, high-caliber training in every facet of acting including stage, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. Living Stress Free® Psychotherapy, Counseling and Wellness CoachingMarilyn Guadagnino MTBC LCAT is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Board Certified Music Therapist with 26 years experience working in both hospital and community mental health settings where she has practiced individual and group music therapy, counseling and psychotherapy.
She offers traditional psychotherapy (talk therapy), music and sound therapy, short-term counseling sessions and wellness coaching. Instead of trying to change something difficult to deal with, acceptance can be a powerful practice that can lead to spontaneous change. Marilyn has studied and practiced yoga and meditation since 1992, under authentic meditation teachers. In addition, the practice of mindfulness meditation can sometimes bring up unresolved issues and stressors that are difficult to sort out.

The Living Stress Free® Wellness Program is a 7-step guide to not only reducing your stress, but eliminating it. Please notify me 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a session and we will reschedule.
Marilyn and her husband Lou Guadagnino offer workshops, retreats and weekly mindfulness meditation classes to help participants learn and experience formal sitting meditation, formal walking meditation, Nada Relaxation, various forms of yoga and other helpful techniques. Only by pushing the boundaries within and outside ourselves can we change our circumstances. At NYS3, one of the most important lessons each student learns is how to maximize their presence in the moment. Become conscious of your breath and do breathwork exercises to find your voice, posture, and inner focus.
If we learn how to get out of the our own way, nature has an amazing ability to resolve our problems spontaneously. Some examples include working through a recent relationship break-up, practicing mindful eating, increasing confidence to apply for a job interview or auditioning for a desired position. Short term counseling may be a perfect option for understanding and releasing these issues.

Based on the principles of ancient Buddhist and Yogic philosophy, this program will teach you how to access the state of meditation awareness and integrate that state into all aspects of your life: relationships, job, school, recreation, spirituality, physical health, mental health and finances.
This requires first learning how to be vulnerable in that moment, and to be honest with yourself and with your fellow students. Watch a funny YouTube video prior to your classes to help your body and face relax and prepare. A healthy artist makes nutritious food choices, gets a good night’s sleep, drinks plenty of water, and moves the body at least 4-5 times per week. You will learn how to be mindful throughout the day, allowing life to unfold without attachment, aversion or ignorance interfering with your moment by moment awareness.

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