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This course is particularly designed for students and working adults who have completed their SPM and are intending to have necessary skills for jobs in the office administration field. School leavers, Students, working adults, team leaders, supervisors, business owners and anyone interested to gain sound knowledge in administration and accounting. Study and Learn the Certificate in Office Administration and Computing and become a customer service, secretary or receptionist. On the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) Level 3 programme, you will learn how to use Microsoft Office efficiently and learn a broad range of business skills including workplace communication, customer service and administration systems.

Continue your study in this field by staircasing onto our Level 4 Certificate in Office Administration and Computing (Advanced)?. Alternatively, you will have the confidence to study other business and computing programmes offered at Whitireia. Whitireia and WelTec have formed a strategic partnership to developa network of tertiary learning throughout the Wellington region. The syllabus covers all essential subjects required for clerical, admin, accounts or payroll staff .

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office administration courses durban

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