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A plan to lose weight or start a fitness program can be stymied before you even start if it seems too difficult to do.
Move your body! To help expedite the weight loss and build strength, stamina and fitness levels for the long term, simply move your body 50% more than you have been.
If you normally walk for 30 minutes a day, starting walking for 45 minutes, then eventually build up to an hour, and pick up the speed. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives.

However, 10 pounds still sounds like a lot and we might be tempted to keep putting off getting started. Studies show that people who do, have a less than 10% chance of sticking with it, because the goals are usually too big and unrealistic.  No surprise that gym memberships and sales of diet books skyrocket on January 2nd. Steer clear of processed, high-caloric foods and sugary drinks, eat healthier (dark leafy greens, brown rice, lean meats, nuts, blueberries, olive oil) and eat less of everything. Planning ahead is your best defense: eat some almonds and a wedge of cheese, or a bowl of soup or salad, before going.

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one half to the power of 6

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