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MacAndrews is an International Bodyflight Association Level 4 Instructor as well as one of the shift managers at iFly Orlando (a sponsor of the ). Other than flying, his passions include live music, his three dogs and his beautiful wife, Leanne. He’s especially excited to help people that the world looks at as handicapped or incapable.
Your testimonials are so important to HH Staffing because we love sharing your success stories.
Our mission is to be the most respected staffing firm in each market we serve in Florida by providing best-in-class, extra-mile workforce solutions to our valued clients and associate employees. He spends a majority of his life flying whether it be skydiving from 14,000 feet or cruising around the wind tunnel.
Ben moved from Chicago, Illinois just to work at iFLY Orlando and commit to a career based around human flight.
HH Staffing Services has been in business since 1988, serving thousands of local Florida companies, they contact us to fill their full time, part time and temporary positions.

One dedicated recruiting specialist who understands that while your business needs fluctuate, your need for top-notch skilled and professional performers never wavers.
When I came to HH Staffing I was looking to change career directions into a totally new field, and Linda made the transition so comfortable and easy. We now have 4 offices to service you across Florida.Start your career path below to find a professional job that suits your skills.
I explained exactly what I was looking for, and what atmosphere I would feel most comfortable working in.
Some people just get under your skin, and sometimes you can’t even pinpoint what exactly it is about this person that rubs you the wrong way. HH Staffing will go above and beyond to deliver service and satisfaction to our clients, internal colleagues and our temporary associates. All of the companies I interviewed with were exceptional, and within a few weeks, I found my match! I would highly recommend HH Staffing to anyone who is looking for assistance finding a career.

I am very grateful for all of the time and help HH Staffing provided to find the perfect career for me! In fact, you may find things go even more smoothly than if you worked with a colleague with whom you are friendly.
As a leading Florida staffing agency, we see an overwhelming number of candidates who do not show up for their scheduled interviews.
We did a rough calculation and we determined approximately one in four of our candidates dismiss their appointments without contacting us.
However you should be just as respectful to your recruiter as you would with any other interviewer. Would you just not show up for an interview at a company where you are looking to be hired?

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one stop career center orlando florida

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