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With many business transactions, one of the most common mistakes consumers make is to take the easy option when it comes to referrals.
Consumers simply want someone to solve their problems and they are usually time poor, therefore when they are required to make choices, they look for shortcuts and run with the first recommendation. For example, when we purchase property, we get advice on who we should engage for the building inspection, conveyancing, property management, finance, insurance, gardeners, cleaning and maintenance contractors. This leads us to the reason you should always select an independent property management company. A common scenario is where a selling agent realises how much cash flow they are missing out on when an investor comes along.
After almost 20 years in the property management industry, I see this occur regularly and I also deal with the consequences to the investor. We’ve got a little bit of everything at our smoke shop, and we are constantly adding new products to our inventory, bringing you the latest and greatest in smoking supplies.

At One Stop Smoke Shop we are a complete smoke shop, offering everything that you need to have the most enjoyable smoking experience.
When we give you our opinion on a potential purchase for instance, our aim is to help you have the best possible investing experience and to attract the best possible return.
The sad truth is, many people provide recommendations because there is something in it for them, knowing it is not the best available option for you. The trouble is, the more services you have under the one roof, the less focus there will be on doing one thing well. Some agents who operate combined rentals and sales have been known to target desperate landlords, convince them to sell and rub their hands together when they grab that next big sales commission.
The typical cycle begins from here, these agents are generally sales people who have never worked a day in property management (and never had any desire to). They will be the operators who poach the most experienced property managers from their competitors because they essentially need that property manager to run the business for them.

These businesses are generally looking to take full advantage of every possible source of income rather than protecting you as the consumer. These agents offer very little to no training and support to the property managers and generally have no concept of the systems and resources required to effectively manage property investments.
We also carry a vast selection of vapes, e cigs & juice, kratom, concentrate supplies, incense, pouches & jars, and so much more!

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