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Eating healthy pregnancy snacks can be an excellent way to feel better and be healthier during your pregnancy. Eggs are easy to prepare in advance and can be added on top of salads, wrapped up with greens for an easy sandwich, or eaten plain. Nutritious and filling, this snack will feel like a treat and can help curb sugar cravings. You can get nuts in bulk at your local health food store or packaged at most grocery stores. These are easy, contain about seven grams of protein, and are also great to share with children if you are already a mom of littles. Top with some honey or fruit and some raw seeds like sunflower or flax and you will have texture and protein with some natural sweetness. You can make your own hummus with garbanzo beans, buy it dehydrated and just add water and olive oil, or buy it pre-made. Top with olive oil or your favorite dressing and some raw nuts and seeds and cheese for a natural energy filled snack food or as a side dish. Try some kale leaves with a banana and molasses to sweeten, enough ice to make it a smoothie, and water, juice, yogurt or milk to make it creamy.
You can use canned re-fried beans warmed up or, health food stores have yummy organic dried bean flakes with seasonings that you just need to add water to. Easy to grab and go at your local health food store bulk section, trail mix is a nice mix of nuts, dried fruit and other treats. Garbanzo beans make a lovely and easy pregnancy snack with just a little bit of olive oil, sea salt, and a dash of pepper. Spinach dip is easy to make with plain yogurt, water chestnuts, green onions, some onion soup mix seasoning and a frozen or raw spinach. At Birth Boot Camp we love being a part your life as you prepare to welcome a new baby into the world. One of the results of this all encompassing childbirth class is that our students have a lower cesarean section rate than the national average. We are proud to present the statistics for our students (both online and live classes) for 2014. What do students get from their Birth Boot Camp childbirth class that helps make it so effective? Here we talk about all the incredible topics covered in this 10 week class- for both our live classes and the online version.
We realize that no matter how the birth goes, having a baby is about so much more than just the birth. Join a class near your or take our online class to maximize your chances of an amazing birth! If you are pregnant, you have probably started to wonder what it is like when your water breaks. The way water breaking is usually portrayed in the media is actually not how it happens for most women in a real life birth. For Jill, a birth teacher in Fargo, North Dakota, people could hear her water break in another room!
While we think that water breaks and then labor starts, this is another misunderstanding perpetuated by media representations of birth. This phenomenon called “being born in the caul” is fairly rare, but does occur and makes for some incredible pictures. Education is the key.  The 10-class Birth Boot Camp online childbirth education program will prepare you for a life-changing birth experience.
Taking an online childbirth class gives you the option of studying together from the comfort of your home. Online childbirth classes are taught by Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark, morning-talk-show style. In addition to a comprehensive and modern birth class designed for parents planning a natural childbirth, all students will receive the full-color, professionally-printed Field Manual, relaxation training, links to additional reading on complementary topics, and an exclusive breastfeeding video download, “The Ultimate MRE”, taught by renowned lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard, ICBLC, RLC.
Mailed to you almost as soon as you purchase your online birth classes, will be a comprehensive “Field Manual” or workbook. Your Birth Boot Camp "Field Manual" is full of information to help you prepare for an amazing birth. This “homework” helps you feel accountable during your online childbirth class, encourages mom and dad to work together to achieve maximum health for yourselves and your baby, and helps you realize how good you are doing -- or perhaps where you need to improve! We know that the birthing couple of today does not just want to hear someone talk about what they should do, they want to understand and know for themselves. With your workbook, you will receive an exclusive breastfeeding class download, Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE, by Mellanie Shephard, IBCLC. We want to make your online childbirth education experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible; if you experience challenges accessing the classes, we will work with you to get them resolved. Visit our testimonials page to hear what other couples have enjoyed about their Birth Boot Camp classes.
Newborn Breastfeeding and the 10th Day Growth Spurt Trouble with breastfeeding often starts with the newborn. 5 Things You Need From Your Doula Certification We are pleased to share thoughts from Amanda Devereux today.
Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care Chiropractic care during pregnancy is something that we have always encouraged for our students.
While the hospital offers comfort that you’re in the right place in the event of an emergency, it also brings a few challenges when preparing for an intervention-free birth.
If your care provider truly believes in your body’s ability, your natural birth has a much better chance of happening. Now that you have the right medical crew lined up, you can rest assured that you won’t be offered interventions during your birth unless it’s absolutely necessary.
Have you ever said you’re going to decide whether you’ll get up early to exercise when your alarm goes off? Likewise, when someone asks you if you’re going to have a natural birth, your answer should be simply, “Yes.” If yours is, “Well, I’m going to see how it goes,” then you have commitment work to do. Go places where there are others who are also preparing themselves for an empowering birth. If you like what you read here, get the whole book, Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama, in paperback or ebook.

Thoughtful eating of high protein and nutrient dense foods during pregnancy can make pregnancy more comfortable, enjoyable, and may even help you can have the birth you want. Here are some snacks that are filling, contain protein, and are fairly easy to make. Cut celery at the beginning of the week and place in a jar with a little water in the bottom in your fridge to keep it fresh.
Almonds, walnuts, pecans and other nuts are all wonderful and easy snacks to throw in your purse.
Add coconut, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and raisins or dried cranberries to your morning oatmeal or granola, or just mix some of your favorites together for an easy trail mix. Granola can be eaten plain or added to yogurt or with milk for a quick and filling breakfast or snack that packs a high protein punch for your pregnant body..
It is also a great alternative to mayonnaise as a spread for wraps and tastes yummy as a dip for pita chips. This is easy to add protein to and the greens can help you absorb some of the nutrients in your protein snacks.
This is an awesome treat that the kids will gobble up right along with mom and it is much better for you than microwaved popcorn.
Top with some cheese and greens (think cilantro or a spicy salad mix), add tomatoes on top and you can get some of the veggies you need for your growing baby. Check out our FREE pregnancy nutrition e-book! These tips, snacks and recipes don't just work during pregnancy, but can help you find better ways to feed your whole family healthier! There are many things we strive to teach in our comprehensive childbirth education classes.
And we feel that when they do need medication or surgery to assist in the healthiest birth possible for them, they are better prepared for this situation and hopefully more at peace with their birth, no matter how it goes. Yes, we know that you can take a shorter birth class, but we don't feel they are nearly as effective.
I remember the online classes mentioning something about a way to share your birth story with BBC for your statistics?
And if you have ever watched television or movie depictions of birth, you may have some very firm ideas about what happens when your water breaks. Some may recommend you come in for a check, and others may just want to be kept in the loop and are happy to have you labor at home for a while. In truth, often the early part of labor is “invisible” and involves the cervix dilating and other things happening that go on inside the birthing woman’s body. But, as mentioned above, breaking water doesn’t actually have to happen in order for the birth to take place.
We have assembled a team of professionals to give you the most complete natural birth education available today. Below every video class is a list of links that can help you further explore the topics discussed in that chapter’s video.
In addition to your videos, links, and workbook, you will have a downloadable audio file with the chapter’s relaxation exercises.
We feel that though birth is deeply important, it is only the beginning of your path to parenthood. While people choose online birth classes for a variety of reasons, some would truly prefer to be in a live childbirth class. With a recent instructor training and a pending doula training, we managed to fit in a visit to the MANA (Midwives Association of North America) Conference last week. A mother of three and author of the recently published book, "Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama," we are excited to share her thoughts on some basic things that can help you have an amazing natural birth in a hospital.
You imagine dimmed lighting and quiet music as you labor, and a peaceful entrance for your baby.
Her expertise lies in trusting a woman’s body to do what it was physiologically designed to do, and not looking for crisis at every turn (but don’t worry; she can recognize warning signs when there is something that requires attention). First, make sure your partner in life is on board with all this natural jazz from the get-go.
She’s a non-medical birth professional who actually knows what she’s doing and how to be helpful to you in your time of need. Try a natural-focused childbirth class, and stay away from hospital-based classes, as those will likely center on risks and interventions.
In order for your cervix to open, you need to totally let go and release the tension from your body.
Her favorite things are going for walks with the kids to collect "treasures" and singing in the car, and she isn't afraid to admit that Starbucks, manicures, wine and yoga make the list too. Mix the eggs with some plain greek yogurt for some added protein and a light and fluffy texture.
From nutrition and exercise for mom, to common tests and procedures, to learning to relax as a couple, we teach a truly comprehensive childbirth class. There is so much to learn about when it comes to birth, and we want our students to be prepared for all of it. Every student receives a breastfeeding download, "Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE" as part of their series. Just as you enter the freezer aisle at your local Piggly Wiggly, you are startled by a loud “Pop!” and suddenly your cart is slipping quickly past the frozen fish fillets. It provides cushioning, prevents bacteria from getting to the baby, aids in lung development and it even keeps baby at a constant and comfortable temperature.
Rather than a burst, the fluid will trickle intermittently, possibly only when you have contractions.
While this is beautiful and natural, it doesn’t make for very good television, so the media fast forwards to copious amounts of amniotic fluid spillage and screaming women in wheelchairs. Artificial rupture of membranes (AROM), is however a commonly done procedure in the induction process.
They are as close to a live childbirth class as possible, from the comfort of your living room instead of ours.
You can use it as you watch your classes to take extra notes, and write down important points. This organized guide includes blogs, research, and tips which help you get the information you want quickly and accurately. The video is yours to keep, so that you can refer to it, as needed, after the arrival of your little new recruit. Now residing and teaching childbirth classes in Washington State on Whidbey Island, she is dedicated to helping women have better births no matter where she is.

Her book just happens to mention us as a possible childbirth education option and we couldn't be more pleased! The thought of monitors, drugs and a doctor shouting, “Push!” at your va-jay-jay gives you the heebie-jeebies. Even if your due date is close, it’s never too late to find a care provider that’s more in line with your birth plan.
You both need to see eye-to-eye on your goals, and he’ll need to stand strong as your advocate that day. She’s seen a lot of these natural births go down, so she’ll know when it’s time to go to the hospital, how much counter pressure to apply to your hips, and why getting on all fours may help baby into a better position. Common themes will include a supportive midwife, an inspirational doula, lots of movement, infrequent (or no) cervical checks, intermittent monitoring, mother-led pushing, immediate skin-to-skin with baby, and overall, an environment where the mother’s voice was heard and respected.
Read natural birth blogs and follow them on social media for constant bursts of inspiration. Once labor does begin, trust me, you’ll be glad you refined this skill. Your doula will use comfort measures to help you during labor.
Think savasana at the end of a yoga class times a hundred; that’s how relaxed you should be. Remember, every moment of this journey is fleeting, and each minute that goes by brings you one step closer to the prize: Your baby.
Now that she’s done birthing her own brood, she has moved on to sharing her enthusiasm for natural birth with others through her book, "Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama: A practical guide to achieving a drug-free birth in a hospital setting", available on Amazon. Keeping your favorite seed on hand is a great idea and can help you eat healthier without much work. This is theirs to keep forever and is so helpful in achieving a successful breastfeeding relationship.
While we think of the breaking of water as a minor emergency, it is actually a very normal part of labor that has many variations. Birth Boot Camp instructor Emily in Minot, North Dakota, said that, “ I was kinda pushing and yelled, "The baby's head!!!" and my midwife came running back into the room.
With my second VBA3C, I thought water broke but when I got to the hospital, it tested negative (I think it was a high leak) and I was sent home. While this can necessitate the need for maxi pads to catch the fluid, the situation isn’t impossible. When women are induced to start labor, the bag of water is often broken with an amniohook at around four centimeters dilation. It also helps guide you in asking questions for your care provider and learning additional things not taught in the online class.
The printed text can be found in the Field Manual, so that the birth partner can read the exercises to mom. Running time is nearly four hours, with information that you will want before baby arrives and through the first year - or two.
Our contact information is found on the website as well as on business cards that will be included with your materials.
As you can see, she gives some great advice for getting the birth you want in the hospital, and she manages to do it in a funny, approachable and readable manner. Maybe you don’t see yourself popping this kid out on your living room sofa, but you long for a more home-like experience.
Practice often so that you’ll be able to bring yourself into relaxation more easily on the big day. It also gives couples time to get to know each other and communicate together and with their birth team. Now let’s talk a little bit about how things (usually) go when the amazing amniotic sac breaks. In fact, some believe that the bag of water can re-seal, just like what seems to have happened with Caryn. You may want to ask your care provider what their policy is when it comes to breaking water to encourage or speed labor. Some women will complete most of their labor before water breaks during transition or pushing. The Field Manual also contains daily nutrition forms, called Chow Charts, for you to fill out.
For this reason, your childbirth classes include videos of real, modern couples welcoming their babies into the world.
And since you never know who will be on call on the big day, are the other providers in the practice aligned philosophically? Immediately after this explosion of amniotic fluid, labor starts with a vengeance and you can barely make it to the car before a newborn the size of a four month old comes sliding out of your nether regions. They may have you empty your bladder to make sure you aren’t leaking urine rather than fluid. This matters to you because women are often on a time clock once water has broken and are expected to birth within about 24 hours. We have chosen videos that show all different kinds of women giving birth in a variety of settings and with a variety of types of birth, so that you can feel confident about YOUR ability to give birth naturally. If your water has broken, there may be extra concern if you have tested positive for Group B strep. Cloud, Minnesota said that, “With my unmedicated birth, I distinctly remember having a contraction and feeling like something was in my way.
Mostly, you’ve been listening to women regale horror stories, and you’ve been watching ridiculous TV that exaggerates the risks and hyperbolizes the pain of childbirth in the name of ratings. Your provider’s main concern when water breaks and labor doesn’t start is the risk for infection.
I wasn't numb, so I literally could feel my bag of waters getting in baby's way!” A rare few may even deliver their baby “in the caul”.
They will discourage you from putting anything in your vagina and may use vaginal exams with caution so to prevent the introduction of bacteria. After all, there are many variations in the timetable of labor and birth and each woman experiences them a little differently.

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