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I often hear people ask the question: Are online college classes harder than the traditional in-person classes that can be taken on physical campuses? I can see why this argument is often made – In-person classes require students to attend regularly, take closed book tests, and complete group projects that involve giving a lengthy presentation at the end of the semester. Although I can’t disagree that the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exams are much more difficult when you attend an in-person class, I have to say that online college classes are a lot more challenging that people think. Life took some interesting turns after that and I found myself taking a year off before jumping back into the education world to complete my bachelor’s degree. Of course there were critics who told me that I wasn’t going to get as good of an education online and that I was missing out on the college experience. I think a lot of online college classes get a bad reputation because of for-profit schools that cost an arm and a leg and have somewhat sketchy accreditations attached to them (I feel like I can say that after working for one for a couple months).
I decided to steer clear of those and stick with the nonprofit schools that had an actual physical campus.
After completing the enrollment process and signing up for my classes, I was ready to jump in and get my degree finished. I have to admit that I got by without reading all of my required materials when I went to the on-campus courses.
Not only did I have a weekly discussion question that was straight from the reading (and required at least a few citations), but I also had papers almost every week that required a strong knowledge of the information that was being covered.
On top of my discussions and papers, I had final projects and other assignments that required a lot of work.
Although online college classes have professors assigned to them, the reality is that you are doing a lot of the learning on your own.
That’s probably why I had to completely change my study habits when I changed to online college classes.
I could no longer rely on the professor to teach me the key points and give me hints at what was going to be on the test.
In fact, most of the exams for my online college classes were in essay format, meaning that I had to apply the concepts I was learning.
I know that there are still plenty of skeptics and critics out there who think that online college classes are not as hard as those you take in-person and on-campus, but I have to say that I disagree.
After having experienced both learning environments, I’ve noticed myself pushing even harder to be a good student in the online classroom because I’m the only one at fault if I perform badly. So my question is: Why are so many people skeptical and critical about online college classes, and what can be done to give people a better view of them? Because I live a thirty minute long drive away from the college I go to, I have taken a lot of online classes to limit my trips down there. The main reason I do this, is because if I read the lecture for my class on my computer, I am going to get bored in 45 seconds and go explore the wonders of the internet instead. I am usually a little hesitant when emailing my professors, especially about small problems, or not too important questions. You shouldn’t procrastinate for any class, but you especially do not want to for your online classes.
In online classes the syllabus will not be repeated frequently by the teacher, because they simply do not get to talk to the class that much. If you’re interested in taking your studies online, check out Hack College’s School Finder!
Logan James Ivey is a sophomore at the two year school of Sierra College located in the beautiful foothills of California.

Summer: lauded as a time of glorious freedom, but for many it instead means a shift from the classroom to temporary employment. Using the stock note-taking apps that come with your Android smartphone or tablet is fine for jotting down quick notes. Summer is an ideal time to travel as a college student—school is out, and your responsibilities and obligations are far fewer in number. Learning how to take the perfect pictures for your scrapbook can be difficult, and making time for photography classes can be even harder. There are several different types of basic photography classes available, including courses in taking photos outdoors, and taking close-ups.
You can take one, or several, photography courses to help you learn the techniques that will capture your family in photographs that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
You can also choose between a self-paced course of study, or a more traditional course in photography. In a more traditional photography course, you will be critiqued and given tips and hints by a professional photographer. Learning to take great photos is something that your family will enjoy for many years to come. Additionally, these courses typically last 16 weeks, the normal timeframe for a college semester. I originally went to a four-year university in which I completed three of those years on-campus, meaning I sat in an actual classroom with a professor who was physically in the same room (10 points goes to whoever can figure out which school I went to – other articles on this site should give you hints). I spent a lot of time researching schools and I honestly hadn’t given much thought to enrolling in online college classes, but I finally decided that it was the best option for me. Well, I had already spent three years in the so-called “college experience” so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much.
There are plenty of them in existence today (think Kansas State, North Carolina State, Boston University, and more), so much so that I was surprised I had never considered taking online college classes before. I still had the books and skimmed over them, but I didn’t always sit down every day like I should have to read the assigned chapters that were in big bold letters on my syllabus. Now, I consider myself a pretty decent academic paper writer, but I had never dug so deep into a text as I did with my online college classes.
Honestly, I feel like I actually gained a lot more knowledge this way because I was forced to focus and understand the information – that was the only way I could actually get the information I needed for my papers and discussion questions. There was no regurgitating information here … you either knew what you were talking about or the paper was going to turn out terribly. There are no weirdly written questions to throw me off – It’s just me, my reading comprehension, and the words that I type in my discussions and projects. I'm Tori and I'm here to help college students and millennials conquer their goals and chase their dreams. I have found from the several online courses I have taken that I am not particularly too fond of them, and that I prefer learning in a traditional classroom.
Also, reading a lot of material on a computer screen can be hard on the eyes, especially when your professor has written out a 10,000 word lecture on sediment flow rate.
However, one cannot have that approach when taking an online class because emailing the teacher is just like asking a question in class.
Because of this, it is important to remember what is expected of you, what reading needs to be done by when, when your tests and essays are due, etc. His plans are to transfer to the University of California, Davis as an international relations major and perhaps double major or minor in economics.

But, you might find that your budget is holding you back from taking that trip you’ve been dreaming about since the start of spring semester. Online photography classes are an excellent option for those who want to preserve their family’s memories, but simply do not have the time to take traditional classes. The best benefit of taking online classes is that you can go through the material when you have the time, so you can learn at 3 am or 3 pm. Many online photography classes are very low cost, and can easily be found for under one hundred dollars per course.
Each of these different situations calls for a different technique, so it is important to recognize which conditions you are in to take the perfect photo.
Common problems, such as red eyes and poor lighting, will be a thing of the past when you understand how to use your camera, and how to capture your subjects in less than ideal conditions. If you choose a self-paced study, you will be able to purchase the course materials and work through them at your own pace. This is an excellent option for those who really want to step up their photography skills, and have at least a few hours a week to devote to fine tuning their skills. The most important thing that you will learn using online photography classes is how to take frame-worthy photographs even when your subject is moving, the conditions are poor, or you have less than perfect equipment.
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. With a weekly deadline staring me in the face every Sunday, I knew that I was under a constant time crunch to get everything done. When I sat in my on-campus courses, I simply listened to the professor, watched a PowerPoint, and regurgitated the information they fed me. In general, online classes seem to be less engaging than the traditional class, and are also harder to keep yourself motivated in. However, I found throughout my online class taking experience some useful tips to get through them without too much pain.
So, the solution to this is to simply print out your lecture, or put a PDF of it on your E-reader. If you have a quick question, just email the professor and ask, because that’s what they expect. If you’re not physically going to the class every other day like in a traditional course, you tend to forget you even have the class. The focus on catering to students is what separates LectureNotes from the rest of the class. Online classes are great for Moms and Dads, or for anyone who has a hectic schedule, and has too many daytime obligations to meet with a traditional class every week. The great thing is that you can choose which courses you want, and leave those that you don’t need for your personal photography needs.
This is an excellent option for those who do not want to commit to studying photography on a regular basis, or those who want to use photography as a family hobby. Aside from the fare of innovative consumer electronic products, the reader can expect to find news about geek culture, absurd inventions, awe inspiring technology, and an ever growing assortment of articles that we like to think fit within our view of what we’re calling the Geek Lifestyle.
I was also working at that time and some days it felt like I had much more to do than was actually possible.

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