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To teach life-long lessons on safe, legal, responsible behavior in relation to adult behaviors such as alcohol use, sexual activity, drug use, and bystander intervention.
To foster an environment where residents are comfortable conversing with staff and holding each other accountable. To teach the RAs how to effectively manage a variety of situations including: mental health crises, emergency response, policy enforcement, and community building. Work with students to create a community which enhances academic success and personal growth.
Support of the REALTOR Party, RAPAC, our real estate licenses and our clients personal property rights.

With over 10 years of experience in the real estate field in Prescott and many years of life experiences, I would like to continue to share this experience and knowledge with fellow REALTORS, clients and the local community.
Living on of our two residence halls allows you to be close to you classes, the Learning Center, Library, Rider Diner, and the Performing Arts Center. What issues do you see facing the Association in the next three years and what should the Association do to address these issues? There will be perceived conflicts between a director’s duties to the association and their personal or business position on various issues.
What do you see as the 3 or 4 most important characteristics of future leaders of the Association?

Additionally you are near the weight room and swimming pool which are free to use if you are enrolled in PHE classes.
Our service area, which we cover with emergency and non-emergency ambulance service, spreads over 9,000 square miles. Our residence hall community houses a diverse population which makes living on-campus an enriching experience.

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online classes yavapai college

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