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You will learn not only the best classroom procedures, rewards and warning-steps that work, but also effective ways to prevent and handle classroom behavior problems. Want information on purchasing the Book: Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges; A Classroom and Campus Handbook for Higher Education? Want information on consulting with the instructor, confidentially, FREE, then on a "per question fee basis"? Classroom training is performed by Certified Trainers at your location and is ideal if you prefer a hands-on learning environment and interaction with other professionals.
Real-time Learning is delivered through a computer, phone and an Internet connection by a MSI instructor.

MSI offers the availability to use training materials that will work with Real-time and Online training.
This tutorial has total confidentiality and privacy, even if you are referred by a school administrator. MSI will come to you, you will save on travel time and travel expenses that your staff would normally incur when traveling off-site. MSI provides a live training that enables you to ask questions and interact with other participants. Customized training is available as classroom based or real-time based and designed to meet the needs that will enable you to learn a variety of topics of your choice.

MSI will help you to design your own agenda, set your own schedule, and have access to a certified instructor for personal assistance.

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online classroom management articles

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