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The Orion Advantage: Orion, 5STAR Concepts powerful on-line coaching tool, is the best in the industry. We score the interactions based on the criteria that we train the employees in the initial training.
Get Three Complimentary Mystery Shopper Calls Today!Mystery Shopping grants you insights to your customer's experience. 5 STAR's Mystery Shopping is a powerful tool that can provide insight on how to train, retrain and coach your team. This short eBook is a collection of some of our most valuable tips and recommendations we provide while working with some of the top hotels worldwide.

It allows us to take the secret shopping data, the monitored calls and the surveys gathered by Pyxis and put it into an online coaching system that helps us to assess and manage each interaction.
The employee can see how well they have done and our coaches provide notes to how well that employee preformed on that specific call so they can do better next time. There is even video training tools built in for the employees to view specific topics to help them improve. We will provide you with a recording of each call along with an online call analysis from one of our expert coaches via ORION, our powerful online coaching tool. Even more powerful is that the employees now know that the managers can listen to the calls as well.

Simply click on this link and provide us with some basic information and we will do the rest.

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online coaching tool software

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