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Enter your details below to receive a free PDF and a consultation with a Course and Careers Advisor. Learn to harness the power of your ideas and take your passion for writing and editing to a new level. This specialised Open Colleges course first provides an introduction to the business of editing and proofreading, followed by training in core skill areas. Open Colleges Certificate in Creative Writing provides an introduction to the craft of creative writing and an overview of the skills required in various writing disciplines. The popular crime fiction genre offers many opportunities for successful authors to pursue full-time and part-time writing careers.

This course addresses the process of writing a non-fiction book or article and progressing it through to publication. Children's writing is an expansive field encompassing, among other categories, non-fiction, educational books and genre fiction. Writing for film, television, video and radio is a highly specialised craft, and Open Colleges Certificate in Professional Scriptwriting has been developed to give aspiring scriptwriters the specific skills needed to gain employment in the industry. Whether you are interested in romance writing as a hobby or aspire to publication, this course will provide you with highly relevant skills and industry knowledge.
Whether you enjoy writing for pleasure or seek a pathway to a writing career, this specialised Open Colleges course provides a fascinating introduction to a booming genre.

There is a market for well-written short stories and this course will help aspiring authors to identify opportunities for publication. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge to craft compelling stories that will immerse others in the joy of reading. Our proofreading and editing courses will help you gain the skills and confidence to produce error-free manuscripts and copy.

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online communication writing courses

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