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SAP’s new programme of innovation could lead to a skills gap, according to Sheffield Hallam University. The university, which delivers postgraduate courses with SAP certifications, said that the company’s innovation plans for cloud computing, in-memory computing and mobility will generate a new skills requirement, on top of the need for core SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system skills.
Other issues that Moshiri highlighted included a need for younger SAP professionals, as he said the overall SAP skills base was ageing.
Furthermore, he believes more UK SAP professionals are needed, as those from overseas have either gone to work in more emerging markets or returned to their home countries. Sheffield Hallam provides two MSc and one MBA course that come with an SAP certification, but Moshiri said that the academic qualification was necessarily the most useful part.
Moshiri said that IT professioals needed expertise in the biggest enterprise systems on the market, but insisted that broader business, technology and management skills were vital. For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on.
Toorpaikai Baees with her son Arash during a program where Muslim mothers are taught IT skills so they can better understand what kids are looking at online a€“ especially the risk of extremist propaganda.
Mothers gathered at Noble Park Primary with Zoe Seeberg-Gordon (centre) from the Australian Multicultural Foundation to learn IT skills to better understand what kids are looking at online. The computer session is aimed at recent migrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Myanmar who might have a passing familiarity with Facebook, Twitter or other social media services, but struggle to keep pace with their kids' online obsessions.
Toorpaikai Baees came to Australia in 2010 to escape the war in Afghanistan, wanting a safe life for her daughter and three sons.But while the Taliban are now far distant, the geographical boundaries of the extremist menace have transformed in recent years as propaganda spreads across the internet. Zoe Seeberg-Gordon (centre) from the Australian Multicultural Foundation teaching IT skills to recent migrants so they can better understand what kids are looking at online.
Andrew KuneshAndrew Kunesh is a writer, IT professional, student, cyclist and coffee enthusiast from Chicago. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to balance the diverse set of skills needed to maintain a successful company. One way to not only adapt, but to stay profitable from year to year, is to have a proper understanding of financial reporting. If you don’t have good financial reporting or you don’t know how to interpret and read reports to make adjustments, you are flying a plane with no dials or levers.
Receive your free training series "5 Practical Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know" to your inbox Instantly. Many entrepreneurs have a flawed mentality when conducting business, so we’ve put together this free training for you.
Whether your business is a law firm, flower shop, or construction company, basic principles like setting appropriate goals, managing money well, and keeping your integrity always apply. As you read, ask yourself which skills you’re maintaining well and which ones you might be neglecting. Organization and Time Management: Time management is essential to productivity throughout your day and the workweek. A Constant Desire to Learn: In the evolving landscape of technology and social communication, a business owner can never stop learning.
Every business owner needs to know “how to play the game of business,” and knowing how to read and understand the language of accounting and other financial reporting is a crucial part of playing that game. There are so many owners who have quality financial reports, but they do not know or understand the language of accounting.
Networking Skills: A good business owner must be able to talk to anyone and effectively communicate thoughts and ideas. Constant Fear-Fighting: We all have fears, but a good business owner must be able to recognize these fears and make adjustments to manage them or eliminate them altogether. If you are lacking in one or more of these areas, never fear: Even the most successful entrepreneurs usually struggle with one or more areas of business.
Respect is another skill an entrepreneur should have, in the sense that they know who are knowledgeable in a certain discipline, and letting them do it their way.

Organization and effective work habits are key, and this can be especially challenging for startup founders who are not used to making their own schedules.
Maintaining an active interest in your employees will help you place them in the situations and roles to which they are best suited. Maybe you were never formally taught accounting practices; however, having a constant desire to learn should drive you to adapt to this particular aspect of the business world.
Thus, they are flying their plane blindfolded and are one step behind in the game of business.
Creativity encourages growth, something a business cannot survive without in a competitive marketplace.
Always be on the lookout for people who can help your business grow: new clients, investors, new talent, mentors, and people who will recommend your services. The key to eventual success is recognizing your shortcomings and working to improve upon them. A lot of entrepreneurs are so over-confident about their know-how that they end up ignoring advice, even if it is the correct one. Faithfully keeping a calendar — especially an online version that syncs between your computer and smartphone — can help. The members of your team need to be inspired and motivated, and they must receive constructive criticism from their leader. Continually educate yourself on the latest technology, business models, and marketing channels so you’re always one step ahead. As a business owner, make it a priority to occasionally remove yourself from your daily routine to give yourself time to think and create. You never know where a business introduction or a simple conversation in the grocery store checkout line can lead. This could be a big problem: If you have a great product you cannot sell, then you do not have a business. HelloSign is a web app that lets you request signatures and sign legally binding documents, without any faxes or trips to the Post Office.
Taking the time to get organized and stay organized will save you headaches in the long run.
It’s also important to learn how to provide good criticism and how to say “thank you” and mean it. By keeping an open mind to new approaches, you will be prepared to adapt to keep your business relevant and profitable. To beat the fear in this scenario, you’d either train yourself to become a good salesman or hire someone to sell for you. Becoming a good leader is a process, and it’s something you should actively pursue on a daily basis. Figure out your fears and address them either by developing your skills in that area or by hiring someone who can do it for you!
Then, from the dashboard, look towards the center of the screen and you will see three options under the “Who needs to sign?” header: Just me, Me + Others, and Just others. To the right of this header is an area where you can drag-and-drop any type of text file you’d like to sign. Or, if you've saved your document online, you can import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Microsoft SkyDrive. Now, next to each name and email address, you’ll notice up and down buttons to the left of each name.
Look towards the top of this document at the row of buttons labeled signature, initials, textbox, checkbox, and sign date. When you do this, a popup window will appear asking you to add your signature to the service.
When you’re done, click the Next button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can preview your signature.

Rotate the image to your liking with the arrows located below the signature window, add contrast using the slider above your signature, and crop by clicking and dragging over the signature itself. This window will prompt you to take a photo of your signature using your smartphone’s camera and then forward it to the email address in the middle of the window.
If you need to add the signature multiple times, just click on the document to make another copy of your signature appear.
If you need to initial any part of the document, click into the Initials button and follow the same steps.Adding Text, Checkboxes, And Dates To Your DocumentIf you need to fill out part of your form with text—for example, when filling in your first and last name in a document—you can use HelloSign’s text function.
This function is located to the right of the signature and initials buttons and is labeled Text.
After clicking, select the part of the document you’d like to add text to and begin typing.Adding simple checkmarks to a document is easy as well. All you have to do is select the checkbox button from the top of the Edit & Sign window.
Then, add a checkbox by clicking on the document.Finally, you can also add dates to a document by pressing the date button. The date will automatically be updated to today’s date, but if you need to edit it, just click into your newly added date to edit it.Creating Templates And LinksIf you often find yourself sending the same document to signees over and over, you may want to create templates for your documents. To do this, look to the left-hand side of the HelloSign website and click the Create template button. Templates can also be sent to signees via HelloSign, versus Links which can be sent via email, social media, or any other way you’d like to distribute it.Creating Templates and Links are almost identical processes.
Just click on which type you’d like to make, upload your files, add signees, add signature fields, and type a message. Once you’re done creating a template, click the Create template button, and you’ll be able to access it from your Documents button which is located on the left-hand side of the HelloSign window, just under the Create Templates button.If you’re creating a Link, click the Create Link button when done. You’ll then be brought to a page with a link that you can give to users you’d like to have sign the document. You can distribute this link anyway you’d like and your users can sign via their web browser.Viewing Signed DocumentsDownloading documents from HelloSign.Now that you’ve sent documents to co-workers, clients, and other signees, how exactly do you view your view your signed documents?
Simple, just click on the Documents button located on the left-hand side of the HelloSign window. From this menu, select Sent.Look towards the center of the window to view all of your sent documents. Find the document you sent and view the status of the pending signature to the right of the document name.
If the document has been signed, click on the arrow button to the right of the date that  the document was sent.
If you’ve signed up for HelloSign using your Google account, these folders will also be available for viewing in your Google Drive account within the newly added “HelloSign” folder. Search for “HelloSign” and install the HelloSign plugin.Now, use Google Docs to open a document you need to sign, or have others sign. If you select Just me, you’ll be brought to a menu that shows all of your saved signatures. You’re now ready to send and receive legally binding, digital signatures using HelloSign and Google Docs. And the next time you need to get a document signed—perhaps sometime soon before you file your taxes—be sure to give HelloSign a try.

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