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Nexgen Business Solutions provides Computer Training, Online Training, Software Training, Microsoft Office Training and Quick Books Training Services. Microsoft Office Groove server 2010, es un programa de colaboracion basada en windows que te permite que usted y los miembros de su equipo trabajen juntos de manera dinamica y eficaz.
Microsoft Groove Server 2010 proporciona el software de servidor y las herramientas que las organizaciones de TI pueden utilizar para implementar,mejorar, administrar e integrar la funcionalidad que microsoft les ofrece con Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.
Para los clientes con SharePoint Workspace 2010 que desean agregar mas poder y capacidad de los espacios de trabajo entre ellos (permitiendo a los usuarios crear y trabajar en areas de trabajo de Groove), puede instalar y mantener Microsoft Groove Server 2010 en un solo sitio.
Computer training has come of age in the new millennium with technological innovations and improvements in instructional design. For example, if your office manager needs to learn how to use Microsoft Office, the Microsoft Office training DVD allows for self-paced, instructor-led training. SSC delivers complete enterprise training solutions with courses covering the most crucial business and IT needs.
Equip your professional staff and IT team with must-have skills ranging from basic Microsoft Office skills to advanced IT skills such as working with Microsoft IIS, ISA, and OCS Servers by teaming up with SSC.

Investing in Microsoft Office training software allows you to equip your employees with Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Office Project, SharePoint Designer, and Visio skills without having to schedule classes or send your team members away for computer training. Comprehensive IT training videos allow your IT team members to see the technology in action before tackling complicated jobs on their own.
When you team up with SSC, you will be able to provide employees throughout your organization with quality computer training software and online training courses. SSC offers a complete computer training center loaded with computer training videos, online training tutorials, computer training software, and DVDs.
The self-paced Microsoft Office training DVD features interactive lessons, instructor-led training, and step-by-step demonstrations of the Microsoft Office programs.
Whether your organization is relatively small or its operations span the globe, having a comprehensive training program in place is crucial to its long term success.
Whether the training session covers widely-used software such as Microsoft Office or your own proprietary software, our conveniently located training facilities can be an economical place to hold your training session. Courses cover everything from desktop software such as Microsoft Office, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 to in-depth IT training courses covering Oracle, Cisco, and Microsoft technologies and certifications.

Employees learn by seeing Office in action and then trying out the tasks in an interactive software simulator. Not only do your IT needs change rapidly as technology evolves, so too do your IT department's training needs change. By providing your IT staff with a complete computer training center loaded with current, relevant IT training videos, your team will be fully equipped to keep up with the technological changes as they occur.
Equip your people with the skills that they need for business success and ensure the safety and integrity of your information assets by providing your IT team with online training videos covering all of the technologies that they must master. These courses are ideal for employees at any level of your organization ranging from staff members to senior executives.
A data projector attached to the instructor's computer is also included. All of our computer training rooms have high-speed Internet access.

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online computer training in hindi 720p

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