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For those unfamiliar with an elective course, it’s a class you can take that may not be part of your core requirements.
Depending on your goals for online education, an elective is just another means to obtain new information. Sea School is proud to have been approved by the United States Coast Guard to offer this unique course for the OUPV (6-Pack) Captain's License.
It is unique in that successful completion of this course will result in a United States Coast Guard license being issued without requiring the usual United States Coast Guard exam. The Near Coastal version enables one to travel up to 100 miles offshore of the United States, it's territories, Great Lakes and inland waters.

Throughout the days of class instruction you will learn practical aspects of boating, including Rules of the Road, Radio Operation, Survival Techniques, Distress Signaling, Boating Terminology, Boat Equipment, Use of Flares, Use of Life Jackets, Techniques of Seamanship, Anchoring, Aids to Navigation, Boat Registration, Navigation, Knot Tying, Firefighting and more. Certificate of completion of Sea School’s 54 hour approved course and exam in lieu of going to the Coast Guard to take their exam. The Captain's License can be fully upgraded to a Master License allowing you to carry more than six passengers on an inspected boat, up to 200 miles offshore.
Taking an elective course can be an opportunity to refine skills needed for the workforce, or a chance to review things they you may be curious about and haven’t had the time to explore before. Soft skills elective courses are typically general expertise courses that would be something that translates into a majority of career fields and degree programs.

Our test is based on the course material and you should be ready to test after reviewing the material. Citizen literacy electives would be  for those who don’t get a chance to read up on their current events, and in turn don’t understand what’s going on with politics, healthcare reform, science, technology and more.
Lauderdale, FL, Panama City, FL, Mobile, AL, Aston, PA, San Juan, PR and at various classroom locations on the Atlantic Coast, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

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online course quickbooks

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