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MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are transforming online education by bringing top university professors to thousands of learners at once.
Organizations depend on adequately trained employees to keep them competitive and profitable. PDST - Technology in Education would like to place a cookie on your computer to help us make this website better. Online CoursesOnline courses on using technology in teaching and learning are provided by PDST Technology in Education. Sixteen courses and two new platforms for interactive learning will highlight Stanford's free online offerings this fall, with more to follow during winter and spring quarters. From cryptography to science writing, technology entrepreneurship, finance and a crash course in creativity, the courses are open to anyone with a computer, anywhere. As the number of Stanford online courses has grown, so too has the range of fields, which now include computer science, mathematics, linguistics, science writing, sociology and education. Fall quarter's free online courses cover a wide range of fields including computer science, mathematics, linguistics, science writing, sociology and education.
Stanford is unique among universities in that it is offering its online courses on more than one platform.
Also notable is a team-based course, Technology Entrepreneurship, taught by Chuck Eesley, assistant professor of management science and engineering; the course garnered 37,000 students when it first appeared last spring.

The most widely available online learning platform, Coursera, will host nine Stanford courses this quarter, among them a new course, Writing in the Sciences, taught by epidemiologist Kristin Sainani, as well as Scott Klemmer's Human-Computer Interaction, which last spring enrolled around 29,000 students.
Students interested in registering should go to the course websites listed below or to the Stanford Online website, where updates will be available as new courses appear. Stanford University, School of Engineering, 475 Via Ortega, Stanford, California 94305-4121.
Online Courses for Finance and Accounting Online courses for finance and accounting have evolved and now encompass a wide range of topics. Online Courses for Accounting Universities Online courses for accounting universities offer top of the line coursework for their enrollees. Online Courses for Accounting Clerk Online education is one of the most wonderful developments ever known. Online Courses for Teachers Certificate A career in any field starts with a knowledge, a skill, and a certificate that will prove you are suitable to the tag ‘professional’. Speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Ifeanyi Okonma, streaming media administrator for the University of Chicago, explained the obstacles his team encountered creating their first MOOC.
Each has its own distinct features and capabilities, among them video lectures, discussion forums, peer assessment, problem sets, quizzes and team projects. It is hosted on another new platform, Venture Lab, developed by Stanford faculty member Amin Saberi specifically for classes in which students work in teams.

In undergraduate courses, topics will center on Foundations of accounting, financial accounting, taxation and auditing. Most of these programs are fully on the Internet, so you can learn the lessons while at home.
It made distance learning possible, where a student no longer have to travel to and from a traditional campus.
At the graduate levels, the topics will include federal tax research and accounting theory. Accounting studies also benefit those who want to manage a business or their personal finance. Aside from the subjects, there should be topics about managerial accounting, potential problems and assurance services. Request them to be resent hereSpring 2016 Online CoursesDetails of spring online courses are now available.

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online courses in india

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