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2013 was the year of learning for the digital kids, as a lot of interactive games were released. And parents who plan to introduce interactive learning games to their children next year should know that they are making the right decision in terms of child learning and development. For teachers looking to incorporate game-based learning into their classrooms, EdHeads offer some sample plans, letting them expand on the scientific lessons for young learners based on their grades. Pora Ora provides 3D interactive learning for children and engages them in a colorful quest. The site has also embedded a lot of safety features and operates as a social networking platform, enabling the students to interact with each other in a safe environment. Funbrain is one of the best popular online learning websites not only for children, but also for adults. The team behind Funbrain has also made some of the book series into featured movies for visual learning.
The developer of this website is a certified educator, so the platform has been created to provide educational value from the ground up. Children can play games depending on their grade level, and talented players can advance to further levels from a choice of technology, arts and math games. Featured Articles Your Guide to Becoming a Preschool Teacher Get on the Fast Track to an Early Childhood Education Job Salary by State: Where Can You Really Earn the Most? By requesting information, I authorize Rasmussen College to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided.
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Finding games on the internet that will actually benefit children's developing brains can be an exhausting task.
While games designed to set children up with valuable life skills certainly don't have the biggest hold on the video game market, online educational games for elementary students are by no means impossible to find. Here are 5 Best Free Online Learning for Kids Websites that sorted after a great deal of research.
No software installation will be required to play those educational online flash-based games.So lets get started. Fisher-Price, the world-famous brand and on the official Fisher-Price online gaming site, it hosts free interactive games for kids.
The games included in this online learning for kids website will help in improving  the basic skill of children including mental ability and logical understanding.
Most of the free kids educational games here deal with memory, vocabulary and reasoning sort of subjects. This online learning for kids website offers free learning games for children and also hosts interactive sessions for juniors. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.

Meanwhile, existing games saw their user bases grow as parents leveraged the interactive content for skill development in their children.
A study points out the benefits of game-based learning, which ranges from improved hand eye coordination to increasing the memory capacity of the child.
Look for coupons and promos that can get you 30-day promotional discounts on broadband packages. Players have to answer multiple choice questions to raise rice and feed the hungry population of the world. The game varies from simple scientific concepts to some complex offerings, but nevertheless offers great science game-based learning for children. The site is related to the National Curriculum and therefore works on problem solving skills. Parents are also sent email notifications by the Pora Ora team on their child’s learning progress. It provides several reading, science, grammar and math-based games, and kids can also access different comics and books. Teachers can also incorporate some of these games in their classrooms through the teachers section.
While parents and teachers have to constantly keep track of which students have which smart devices and monitor where little Joey and Sarah are surfing on the Internet, there is also an abundance of helpful, educational capabilities that computers can provide.
Fortunately, there's no need to look any further than this guide for online educational games for elementary students that are fun too!
When trying to find an online game for a child to play there's the risk of not only introducing the child to poorly designed and ineffective ways of learning, but also discovering games that appear child-friendly while hiding malicious content.
Here, we are not focusing just the kids gaming websites but over those which host interactive educational games content. Many of the included games are based on famous TV cartoon character with whom kids are already familiar with.
This online learning for kids website is loaded with free online educational games for kids across various categories.
The collection of games included at Play Kids game is not very big yet it manages to deliver some quality play time. This online learning for kids website hosts all sorts of flash-based game and had a devoted section for fun learning games.
If you are looking for some interesting interactive learning games for a small kid then, hopefully your search will end up at any one of them. A little bit of search can translate into great savings, as these companies are really aggressive with promotions nowadays.
This guide will set you up with valuable learning tools that kids will not only learn a great deal from, but enjoy to the point that he or she will want to master the content.
The content over these interactive educational games has been developed, keeping the toddlers and pre-school kids in mind.
We recommend that you must give this interactive educational gaming website a visit yourself.
This online educational tool for kids covers both very basics as well as advance topics and for this very reason e-Learning for Kids is a highly recommended online destination for kids.

Third-world countries like the Philippines and Nepal have received a lot of donations from this site. Would you like to share a personal success story about overcoming an obstacle while earning your degree? The games included over them are fun and above all you need not pay a single penny for playing them. This is a great site if you’re looking for an organized approach to teaching and learning. Its goal is to provide free education for everyone and end world hunger by providing rice to people at no cost.
Free Rice will donate ten grains of rice to United Nations World Food Programme for each question your child answers correctly. Choose from subject areas such as English vocabulary, chemistry, language learning, math and more.
With Math Game Time, kids pre-K to 7th grade can choose from a multitude of mathematics-themed games and learn the basics using visually remarkable graphics. Kids can play with kittens to practice addition, watch a lesson on multiplication or practice subtraction with ducks. Kids can interact with characters and experience events the way the original historical figures did instead of simply reading about dates and events in a textbook.
Kids learn to identify numbers, read number symbols and associate symbols with actual quantity.
You can track your child’s progress with an easy-to-read graph that measures their progress with each number. Its teaching style is open-ended and non-linear and the company is committed to doing exhaustive research to make sure all answers are correct. The activities take place in familiar places for kids: home, the kitchen, the grocery store and more. The games come with notes for parents about how math or literacy is incorporated into the activity.
Kids can test their new-found knowledge by taking a quiz after watching the short video clip. Work out your brain or your child’s brain with cognitive games like Speed Match, Memory Matrix and more than 35 others. Animated states with happy faces can be dragged and dropped with your child’s finger to create a stack of states for each quiz question answered correctly.
In a world of ever-changing technology, Maily is very helpful in educating kids on email etiquette. By using a phonetic-based approach, kids learn the different sounds involved with reading and will be able to follow along with more than 150 reading activities and stories.

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